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Remember these five words.
This will save you in many cases.
You can be held for what seems like days and possibly be (physically and mentally) abused by the cops, but DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM other than,
even if they stop at your door and ask questions, DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS,
The police have stolen from my personal belongings in the past and I wonder if those items will appear in a future crime scene!

Regent Law Professor James Duane
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Friday, February 27, 2015

Sexual Assault (Can) - Music Sucks (2011) cd-r

originally posted  Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sexual Assault  - Music Sucks 2011 cd-r

23 minutes 56 seconds

1. Das Boot (2:05)
2. Carol is a Feminist (2:08)
3. Das Boot (2:05)
4. Emo Sucks (2:10)
5. Fuck wearing Condoms (1:48)
6. I want to Fuck (1:11)
7. Julia Kerry (1:41)
8. Kush (1:31)
9. Music Sucks (3:07)
10. Punk Rock Ruined My Life (2:06)
11. Let's get Pissed (1:30)
12. Beer patrol (1:37)
13. The Boogie Woogie (0:57)
@ 192 kbps
Thanks to Keegan for sending this disc to me. Check out the live videos.

Now, I remember, some of the Sexual Assault band members have formed CUNTSCUMB !
You can read an interview over at  http://pioneeringglorioustimes.blogspot.ca/2012/05/cuntscumb.html
where you also can order a must-have book! order two! have an extra copy on-hand for a Christmas present!
because I bet all you evil satanic people also celebrate it to scam free presents !

Punk Rock Ruined My Life by Sexual Assault

just a kid, i came into the scene
something to prove, had to act real mean
i tried so hard to act the part,
my mohawk was state of the art

punk rock ruined my life
i was only 17
the music promotes rape
its the people in the scene

at a party half in the sack
my legs are spread and im on my back
the next morning i'm feeling cheap
"it was rape" ill surely bleat

all these punks, they smell like sex
dirty welfare punks, dirty as it gets!
now i'm gonna cut my hair, and get a job
cause i don't want to be a fuckin welfare slob!

punk rock ruined my life

 and check out a great live set at The 460 Club by SEXUAL ASSAULT below
Published on Mar 24, 2011

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I will have to censor myself if this blog is to remain visible to all of you ?

On March 23rd, Blogger will no longer allow certain sexually explicit content. Learn more here.

I need a tshirt like this

Found https://www.facebook.com/FestivalSPASM/photos/a.10153225355740809.1073741858.101093750808/10153225357075809/?type=1
courtesy of  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Exalted-Piledriver/200259033325680 page.

Think I will post some more uploads, maybe even offensive.

Hard and Heavy Records update

The  Hard and Heavy Records Label/Distro has been busy lately.
Expanded from a blog into a new website, http://www.hardandheavyrecords.com
There are some new releases and soon a new Gatekrashor vinyl LP and Droid vinyl MLP in the springtime. 

NoMind (Can) - Tales Of Ordinary Madness (1988)

NoMind (Can) - Tales Of Ordinary Madness (1988) [Lossless Vinyl Rip]

Artist: NoMind
Release: Tales Of Ordinary Madness LP (1988)
Genre: Hardcore / Punk
Country: Canada
Bitrate: wav files
yandex link
[EAC,Exact Audio Copy rip, of CD-R]
vinyl ripped to CD-R.
no official CD exists.
There is a rip shared on the Church Of Zer blog, but I have been told they transpose mp3's into FLAC,
so I made a rip of a disc that was mailed to me a few years ago from an Ontario punker..

NoMind was a Toronto hardcore band in the 1980s.
similar to Black Flag, they combined Black Sabbath-type headbanging rock/metal with punk.
Paul - drums (ex-A.P.B.)
Allister - bass (original singer of AFHAKEN)
Dave (Walsh?) - guitar (ex-AFHAKEN ?)
Scott Tremaine - vocals

NoMind previously released a demo, "punkusraucousrex" (1987).
They appeared on a compilation tape called “A Peace of Mind” from Colorado,
“For No Apparent Reason” off of X Records, and the “Northern Assault” compilation tape from Hamilton.

