WHO ever you are , and WHERE ever you are, say ONLY these 5 words to police if taken into custody -
Remember these five words.
This will save you in many cases.
You can be held for what seems like days and possibly be (physically and mentally) abused by the cops, but DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM other than,
even if they stop at your door and ask questions, DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS,
The police have stolen from my personal belongings in the past and I wonder if those items will appear in a future crime scene!

Regent Law Professor James Duane
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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pomroy-Palooza August 13th- Mod Club Toronto

722 College St. W.,Toronto Saturday 13 August 2016, 19:00

 August 13th- Mod Club Toronto- http://www.wherevent.com/detail/Noel-Peters-Pomroy-Palooza
We are doing a benefit show for an old Bramalea thrasher named Tim Pomroy. Really, really cool dude from back in the Beyond/EBS/Mold/Distortion/FBI days who has MS now. Loved by a lot of people in the metal scene.
Noel E Noel (inertia entertainment) has booked the club- Epileptic Brain Surgeons are reuniting to play- as well as a ton of other old metalheads from back then.
A bunch of the members of bands have got together to form a couple of cover bands- featuring members from Entropy, Varga, Exciter, Prismind, etc...Some surprise guests from bigger Toronto bands are rumored to be making an appearance as well...
Official Lineup:
Skool of Rock
Strictly Sabbath
Dark Vintages
Epileptic Brain Surgeons

I'll be DJ'ing in between- and plan on playing a ton of old local bands, demos and try to keep it mostly Canadian or old school heavy music (though- i'll be taking requests by donation- so who knows what else people will want to hear)...
Hopefully you can make it out to that.

Epileptic Brain Surgeons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwDYXvIkqVE

message is  from
Steve D (from the old Bramalea band Distortion)- I used to (still do) look like Cousin It/Captain Caveman, etc...haha.
My brother is Pooh from Epileptic Brain Surgeons.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Senile Decay

I wrote about these dudes before.

Thanks to Nick Popovic from Toronto hardcore 80s band Senile Decay.
We now have a pic of the cover art of the demo!
and.... a band photo! (see below)
Nick is also in a Motorhead tribute band! contact them at .... motorheadache.ca

I used to have the Comatose Until I Croak Demo tape, and remember it also included a very tiny photocopy of their song lyrics.

Senile Decay ---- imagine a very punky Motorhead, or a hardcore band similar to early Dr,Know.
It is heavy bass-driven, and the singer on the demo tape sounds EXACTLY like Schmier from Destruction.
Gregg had the most piercing / trebley guitar tone out of any band I ever heard... it is like a needle or a knife, it is that sharp.

Here is something I grabbed off facebook years ago. Too bad it was scanned at a very low pixel rate.
Probably was from either Intense zine #2 or #3.

Editor Dave Petritic stopped making them when he went off to become a tattoo artist.
No idea if any were made after #4, get it here

Nick Popovic - Bass
Wade McKiver - Drums
Greg Saffert (R.I.P. 1995) - Guitars
George Morgado - Vocals (I think George quit the band before they would ever perform live onstage. I was told the reason back then why he quit, but forgot what it was.).

RIP Greg & Colin.
Senile Decay's live singer, Colin O'Shea, died end of June 2015.
A few years ago Colin, and Hardcore Dave (Dave McLeod), tried getting a band together, but it didn't work out for some reason.

Senile Decay - Why (mp3)  Listen here

Senile Decay - Comatose Until I Croak Demo 1987 MP3 @ vbr
Thanks to the original uploader.
18 minutes 3 seconds
1. Three Ring Government (2:28)
2. Why (1:55)
3. Sunday Driver (2:32)
4. It's Not Important (1:44)
5. No Morality For Me (2:06)
6. Senile Decay (2:02)
7. Confusion (1:12)
8. Poverty Kills (2:07)
9. Brutes Enforce Ignorance (1:57)

Senile Decay -comatose util I croak 10_86 demo m4a files (DOM's rip)
Thanks to Dom, from Lockjaw blog (R.I.P.)
18 minutes 26 seconds
1. 3 rings governement (2:33)
2. brutes enforce ignorance (1:59)
3. confusion (1:13)
4. it's not important (1:46)
5. no morality for me (2:07)
6. poverty kills (2:09)
7. senile decay (2:05)
8. sunday driver (2:35)
9. why (1:59)