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even if they stop at your door and ask questions, DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS,
The police have stolen from my personal belongings in the past and I wonder if those items will appear in a future crime scene!

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

On The Verge

ON THE VERGE  from Toronto is  STONER ROCK like Monster Magnet, Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Nebula, etc

Influences :
Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Grand Funk Railroad,


free downloads at

On the Verge-Photo credit-Mario Larravide — with Dave Adams, Mario Larravide and Des Ambrose

on Friday July 3rd, 2015 at THE CAGE, 292 College street, witness the fury and metallic assault by CHAINBREAKER (Toronto) , THROAAT (NYC) , OCCULT BURIAL (OTTAWA), and WESLEY CRUSHER (BRAMPTON)


Hosted by Inti Paredes
Friday July 3rd, come down to the heaviest gig of the summer.

CHAINBREAKER (TORONTO) - Arguably the city’s best Speed Metal band, Chainbreaker is a guaranteed rager every time, all nearby chains be weary.

THROAAT (NYC) - Be possessed by this heavy evil from Brooklyn, touring to support their newest 7" released on Germany's Dying Victims Productions.

OCCULT BURIAL (OTTAWA) - Ottawa ancient ones returning yet again to deliver more of their black thrash after a run at this years Brief Case Fest. (Fenriz approved)

- Suburban crossover at it's finest from outer space. Energy through the roof.

Doors 9pm - Cover $10 - No minors

Hard and Heavy Records Canada Distro and Pinfinder General will be set up!

Discharge at Larry's - from the master tape !

EDIT: UPDATE, Monday June 29, 2015
I was contacted by the record label, and fair is fair, to give you their side of the story. I have bought my share of bootleg LP's and legitimate ones like this DISCHARGE (eg. F..O.A.D. releases from Italy).
Found websites for UGLY POP

 Hey, Simon from Ugly Pop here. I don't really want to get pulled into this sad old nobody's drama, but nor do I want some of this nonsense left entirely unaddressed, so let's just say that the record sounds great, nothing like the hissy mess suggested here, and comes from a very early copy of the master, possibly directly from it. The band were contacted, permission and cooperation granted and royalties paid. Obviously we had no way of knowing who might have made the original recording, but that has no relevance anyway. You don't own a recording you make of a band's set without their permission. When this clown contacted us and aggressively attempted to stop the record's release, we were already late in production and starting again would have added another 5-6 months of delays, and for minimal possible improvement to what already sounds great. By all means download the recording, and if you like vinyl, you'll be pleased to have a very good permanent record of it.

alright, here it is!
a googlesearch today found the brand new upload of the Discharge at Larry's recording.

It is a torrent so you will have to install a program to download it (...and once you have, you will see it is a lot easier to download music, movies, reading material, etc, than to search endlessly through blogspots and websites).

Go to this webpage

for the info that THIS is from the MASTER TAPE, and not to buy any inferior sounding bootleg tapes or vinyl now that you can have it for free.

Side A and B as 2 FLAC files.

FLAC is superior to mp3.
Close to CD quality, without having to use as much space as a WAV file.

What is a torrent?

The easiest program to use is BitTorrent.exe

and for your privacy if you want/need it, also install PeerBlock

KAT kickasstorrents https://kat.cr/

TPB the pirate bay https://tpbproxy.co/

also posted here ----





Discharge:Toronto,Canada 1983-ish tv+live

Friday, June 26, 2015


 As by request,
recordings removed -
• Discharge 1984-09-24 Larry’s Hideaway Toronto
• Celtic Frost - July 4-86 Concert Hall Toronto
• Venom - March 31st, 1985 Concert Hall Toronto

Chris Twomey messaged that a re-eq'ed master from his master tape of the Discharge gig will be given away soon.

Who is he?
He was one of the dudes that worked at the infamous Record Peddler, had a radio show playing industrial music (still does?), recorded concerts and made bootleg tapes, and presented some live events / concerts.

The ONLY reference I can find for him online so far was the following -

  • Recorded By - Chris Twomey

quotes Chris in this article / blog post.
Have any of you seen the movie 
High Fidelity (2000)

HOW did they get these characters to accurately portray / represent some of the folks who worked at The Peddler ?? ...or was it (is it) a snapshot of all indie record stores in Canada / the USA?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Iron Dogs

Iron Dogs (Ottawa, Canada) 2011 demo off soundcloud

10 minutes 36 seconds

1 Evil Knights .128 (3:19)
2 Ripping Torment.128 (2:29)
3 Buried Alive 128 (2:33)
4 gHOST gALLEON (2:15)
Downloaded this a long time ago when I heard comparisons to Motorhead, Warfare, Venom, Tank, Discharge..
Maybe the demo tracks were later released as the Ripping Torment EP (2011) ?
I haven't played the 7" or LP I bought.
Will sell them mint condition in the future.
Read online somewhere a couple years ago the band is anti-racist ARA punkers.
They are on the record label Iron Bonehead.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

DEMONA (Chile before / Canada now) --- 2015 (7" EP) release due in July

7" single coming out in July 2015

Listen to one side of the single here - http://hellsheadbangers.bandcamp.com/album/2015

Compact Disc (CD)




yes, giving this band a plug,
even though the broad Tanza (nor the guitarist Gab) never sent back the detailed interview I sent to both of them for my fanzine
Maybe the problem was I wrote to them in English ?
or because it wasn't an online "webzine" ?
eh, they can say it's because I killed my facebook account and couldn't reach me.
I will just listen to the music.