Old 1988 interview here -http://equalizingxdistort.blogspot.ca/1988/08/no-mind-interview.html

This was No Mind's only official vinyl release.
It was made up of a collection of recordings done at Reaction Studios between August 1986 and May 1987.
Lone Wolf Records released the album.

Lone Wolf was run by hardcore concert promoter Jill Heath (JillJill) and CKLN-FM radio dj,.
11 tracks
37 minutes 21 seconds
377 MB
1. Slick (Makes Me Sick) (1:52)
2. Nomind (To Lose) (7:19)
3. Checking The Obituaries (2:32)
4. Well Adjusted (2:51)
5. Brainrack (3:39)
6. Strontium Dog (4:19)
7. Someone Else's Life (2:52)
8. Talking With Mr. D (2:21)
9. Worlds Apart (3:38)
10. Move Over (0:57)
11.  Cause Insanity (5:01)

Ontario Yours To Discover Comp

VA 'Ontario-Yours to Discover' 1988 compilation cassette

The audio quality varies, but usually is good, with many (most?) tracks taken from demo tapes.
Great to have this as it has some Visible Minority (ex-Haggath) demo tracks.
I used to have a comp tape from 1987 or 1988 that Glenn Salter made with more Visible Minority demo songs, and wish I still had it. Used to play it a lot.

Thanks to http://equalizingxdistort.blogspot.ca/1988/07/various-artists-ontario-yours-to.html
where you can get only the songs you want and not all of this compilation.

1 hour 31 minutes 22 seconds

new link posted 2017/11/25

1. No Mind - Stontium Dog (4:46)
2. No Mind - Big Bad Bugs (0:15)
3. No Mind - Untitled (2:45)
4. B.S.L. - Human Prey (0:06)
5. B.S.L. - Subject To Change (2:10)
6. B.S.L. - Pumpin' Gas (1:12)
7. Visible Minority - St. Marys (1:39)
8. Visible Minority - Dope Deal (1:14)
9. Visible Minority - Do What Comes Naturally (1:09)
10. Visible Minortiy - Untitled (0:48)
11. D.O.G. - Do Wah/Reflections (2:20)
12. D.O.G. - Forced Beleifs (2:56)
13. M.S.I. - Our Fight (1:05)
14. M.S.I. - Infection (1:18)
15. M.S.I. - You (1:14)
16. Missing Link - The Cutting Edge (1:48)
17. Missing Link - Barba Death (1:14)
18. Missing Link - Man To Man (2:15)
19. Black Donnellys - Poor People Of Poland (1:43)
20. Black Donnellys - Challenger (1:59)
21. Godcorp - Trial By Fire (2:23)
22. Sons Of Ishmael - Ohio (Live) (2:29)
23. Sons Of Ishmael - Stage Banter (Live) (0:42)
24. Sons Of Ishmael - Man And His Penis Sceptre (Live) (1:20)
25. Subversion - Violence Is Violence (2:20)
26. Son Of Happy - Sweaty Ears (2:18)
27. Sucking Chest Wound - Untitled (1:21)
28. Social Suicide - Local Yoko (2:31)
29. Social Suicide - Sporthuntsmen (2:17)
30. Nunfuckers - Burning Chemicals (1:08)
31. Nunfuckers - Spoiled Brats (1:28)
32. Nunfuckers - Ziffco Punx (0:46)
33. Hype - Scumtongue (1:05)
34. Hype - Insecurity (1:41)
35. Negative Gain - Live Or Die (1:37)
36. Negative Gain - What's The Reason (1:17)
37. Problem Children - Energy (2:03)
38. Problem Children - Breakfast Of Champions (1:17)
39. Porcelain Forehead - The Gameshow Riff (4:37)
40. Porcelain Forehead - Gnawin On (2:40)
41. Porcelain Forehead - The Viewing (1:41)
42. Honest Injun - Say It Now (2:00)
43. Honest Injun - Wasteline (2:30)
44. Flag Of Truce - What Does It Take (3:04)
45. The Trapt - Fool On The Hill (1:39)
46. The Trapt - Somedays Punk Rock Sucks (2:52)
47. Hakenkreuz - Jack Palance Is The Antichrist (1:31)
48. Guilt Parade - Jusus Janitor (0:47)
49. Guilt Parade - Frustrated Americunts (2:02)
50. Guilt Parade - Religion In American Life (2:00)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Mad (ex-M.A.D.)

