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Tuesday, December 23, 2014



Check these out, thanks to Skar for sending it in !
Recognize the artwork?

In case Mr.Read ever sees this blog,
I am pretty sure they played more songs at Ildiko's in 1987/1988 that still have not been released.

Death Militia - You Can't Kill What's Already Dead-An Anthology 1985-1988 (2007 CD) 
1 hour 16 minutes 56 seconds

TO SERVE & PROTECT (1987) demo tape
1. Beneath the crosses (4:27)
2. The family (5:08)
3. Forgive me father (5:58)
4. Killing time (3:56)
5. On the eighth day (5:35)

ONE DAY CLOSER TO HELL (1988) demo tape
6. Does he live today (5:08)
7. Begin the last rites (6:07)

rehearsal 1987 (unheard recording until this release)
8. The unknown epic (7:40)

rehearsal 1988  (unheard recordings until this release)
9. The future in question (6:56)
10. The family intro (1:53)
11. Rocket's red glare (4:58)

ONSLAUGHT OF DEATH (1985) demo tape
12. Onslaught of death (5:37)
13. Death militia (3:02)
14. Trial by fire (4:18)
15. In cold blood (6:13)

NOTE:The missing '85 demo song "Feel The Pain" was included instead on the 7" single, since Dave ran out of room on the CD it looks like!

all tracks remastered.

@ wma 128

(none of my media players can find this from the CDDB plug-in/site and auto-tag if I ripped my CD, so here's an old rip from a CD-R trade I got many years ago from Steve Mac The Knife doing it Brampton style)


Death Militia - Live at the DMZ, Toronto, 1985

originally posted on Friday, January 22, 2010 

33 minutes 13 seconds

01 - Wrath (4:14)
02 - Onslaught Of Death (5:13)
03 - Feeling The Pain (3:08)
04 - Trial By Fire (6:10)
05 - In Cold Blood (4:33)
06 - State Violence State Control (2:52) DISCHARGE cover song
07 - Death Militia (3:28)
08 - Nuclear Devastation (3:35)
@ 320 kbps

Lineup was probably the same as on the ONSLAUGHT OF DEATH (1985) demo.



Death Militia - Noise Agony Mayhem 7 inch single

originally posted on Thursday, March 11, 2010 


Death Militia - Noise Agony Mayhem 7 inch single (2007)

5 minutes 54 seconds

1. Death Militia (3:02)
2. Feel The Pain (2:52)(both originally appeared on 1985 rehearsal demo" Onslaught of Death")

@192 kbps
 scans included
(can't find the 224 kbps rip)

Monday, December 15, 2014

world gone to hell in a handbasket

Megiddo / Rampage - Apocalyptic Raids 2001 CE split 12" LP

$15.00 U.S. + shipping

 almost sold out! these last copies came from Lord Vic's remaining stock I believe

the Ol'Piley cartoon

Posted  Monday, December 15, 2014

How many of you have seen this great cartoon?
The pilot was done I think, but nobody wanted to pick it up for television??
Ridiculous when I know there are a LOT of cartoon shows on the air that are NOT entertaining.

I guess TV is just like major record labels and the movie industry - it's who you know or who you blow if you want to become famous?

The Exalted Piledriver - Metal Manifesto CD is available again.
Marquee Records (of Brazil) pressing.
Includes the original 12 tracks plus six demo tracks.
Better CD booklet layout too, as all lyrics printed in English this time (and not the stupid satanic fonts).



 Exalted Piledriver commented on a link.
Hails, My Minions of the Metal Inquisition! It's me! Ol'Piley!!!
Someone's wrong on this here sales-pitch page, and I'm gonna set it right...you need to know the TRUTH about METAL MANIFESTO, and the text they've used to supposedly describe me and this great album...
Before going on to the fact corrections... it should be pointed out that this re-issue has 16pages of all new great artwork, all the lyrics, tons of pictures, great center page poster and SIX bonus tracks.. a really nice package compared to the original release, really!
Ok.. now.. FACTS:

1) Third Piledriver album WAS recorded.. was called "Shock". Record Label asshole fucked Piledriver, so Pile left the label changed a bunch of the lyrics and re-used the same songs for his new band Dogs With Jobs' album Shock.

