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Friday, December 1, 2017

Are u ready?

Possibly ...

first gonna get tuned

 check back later

but first..

Come here! (clap clap).. Come woman! give me pleasure!  (points to groin) ah ha! yes! that is right!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Teenage Metalhead zine reveals Glen is a jerk!


Got my copy I ordered last week. At first, thought it was pricey, until I remembered how expensive photocopying / printing is these days.  (That is just one of the reasons I am procrastinating in finishing the next issue of my own zine...started it in 2015 I think)

It looks / feels like a Glen type zine. Tiny fonts, and packed with  info / rare pics you might not find anywhere else. If you enjoyed Slayer mag from Norway for example, you will probably enjoy this, though it is more of a biography than anything else.
No full page band interviews (which is what I was expecting ... no reprints, no unreleased interviews he held onto, because Mr.Negative thinks he is the next Bill Shakespeare or something).

I should hassle him to reprint his old zines, and his comp tape, etc, but we already know that might take another 20 years for him to get around to it (if he even does it).

You know, I was stupid in leaving both copies of Metallic Assault zine with a friend, who NEVER answers his phone or returns messages.
An issue of Metal Forces I bought online, is the SAME copy I left with that stoner TODD in the mid-1990s! I guess him or his girlfriend sold all the fanzines and mags I left at his place to a book dealer.

oh, and why is Glen a jerk?
Just from a quick look at the new zine, he was into KISS!! Just like the rest of us!

I wrote letters to him in 1984 and '85, (hey kids! That red metal box on the street? THAT is for sending POSTAL LETTERS) after buying Metallic Assault zine, defending KISS after he ripped into them in his zine, and he never replied or printed them.
A few years later, finally got to meet him, when he was playing guitar in the straightedge band M.S.I..
I grilled him about ignoring letters and he said didn't care and KISS sucks, etc . etc . etc .

Other than that, I would recommend buying "I Was A Teenage Metalhead".

Sunday, November 19, 2017


Never Mind The Earache​.​.​. Here's Gofuckyourself 
Grind/Crust/Noisecore from Toronto, Canada.

Looking at their song titles, this band hates everybody, and maybe that includes me.
Fuck them too!..,,but listen to them first!  great heavy stuff, sounds just like it arrived from the mid-late 1980s.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


harry Tong - chinky theif
Mario C, - aka behind his back for the 1980/90s "The human sponge' (but not a thief of his friends , or so far as we know)
Brian T. - asshole, and probably will always be an asshole,wait...that's no secret. I can ask any cat off the street to talk to him and expect the A or B response (a) cool, (b) prick you want to label in the face.
Johnny The boy - failed his home exercise Rubberband program from live pics we see a few years ago...

ahmmmm ok later weebo jeeboo

Friday, November 10, 2017

"I Was A Teenage Metalhead" zine is out

remember Metallic Assault and Deathcore zines from the 1980s?

Glenn Salter's metal zine "I Was A Teenage Metalhead" is finally done and out.  And it is a big one. 100 pages of 8 1/2 X 11" metal mayhem.

To get it in Toronto,
go to Stained Class Records, and the punk shop Faith/Void both are stocking it.

...also in  edited next week.

deleted that record store name. I just remembered something 
..I phoned long distance asking if they sold zines, and whoever answered said "no" with a pretty shitty attitude.
Well, I guess that means Brian and whoever works there don't need new customers visiting from out of town to spend money there, so Fuck them.

approximately $17 Canadian i think...

 Fucking right on ! It snowed yesterday and now a new cool fanzine to buy! 

 No malhavoc porn.

"MY hair is touching Paul Baloff's! Holy Shit !! You never did that did you you losers???!!"

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hard Ground - 1993 - Hard Ground

1. Brickwall (1:43)
2. Ugly (2:57)
3. Hear No More (1:29)
4. Hard Not To Feel It (3:28)
5. Gone (2:15)
6. Tear Me Down (1:34)
7. Museum Of Man (2:42)
8. White Trash (2:28)
9. Coat Of Arms (2:25)
10.Forsaken (2:15)
11.Fall Behind (2:00)

192 kbps

This band will appeal to CRO MAGS fans. The drummer was John Sagias (his brother Nick was in Overthrow, and Soulstorm) and the band also had ex-Overthrow guitarist Derek Rockall.
I'm fairly sure the singer Lloyd played guitar before the band formed, maybe he decided he didn't want to play and sing at the same time?


