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Friday, July 3, 2015

Way, way back in March 1988, a Toronto fanzine, S.O.D. SCROLLS OF DOOM issue #2 or #3, had a page long biography on Sepultura from its earliest beginnings. I wish I still owned a copy.

The band history (which I doubt hardly any other fanzines knew the full background yet at that point), was written by Rob Raffan, Sepultura's very first bass player, who had moved from Brazil, to Canada (Toronto).
About 5 or 7 years ago, a guy who replaced Rob in Entropy, did not believe it, and laughed when I said that Rob was pals with Max.

Raffan did majorly assist a couple of local guys to get an interview with Max,
back on the 'New Titans of The Block Tour' (?), in 1990 or 1991 (Sick of it  All, Nuclear Assault, Napalm Death, Sepultura).
It was printed in one of the first issues of DOOMHAULED (another fanzine copy I am missing).

The photo is taken of a new 700+ page book,"Louder Than Hell-The Definitive Oral History of Metal" By Wiederhorn, Jon - 2013 ,
with Max acknowledging Raffan, and exactly something Rob wrote in '88, such as the drummer's cymbal was nailed on top of a broom handle!
The band was really broke, really poor,  when they first started, but scrounged up any equipment they could, as they were metal maniacs just dying to do something musically themselves.

I found Rob through googlesearch about 20 years since I seen him last,
and was not surprised he became an FM radio dj of a college/university type metal show, similar to what we listened to back in the mid-late 1980s ! ---
 Brian Tailor's Aggressive Rock / Argh Rock Hour.  Rob now was the co-host with a younger metalhead chick (who I think lived with him / was his girlfriend, in Burnaby, B.C.) ?

Underground Metal Massacre Radio is not on the current CJSF schedule for July 2015...
I haven't tuned in for many years, so no idea when it went off the air.

I could message him and ask what happened, but then I would have to start  a facebook account under my name again, and I am not going to do that.
Plus, he hasn't posted since 2013.

Was kind of ticked off after I sent physical "snail mail" to him at the radio station, but he didn't get it.

Then to his home twice, and it was returned back to me twice, by Canada-Post saying he didn't live there!

Rob had no idea why this was happening, so I gave up.

It must have been fate, I took it as a sign that it meant to not bother with trying to send him any music or my fanzine...already spent a lot on stamps, and they were marked up too much, so I couldn't use them a third time.

I have a bunch of Underground Metal Massacre Radio shows I downloaded off the TUNEIN site, so yeah, could upload those, if I felt like it.

But I don't right now.

OLD googlesearch caches reveals -

Underground Metal Massacre Radio
SFU Burnaby BC

Underground Metal Massacre
Saturday's from 8-10pm on CJSF 90.1FM - SFU Radio.
A Weekly radio show, promoting the finest in Underground Metal, along with news, views and reviews in the metal world.
Tune in online: www.cjsf.ca

Underground Metal Massacre on CJSF 90.1FM on Vancouver, BC
Saturdays @ 8pm PT

Don't know Rob agreed to it,  but his photo / info is on a site that jerks always have to post every detail they can dig up, even if a person didn't want to be on there --
they probably lifted Rob's photo from his facebook profile without asking him...
if they can do it and it's been there awhile, probably no harm  to post here too...

 here's the link to see a photo without the hair going halfway down his back like he had it in the 1980s
...like how we used to remember him!
(Raffan exiting after a concert at The Siboney Club, in March 1990)

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  1. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?id=24848950195&story_fbid=10152179444445196
    Sacred Reich
    January 22, 2014 ·

    In 1991 we were part of the New Titans on the Block tour with Sepultura;Napalm Death and Sick of it All"
    Well then,
    I was pretty sure that NUCLEAR ASSAULT played and it was an over the top/loudest/nosiest set I EVER HEARD BY THEM, could BARELY understand which songs they were playing and I was a HUGE Nuclear Assault fan and knew every song from their albums!
    If mot this show, then am confusing iy with when they opened for Testament at The Concert Hall, Toronto.