Split Personality for the first time on CD with bonus Live songs recorded at The Elmocambo, you can buy it here

Sudden Impact - Split Personality. For the first time on CD the second album by this amazing Canadian HC / Crossover Thrash metal band. Remastered edition...

Sudden Impact TOHC updated their cover photo.

ok, I am glad that Marquee Records in Brazil has released this classic album of Toronto thrashing mania !
(You know, for a long time, I have thought about buying a new sealed copy of this on vinyl again if I could find it,, as I have played mine repeatedly since..well since many, many moons ago when I first bought it!
but since there aren't any skips, just surface noise...I haven't, heh heh.).
I swear I thought I remember SUDDEN IMPACT having like 15 or 30 unreleased songs, (probably more?!),  so am I wrong or shouldn't this release have been a double disc???).

If you are a fan of thrash like SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, then you oughtta buy both of SUDDEN IMPACT''s albums.