Here is just one reason why it is worth joining facebook


You will never know when someone will share somthing cool on there! (Think maybe Dave Hewson uploaded this one)

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Nev (The Impailer) - 2013 Demos

NEV (the IMPAILER) (Can) - 2013  Demos
approx.60 minutes

I met Nev / Neil only once in the late 1980s, (a huge thanks to Death Militia's manager, Stephanie Heyens (did I spell her name right??). Turned out to be one of the coolest dudes ever.

A year or two before he passed away, I found him through facebook. It sounded like he became a hermit, (like many of us), but was still was very cool and still writing some songs.
Hopefully I find again the the facebook messages, or if I recorded any phone calls through skype, as he told me some Dayglo Abortions history I didn't know before, (and now have forgotten).

I downloaded these tracks off his soundcloud account.

R.I.P. Nev the Impailer, NEIL ROBERT BURNS.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Sudden Impact - CIUT-FM (Dec. 9th, 2007) recording

originally posted Friday August 21, 2009

Sudden Impact re-releases on CD buy from their record label Marquee Records on ebay 



Sudden Impact - CIUT 89.5 FM Dec 09, 2007

EQUALIZING X DISTORT Studio 3 session, CIUT 89.5 FM (Toronto, Ontario)
December 9th, 2007

Genre: Crossover Metal / Hardcore Thrash
128 kbps   1 hour 7 minutes 44 seconds
320 kbps   57 minutes 43 seconds
128 kbps
1 hour 7 minutes 44 seconds

1. To Our Glorious Dead (Marquee Records) + dj Stephe Perry intro (3:33)

2. Keep on Truckin’ (2:19)
3. First Time There (2:38)
4. Crossed Wire (3:38)
5. Two Track Life (4:11)
6. Terrorist Attack (5:09)
7. Tight Rope (5:22)
8. Sudden Impact (2:19)
9. Freaked Out (1:22)
10. Fuck You (Subhumans cover) (2:08)
11. Gonzo (Ted Nugent cover) (2:47)
12. Interview (28:41)

13. Sudden Impact - Skin of the Teeth (Marquee Records) (3:09)
14. Sudden Impact - dj Stephe Perry outro (0:28)
320 kbps
57 minutes 43 seconds

01 Keep on Truckin’.mp3 (2:06)
02 First Time There.mp3 (2:30)
03 Crossed Wire.mp3 (3:32)
04 Two Track Life.mp3 (3:57)
05 Terrorist Attack.mp3 (5:00)
06 Tight Rope.mp3 (4:55)
07 Sudden Impact.mp3 (2:00)
08 Freaked Out.mp3 (1:07)
09 Fuck You (Subhumans cover).mp3 (1:42)
10 Gonzo (Ted Nugent cover).mp3 (2:11)
11 Interview.mp3 (28:43)
Thanks to the original uploaders.

The 128 kbps rip was a single, unsplit mp3, I split into separate tracks where I thought appropriate..

The 320 kbps mp3's, I think I grabbed off the archive.org site.





Equalizing X Distort
CIUT 89.5 FM
Sundays 10:00 pm - midnight
91 St. George Street,
Toronto, ON
M5S 2E8
e-mail: equalizingXdistort@ciut.fm

flyer from 1988 maybe?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Liquid Joy (Toronto,Canada)

Liquid Joy from the Summer Squash comp pro tape + pro booklet by Fans Of Bad Productions

inside sleeve art for the 7 inch compilation 'This Ain't The Hot Fudge Show' by Fans Of Bad Productions

Liquid Joy (Toronto,Canada) - 1990 demo + live tracks

1. Stairway (2:41)
2. Zion (1:39)
3. Monkey Song (3:53)
4. Milverton (3:37)
5. Kitty Kat Pharoah (2:32)
6. Who are your friends? (2:16)
7. Wayne's World (4:22)
8. Domesrtic Dispute (3:24)
9. Alley Of Dreams (2:59)
10. Porn Rock (2:25)
11. Mountains (4 track) (4:24)
12. Rusty (4 track) (3:04)
13. Blue funk (7:43)
14. Mountains (live) (2:50)
15. Jack & Jill (3:13)
16. Feeling Good (3:10)
17. Rusty (9:01)
18. Apocalypse Nov 11 1990 (1:30)
19. Apocalypse Nov 11 1990 (4:06)
20. Apocalypse Nov 11 1990 (3:22)
21. Apocalypse Nov 11 1990 (1:54)
22. Apocalypse Nov 11 1990 (2:58)
23. Apocalypse Nov 11 1990 (2:44)

1 hour 19 minutes 47 seconds
@192 kbps
new download link 2017-10-24 


Live tracks from CHRY Benefit Gig at The Apocalypse Club

Thanks for info, pics,flyers to http://equalizingxdistort.blogspot.com/ and fansofbadproductions

Thanks to Fans Of Bad Productions

for sharing the music !

or maybe it was the guy that runs the Canadian Punk & Hardcore Club

Since I haven't discovered the demo cover online, I can only safely say I remember the first 6 songs being on the cassette though #7-9 seem familiar too.