2) Band name was not because of contractual issues.. was because while I was gone from the scene, many bands named themselves Piledriver, and instead of trying to fight a whole lot of probably really nice people, I thought to just take 'the exalted' from the lyric of my name-song and stick it there so everyone knows which one is the the EXALTED Piledriver, not just some plain Piledriver like all the others. THAT's why the name changed.

3)There is ONE old song not recorded before, Battle Axe. There is one song that was one of the Shock songs lyrics to be changed back from a DWJ song into a Piledriver song specially for this album. All other songs on Metal Manifesto are new, although they sound like they could have been recorded in 1990. That's Ol'Piley for ya!! Happily, the bonus tracks are properly described. Good job, gang!!!
Keep a lookout this coming year for our new album.. "Humans Suck".. we're working on it right now, heh heh heh! It will eat you all.
DON'T FORGET TO ORDER THE METAL MANIFESTO BEFORE LEAVING THE PAGE!!! That way the Metal Store gets to keep it all open and able to provide quality metal for all you maniacs, and also makes our label Marquee able to keep making ours and other bands albums are able to get out to you guys.. it all works when it works like it does when it works, or it simply doesn't work.
So work it.
Till then, Rawk ON my minions,
Ol'Piley Exalted Piledriver

Friday, December 12, 2014

Exodus 1985-08-15

EXODUS at Larry's in 1985,with Metallic Assault zine editors -
Glenn Salter (top middle, above Paul Baloff - Vocals)  and, Derek Emerson (top right, over Gary Holt - Guitars).
Photo credit: Rita Laberto of Photo-drome zine

Exodus 1985-08-15 at Larry's Hideaway - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
August 15, 1985
audience recording
1 hour 24 minutes 22 seconds

1. Line-Check(0:48)
2. Bonded By Blood (4:28)
3. Exodus (5:45)
4. And Then There Were None (6:10)
5. Hell's Breath (4:12)
6. Pleasures Of The Flesh (8:22)
7. A Lesson In Violence (5:24)
8. Deliver Us To Evil (Incl. Rick Hunolt Guitar Solo) (11:07)
9. No Love (6:44)
10. Piranha (4:14)
11. Gary Holt Guitar Solo (4:22)
12. Strike Of The Beast (4:33)
13. Encore Break (2:54)
14. Metal Command (8:17)
15. Impaler (7:02)

@128Thanks to the original uploaders !

Thanks to the original uploader !


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sudden Impact - Sacrifice - Live concert video - 1988/11/18

Awhile ago, Tony Crosgrey posted on facebook, a link to the Sudden Impact / Sacrifice / Anvil concert, I guess from his channel? I don't see the Anvil portion though, so go search for it yourself.. Maybe I linked it before from Maddog's Youtube channel...
I think this is the same Tony from Peterborough,Ontario, in the late 1980s who had a gore video review fanzine, and was in one of Ontario's first, or it was THE VERY FIRST Ontario grindcore band, THE MOSHED POTATOES  .
(Still have not seen anybody post that demo online).

RAZOR was advertised to play this concert, but then pulled out when they learned that were opening for Sacrifice (who were more popular at the time due to their "Re-animation" video).
Word was spread that they felt they had been around longer and should not have to be an opening act anymore.

I remember hearing EXCITER also had that same attitude back then, that they had been around a long time, and would not play Toronto if they weren't offered enough money and good slots.
Just telling you what the rumor mill was back then from what I heard from friends hanging around The Record Peddler, so these are not facts.

Sudden Impact were a quick fill-in, and I know a lot of thrashers like me that seen them play previously at clubs like Ildiko's were happy with that choice.
Unfortunately, the RAZOR fans that were NOT told / did not find out about the substitution before arriving and paying to get in, were pretty pissed off and took their anger out yelling at  SUDDEN IMPACT.
What a bummer that was, but the band played PERFECTLY as always, so there, nyah!

GIGANTIC HUMUNGOUS SUPER DUPER THANKS to the cameraman and uploader of these rare videos !!!

"Thrash Attack 88" The Concert Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
filmed by: Dead City Photography
Sudden Impact - Live - 1988/11/18 - Part 1of2

Sudden Impact - Live - 1988/11/18 - Part 2of2

Sacrifice - Live - 1988/11/18

Sacrifice - Live - 1988/11/18 - Part 2of3

Sacrifice - Live - 1988/11/18 - Part 3of3 - Backstage


There WAS an advertisement that Sudden Impact played this concert.

Maybe it was in printed the Toronto Sun newspaper's entertainment section on the same day ?