The Mad (Can)- Albino (1993)[7''single](Vinyl Rip)
Artist: The Mad (ex-M.A.D.)
Release: Albino (1993)[7''single]
Genre: Thrash Metal / Crossover / Hardcore
Country: Canada
Bitrate: FLAC
for fans of Ludichrist, Scatterbrain, Excel, Sweaty Nipples
7 minutes 41 seconds
1. This Side - Albino (3:37)
2. That Side - And the Apes Got Creepy (4:04)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

I still have to buy Fatality's Psycho-nautical CD, burp

Here's a picture of the forst, no, fist, no wait, fiorst, fuckem, yeah, forst album on CD up there

beemarghahforalll--- betetr sonmg on that album;;;
like thjis next one...
listen !'
I said listen you fuckers
damn you LISTEN !!


Sentient (Canada, Toronto, Ontario) (2005) ''Sinesthesia'' album

[Black-Death Metal]
with Carlos-Guitars, Vocals [Adversarial]
and Lisa-Guitars, Keys [Witchmark]

32 minutes 8 seconds

1. Sentient - Misanthropy (3:26)
2. Playing For The Damed (3:24)
3. Xavor (3:21)
4. Solemn Riders (4:34)
5. Somewhere In Life... (5:52)
6. Temples of Atrocity (4:32)
7. Winter's Unrest (4:16)
8. As I Fall (2:43)
Thanks to the short-haired guy who now has long hair for sharing this album.
A death/black metal band from Toronto, Canada featuring guitarist/vocalist Carlos S. of Adversarial, and members of Lych and Witchmark.
They released one full length entitled SinesthesiA.
The project is currently on hold.

Rock Talk 1983

In 1983, at my highschool, a lecture afterschool from a visiting 20 or 30 year old guy, left me pretty freaked out for a few weeks.
With slides and audio tapes, it was almost a brain-washing session, showing back-masking techniques and  that most rock music was satanic.

He showed all the classic examples - Alice Cooper's ouija origin and his song Cold Ethyl,  Black Oak Arkansas -live where he was screaming "natas" then playing it backward, Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven backwards, etc

Eventually learned that I was not the only student who was left in a state of panic, fear, guilt, etc after the attempted De-programming by this guy..

Did this type of thing happen everywhere all across Canada and the USA at that time?
(This maybe was before The Lord's Prayer was banned from school, from it being recited on the 9 A.M. PA announcements, in order for Ontario public schools to be politically correct).

Will always remember one of the older guys (I was a Grade Nine geek just starting to grow his hair), for being loud and saying NOTHING was going to stop him from seeing Twisted Sister when they came to town next week!


Rocky Horror Picture Show @ Western Tech

In 1983 or 1984, at my highschool, a lot of the auditorium's seats were filled by us to see this rock opera / musical movie.
I had no idea what it was about, but had heard of it, and remember seeing the cover a couple years earlier at my friend Bohdan's house, as his sister owned the LP.

Many were yelling along at certain parts to this cult movie, as they probably had faithfully gone every weekend to see it at The Roxy Theater (it was near Danforth Ave.+ Pape, or Greenwood subway station).

About 10 or 15 minutes or so, near the end of the movie, it got shut off, and everybody starts screaming "bullshit!" , etc , and the Vice Principal announces loudly from the balcony  - "I can see all of you and if you don't want detentions, then leave now! ".
The V.P., who approved it beforehand, had walked in, and was apparently so shocked and disgusted by the transvestites and overtly sexual nature of it, he told the projectionist to shut it down.