I missed the CHRY Benefit where these, live tracks are from.

One of the last LIQUID JOY gigs I attended in the fall of 1990, at The Slither club, or called The Soup Club (was that the same place as The Joint?) the band's sound seemed turning much more reggae than the harder hitting stuff.

Might have even mentioned that to the singer Shary how I felt, liking them better when they rocked harder, but can't remember what she said...if that conversation really happened.

She was always was smiling and had a bubbly personality every time she was at a show or The Record Peddler

so, she might have said "But you like the other songs too, don't you?" giving the kind of face and eyes like your little sister would, that if you say the wrong thing, you might make her cry .

OR maybe she got angry and told me to take a hike and not come back again.

I can't remember.

I was drinking and it was loud that night.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

MUD - demo + live tracks

MUD photo from the Summer Squash comp pro tape + pro booklet by Fans Of Bad Productions

MUD (Toronto,Canada) - 1990 demo + live tracks

If you are a fan of My Dog Popper, you will love these guys too.

1. Rock Hard (2:45)
2. Iti Shabot (1:08)
3. Stinky Fish (2:25)
4. La Bomber (4:07) (this used to be called Big Gazongas)
5. Freak Out/The Power Song (5:11)
6. Stephe Perry God Of Omelettes (5:23)
7. Je Taime Husker Du (1:51)
8. Ice-T (4:03)
9. Mud - Live. (9:30)
10. Mud - Live.. (11:06)
11. Mud - Live... (11:21)
12. Mud - Live.... (12:39)
13. Mud - Live.... (2:50)

new download link 2017-10-24

thanks to Fans Of Bad Productions for sharing this silliness!


MUD had Daniel Hanna on vocals, Ted (ex-Terminal Rage) on drums, Mike Stead on guitar (ex-Stick It,ex-Bahama Nine), and some others whose names I forgot.

I also used to have a couple other acoustic tracks back then, but maybe they weren't officially MUD that Daniel gave me. One was called "Cloisters of the Bay".

MUD sticker

originally posted Decemeber 15, 2011 
(sticker given out in 1990 or 1991)

MUD was a humorous hardcore band that sprang from the ashes of Terminal Rage, Stick It, and Bahama Nine.
Imagine crossing punk ie.The Dayglo Abortions with prog / freak rock ie.Frank Zappa.
Used to have their demo and the audio levels were very low and lots of tape hiss, and that was off a master copy.

recently heard that either Colin (Senile Decay) or Hardcore Dave (Armed & Hammered) was jamming with an ex-MUD musician (Sted?)

Missing Link (Pickering,ON,Can) - Metallibut Torque Bastard [EP] (1987) & Monolith [Unreleased LP] (1988)

Melodic hardcore, in the vein of Dag Nasty.
Artist: Missing Link
Release:  Monolith [Unreleased LP] (1988)

01.I am the enemy
02.I know your name
03.Whirling Dervishes
05.Desert Island
06.By the wayside
07.Good Boy
08.No Fences to Sit On
10.New Roy
128 kbps
new download link 2017-10-24 
Thanks to the original uploader, (Rob Wright ?)
Missing Link - Monolith LP (unreleased)(1988)

1.Whirling Dervishes
2.The Cutting Edge
3.Never Good Enough
4.Looking Ahead
192 kbps
new download link 2017-10-24 
Thanks to the original uploader, (Rob Wright ?)
Missing Link - Metallibut Torque Bastard 7 inch EP

No,the band wasn't racist, they thought Jimmie Walker's picture ("J.J.", off the 1970s TV show Good Times) looked cool and funny.

Not sure if James Cavaluzzo (Malhavoc) played guitar on the album.
He did play live onstage with them in 1988 -1989, when Malhavoc stopped performing live thrash  before re-emerging as a industrial metal/cyber-punk band.

Missing Link's guitarist Mark Holman (aka  Moby)  later played in YAP (YetAnotherPosse, a rap metal act), and then in the late 1990s with the pop metal Scratching Post.
Below, Murder Music demo tape, (no I don't have a copy), and some flyers for their first show,with Malhavoc,https://www.discogs.com/artist/2186527-Missing-Link-11