Prophecy (Can) - Live At Sharon Arena 1988

originally posted on Thursday, January 14, 2010 
Here is an audience recording of the headliner from the infamous gig that was shut down in Sharon,Ontario.
Sharon is the next town/suburb over from Newmarket. (I still have to get the flyer that was made for it).
I put the files into 2 folders, one is the concert, the other are soundbites of before and after.
Track 2 is Al from NOSFERATU walking around to everybody selling his band's demo. I felt sort of bad I was pretty broke and couldn't even afford to buy more than a couple cans of pop maybe (I was lucky a friend, Metal Jim, drove us up there to that little town).

3.Prophecy first song
4.prophecy second song
5.Church of the Dead
6. Necrodeath
7."Prophecy, is that it?, I hope so"

additional crap for Prophecy gig 1988

1.prophecy some yahoo on the mike
2.prophecy Wanna buy a Nosferatu demo
8.prophecy after show comments

I think I like track 8 the best, my friend Jim is asking the cops why the concert is being shut down, asking other metalheads what they think of what's happening as everybody is being forced outside into the cold winter snowy night.
Man, I feel kind of bad for those who did not have rides, but if anybody was needing the GO Bus out of there, it was good timing, think the show was ended early around 11 pm.

***EDIT: there is a new blogsite I found in the past day, that I guess is dedicated to NOSFERATU, http://nosferatunes.blogspot.com/,
probably run by a band member?,and I am corrected.
It was Jason, a friend of the band's selling their demos, not Al the druummer.

vbr (bitrates are from 160 to 180 kbps approx)

Prophecy (Can) - Live At Sharon Arena (Sharon, ON)(1988)

Over at metal archives now, they list a demo, I never knew of before. Their drummer Mark Gilroy never told me about it when I used to tape trade with him.

Prophecy (Can) - Unforseen Future Demo, self release 1989
1.Avoid Deaths Call
4.The Prophet
5.Unforseen Future
6.Church Of The Dead
so, the song titles I don't know, are probably these, as I had only bought their Destiny demo, get it here from LOCKJAW
get it if you are a fan of Toronto's SACRIFICE, New Yawk's NUCLEAR ASSAULT, and all that is oldschool thrash metal goodness.

My Dog Popper

Thanks to the original uploader.
My Dog Popper - 668 Neighbour of the Beast (1988)
44 minutes

1. Limbo Leader - side of beef (2:35)
2. Pushead's A Wanker (1:06)
3. Green Eggs And Ham (2:27)
4. Gino (I Lost My Job To A Guy Named...) (5:49)
5. Suck My Cock (1:07)
6. Deep In The Heart Of The Nite (5:56)
7. Homard Au Carmen Miranda - side of neon (2:38)
8. We're Old, We're Fat, And We're Slow (5:01)
9. Honky Night In Canada (4:14)
10. Jethro (Suede And Leather) (3:44)
11. Acid Flashback (9:23)

Stoner/Psychedelic HC

Friday, June 5, 2015

Infrared - 1988 Demo

originally posted on Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rip and originally shared by darkrider,


Infrared (Ottawa area) - R.I.P. (Recognition In Power) 1988 Demo

1.TOC (3:30)
2.No Peace (3:49)
3.Social Science (4:15)
4.Thoughts Caught (In Between) (3:35)

15 minutes 9 seconds

I seen this band only once when they played The Opera House in 1990 or 91 opening for MALHAVOC ..and SACRIFCE headlined ? (Somebody has all my ticket stubs, so I don't know anymore).
I was blown away at the time, as they pounded like MEGADETH, and had a cool stage presence using a fog machine.

Listening to this demo though, sounds maybe more like Metallica or Testament ?

Thanks to http://strappadometalblog.blogspot.com for uploading,
(and some other sites, forgot where I grabbed this, maybe I downloaded it off youtube?),
but since now the link is hidden on their website forum you have to join, here you go, since I grabbed it -

New Download Link 
June 6th , 2015

maybe I am mistaken ... it could have been Lankmar (is the spelling correct?) that opened that Malhavoc show... I think I seen Infrared on Muchmusic's PowerHour ?

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Vensor (Quebec) 1987 Demo No 2

Thanks to the original uploader.
Possibly was  http://horriblenoise.blogspot.ca/2009/02/vensor-trash-till-death-demo.html

Vensor (Quebec) 1987 Trash Till Death Demo No 2


27 minutes 2 seconds

1. Black Cross (3:29)
2. Bestial Death (1:50)
3. Haunted House (1:37)
4. Night Crawlers (Instrumental) (4:05)
5. Sex Maniacs (1:01)
6. Fuck You (0:02)
7. Fa-La (0:25)
8. Alazif (3:22)
9. Reign Of The Antechrist (4:13)
10. Nuclear Disaster (0:40)
11. Terminal Breath (Instrumental) (3:21)
12. Hi! Hitler (2:27)
13. J.A.W.S. (0:30)