Kind of a ripoff, because I had to ask others what the ending was, as I never seen the flick before...
I wouldn't for another 20 years until it was on late-night TV from Buffalo 29 or something.
You don't think I'd pay again to see that garbage do you, just for 2 or 3 good songs ?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Corpus Vile (Can) - (1989) What Does it Take

Thanks to the original uploader.

33 minutes 45 seconds

1. Tour of Duty (2:23)
2. Room 237 (Redrum) (2:05)
3. Out of Hand (1:59)
4. Never Learn (4:16)
5. Oppressed (1:51)
6. What Does it Take (3:17)
7. Life is Life (2:54)
8. Infidelity (2:44)
9. Words that Kill (SS Decontrol) (2:48)
10. Acient Dread (2:15)
11. Tranquility (2:17)
12. Maximum Control (4:56)


I missed seeing this band play live, but was told their live performance and this album recording sounded very different.
Live - pure hardcore punk.
LP - pure metallic crossover
The word was the band had no control over the final mix that Fringe Records releaseed.
I don't know.
Sounds great to me.
A classic Canadian underground recording.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Persecuted (Christian HC Punk) - 1998 The Persecuted LP cassette-rip

originally posted Friday, April 15, 2011

Found an old, and small write-up about this band. ...from somewhere...

"The Persecuted, which was named after his magazine. This band was a Christian gutter punk/ska/metal that gained a fair amount of local recognition by playing at venues ranging from retreats at the Belleville Ramada Inn, to back wood stages at Marmora’s Punkfest. Following the release of the band’s first and only album, released on Country Road Records in 1998, the band broke up and the members went their separate ways. … "

The Persecuted (Madoc,Ontario,Canada) - 1998 cassette LP (Country Road Records)

Side 1
01.Real Salvation
02.This Place
03.Mary Had
04.Pro-Life Punx
05.Hey Lizzy
06.Wake Up Christians
07.Broken Bread
08.Jesus Loves You
09.Strength in You
10.Faith in God

Side 2

12.The Persecuted
13.Jesus Paid
14.Awesome God
15.Reform For Life
16.Reality Check
17.Smarten Up

32 minutes 46 seconds

Download @ 128

Thanks to Keegan for locating this cassette for me.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday the 13th is for Hardcore - Grave Concern

Friday the 13th is for Hardcore

originally posted Sarurday June 25, 2011 .

GRAVE CONCERN demo cover, Artwork by David A Smith

Somebody on facebook is sharing the 2 cassettes/ demos by the defunct Ottawa band
Grave Concern.

Look on the wall there !
..that is if you don't care the tape rips are one mp3 for each side, @ 192 kbps, and no song titles are given.
Hopefully someone tells me the track list info, then maybe I will split the files into separate songs.

Grave Concern (Ottawa) 1987 Approach With Caution @192
Grave Concern (Ottawa) 1990 April Acid @192

Steve Kotsopoulos You can grab the 2 tapes from my website at http://www.fywss.com/GraveConcern/
Each is in a separate zip file
January 23, 2011 at 2:03pm 

I might post all the pics, the demos, the couple of mp4's into one file here, but I'd rather anyone who remembers hearing of the band to join their facebook page / group, to let them know they weren't forgotten, etc

What did the band sound like ?
Hardcore with a slight metallic edge. reminds me a little of Agnostic Front's second LP, Cause for Alarm, but not as harsh sounding like the way the band Fratricide went.

EDIT: Thanks to one reader, we no have titles! Thanks!!

harleytexas said...

