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Friday, November 24, 2017

Teenage Metalhead zine reveals Glen is a jerk!


Got my copy I ordered last week. At first, thought it was pricey, until I remembered how expensive photocopying / printing is these days.  (That is just one of the reasons I am procrastinating in finishing the next issue of my own zine...started it in 2015 I think)

It looks / feels like a Glen type zine. Tiny fonts, and packed with  info / rare pics you might not find anywhere else. If you enjoyed Slayer mag from Norway for example, you will probably enjoy this, though it is more of a biography than anything else.
No full page band interviews (which is what I was expecting ... no reprints, no unreleased interviews he held onto, because Mr.Negative thinks he is the next Bill Shakespeare or something).

I should hassle him to reprint his old zines, and his comp tape, etc, but we already know that might take another 20 years for him to get around to it (if he even does it).

You know, I was stupid in leaving both copies of Metallic Assault zine with a friend, who NEVER answers his phone or returns messages.
An issue of Metal Forces I bought online, is the SAME copy I left with that stoner TODD in the mid-1990s! I guess him or his girlfriend sold all the fanzines and mags I left at his place to a book dealer.

oh, and why is Glen a jerk?
Just from a quick look at the new zine, he was into KISS!! Just like the rest of us!

I wrote letters to him in 1984 and '85, (hey kids! That red metal box on the street? THAT is for sending POSTAL LETTERS) after buying Metallic Assault zine, defending KISS after he ripped into them in his zine, and he never replied or printed them.
A few years later, finally got to meet him, when he was playing guitar in the straightedge band M.S.I..
I grilled him about ignoring letters and he said didn't care and KISS sucks, etc . etc . etc .

Other than that, I would recommend buying "I Was A Teenage Metalhead".

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  1. Glad you "liked" the zine Les. And as for reprinting the old zines, well...that will never happen. Too embarrassing to be reissued in full. any unreleased interviews are long gone unfortunately. On at least a couple of occasions I'd ended up taping a new interview over an old one. Not so bright of me, but true. Mr. Negative is a fair assessment, but Bill Shakespeare is not. The last thing I am is confident about my writing or egotistical about it (Bill Shatner would have been a tad more accurate). As for KISS, no question I was into 'em. As you said who amongst us (of a certain age) wasn't into 'em. My issues with 'em had more to do with what they had turned into by the mid 80's (and they most definitely did suck then). And by the way that's Glenn (with two N's!). Just tryin' to be a jerk. PS: There may be a more detailed book on the T.O. metal scene of the 1980's coming out somewhere down the line (that will consist of myself and other contributors). Time will tell.