Here are the song titles for both albums:

Approach with Caution

I Don’t Care
Don’t Wanna be like you
Grave Concern
Self Accused
Still the Same
Dig it Daddy O
Tension Dimension
Approach with Caution

April Acid

Watch Out
Wake Up
Sliver of Dignity
Non Compos Mentis
Your World
Spare Me
April Acid
Take Your Stand

Friday the 13th is for Metal - Disciples Of Power

Friday the 13th is for Metal

originally posted Friday, September 28, 2012

Disciples Of Power (Can) 1988 Power Of Doom [demo #1]

17 minutes 32 seconds

1. Shades Of Grey (5:17)
2. Power Of Death (3:28)
3. Disciples Of Power (5:45)
4. Bitch Of Doom (3:02)

Thanks to the original uploader! (Strad? from the old LOCKJAW blog, and now sharing over at ( Heavy Metal Rarities Forum  )

"Power Of Doom" - One of the best heavy metal / power metal / semi-thrash tapes ever.
Before the band went totally thrash metal.

CBR 320 kbps @ 4shared

(open a free account at 4shared in order to download from that site)

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Son Of Happy - (1988) t.a.l.h.s.o.m.a. Demo

Son Of Happy - (1988) t.a.l.h.s.o.m.a. Demo
16 minutes 44 seconds

1. li'l head (1:25)
2. dive (1:58)
3. 52 blue-shirt-bash-up (2:16)
4. couch potato (1:54)
5. sweaty ears (2:49)
6. the beautiful people (2:46)
7. voice in my head (3:36)

 tape rip, with tape hiss
(think I forgot to hit the dolby button, or maybe didn't want to lose any of the high end)
@ 320 kbps

Any guesses to what the demo tape title means?

Huge Thanks to Mike Cooper and Keegan Khaos for getting this tape back out there.

SON OF HAPPY appeared in the mid-late 1980s and played shows in Toronto at Ildiko's, and I think The Slither Club.
They were older guys, late 20s or maybe in their 30s,?, and I thought fit in well with the hardcore gigs. 
Wish I seen more of them. They might not have known how much they were liked by some of us..

I was one of those lazy asses that would usually sit and watch bands and applaud, instead of being near the front of the stage to watch and slam.

Fairly sure I had Mark Jarrett dub me this tape, and then liked it so much , went out and bought my own copy, from Driftwood Music, or Vortex Records, or The Record Peddler. (No idea where my copy went..arrgghh.).
Used to blast this tape loud a LOT
Especially the dirgey Black Sabbath-y last tune, "voice in my head".

SON OF HAPPY  were down to earth, friendly, and were there to remind us that bands did not have to jump on the metal bandwagon and be super-technical, but playing simple Ramones-type songs was ok, or even if you couldn't play well at all but had something to offer, then to go for it.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Skull Fist - No False Metal Demo (2006)

originally posted on Monday, June 7, 2010

Skull Fist (Can)- No False Metal Demo(2006)(Heavy Metal)

1. No False Metal (4:50)
2. Ride the Beast (4:52)

9 minutes 42 seconds

128 kbps

Thanks to the original uploader.

This will be of some interest as it has intros the album versions didn't use.
This was included on the first vinyl pressing of their debut LP, not the second.
No idea about the CD.

Senile Decay - 1986 demo

Senile Decay -comatose util I croak 10_86 demo m4a files (DOM's rip)

no idea where the demo cover art is.

Ever wonder what a raspy singer like Schmier of Destruction would sound like singing for hardcore band DR.KNOW ?

well, here you go.

Thanks to Dom, from Lockjaw blog (R.I.P.)

18 minutes 26 seconds

1. 3 rings governement (2:33)
2. brutes enforce ignorance (1:59)
3. confusion (1:13)
4. it's not important (1:46)
5. no morality for me (2:07)
6. poverty kills (2:09)
7. senile decay (2:05)
8. sunday driver (2:35)
9. why (1:59)


I do not have my live tapes anymore of when Colin took over on vocals and bombarded us at Ildiko's.
Maybe somebody will upload their tapes, but don't count on it..
By the way, bassist Nick Popvic has been playing in tribute bands for a long time - not sure what-he is up to now, but know he was in an Ozzy/Sabbath band, and a Motorhead tribute/cover band.