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even if they stop at your door and ask questions, DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS,
The police have stolen from my personal belongings in the past and I wonder if those items will appear in a future crime scene!

Regent Law Professor James Duane
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Accursed Spawn are going to kill you !

Just got an email notice from Jon Asher. (and  I actually read it this time too!)
I recognized the band name, (they formed in 2010), so....
Without having a coffee just yet, I imagined it might be dull and another useless band playing technical wanking death metal ...

but, no, it isn't that at all..
it is...
Accursed Spawn !

from Ottawa, Ontario
the lineup is -
Paul - Lead Guitar
Adam - Lead Guitar (who was in an okay thrash metal band a few years before, but I won't name them, just in case somebody gets prejudiced about that)
Luke - Vocals
Mikael - Bass
Jay - Drums

Press statement reads -
" If you're a fan of Cannibal Corpse, Decapitated, Suffocation, Obituary, Deicide, Naplalm Death, Vital Remains ..."

Well, yeah. This band GETS IT ! Old School Death Metal - style !
None of the flashy, weak, mellow, jizz jazz crap that has masqueraded as death metal.

This has that heavy, back to the basics feel and pounding production.
definitely for fans of the debut albums by DEICIDE, HELLWITCH, and CANNIBAL CORPSE

With the weather finally cooling off, it's heavy, raging bands like this, ACCURSED SPAWN that make you want to wear your denim or leather jacket with their logo drawn on it.



First single - Burned Into Sterility - http://youtu.be/pFqj8Xg7PLk
Burned into Sterility (single) - FREE DOWNLOAD
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/accursed-spawn/burned-into-sterility
Bandcamp: http://accursedspawn.bandcamp.com/
Ottawa Death Metallers ACCURSED SPAWN New EP 'Putrid' Out October 28th

Booking Agent    
Worldwide Merch Store:

Friday, September 26, 2014


Thanks to the original uploader

Various Artists - T.O. HARDCORE TAPE 1983
44 minutes 17 seconds

1. 1. A.P.B.-constant threat (2:31)
2. 10. Direct Action-19 A.D. 4 (2:40)
3. 11. Direct Action-U.X.B. (1:17)
4. 12. Direct Action-eat the rich (2:27)
5. 13. Young Lions-shithole (0:58)
6. 14. Young Lions-progress-lizard for a day-defy the state (6:09)
7. 15. YYY-white reggae (2:09)
8. 16. YYY-wanderlust (1:58)
9. 17. YYY-made in england (1:32)
10. 18. YYY-domination (1:48)
11. 19. Zeroption-traitor red (2:17)
12. 2. A.P.B.-know my name (2:12)
13. 20. Zeroption-live your life (3:17)
14. 21. Zeroption-rain of terror (1:05)
15. 3. Chronic Submission-go for it (0:54)
16. 5. Chronic Submission-I hate preppies (0:59)
17. 6. Chronic Submission-cops ain't tops (0:57)
18. 6. Chronic Submission-they're fucked (0:33)
19. 7. Dead End-youth now (2:20)
20. 8. Dead End-we're not dead (2:38)
21. 9. Dead End-government vs. you and me (3:36)


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

SANTERS - old live tapes

Thanks to the original uploaders.

SANTERS 1982 Toronto FM@320

Santers 1984 Live queensbury arms toronto192

SANTERS 1989-12-08 Rn'r heaven,Toronto@320

One of the first local rock bands I heard a lot on the radio, even before Coney Hatch's song "Monkey Bars" started dominating Q107-FM back then!
For some, they only know about Rick Santers years later being the additional musician in Triumph's touring band.

SANTER's LP's used to be easy to find for free download a few years ago, as well as still finding the vinyl's and CD's for decent prices in shops or ebay.

Terminated Rite (Can) 1988 Darkness Weaves Demo

Terminated Rite (Can) 1988 Darkness Weaves Demo

01 - On A Pale Horse
02 - Bezerker Rage
03 - Darkness Weaves
04 - Anathema

320 kbps

Thanks to the original uploader.metalpurist.

I think I used to talk to the guitarist of this band. He was pretty cool.

The only thing that kind of bugged me about this demo tape from Orangeville, Ontario was one song.
It had a very similar Destruction riff from the "Infernal Overkill" album.
He swore they did not hear their song beforehand, and wrote it without knowing, but wasn't going to change it,since he thought of it also.

They were pretty good live I only remember seeing them once, maybe opening for Sacred Reich? I had a live tape too...fuck me, I wish I knew what happened to it!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Protokult - Get Me A Beer! (Official Music Video)

 I bought their new CD recently (their third !), keep forgetting to mention it more.
Got an email from their publicist Jon Asher reminding me of this folk/black/pagan metal band.
Watch the video, pretty cool, (plus the chick singer Ekaterina is pretty hot!)

I waited too damn long and missed out on buying one of their old t-shirts they had for sale on the bandcamp site, along with their CD's. Will have to be faster (and not so lazy) next time.


Top L-R: Dawid Slowiak (Bass) – Mike Matveev (Drums),  Ekaterina Pyatkova (Vocals, Woodwinds, Synthesizer) – Martin Drozd (Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer) – Jeremy Jackson aka Vodnik (Guitar) - Photo Credit: Danielle Griscti

 Lyric Video - Get Me A Beer!
 "For those of you who can't understand what the hell Martin is spewing, now is your chance to sing along! Get yourself a cold one and enjoy!" comments Protokult's vocalist and woodwinds performer Ekaterina Pyatkova.

Toronto glam rockers Amour playing Lee's Palace - song "Larry's Hideaway"

When it is 3 in the morning and I  turn on the computer and search for elusive tapes I used to own - (eg. Witchfawn (Canada,Toronto) 1987 Who is God Demo) , and you find yourself looking at footage from the 1980s,  and then something else somewhat related appears, I still get surprised.

I never heard of these guys before, but it only took a few seconds and I was hooked.
The singer sounds exactly like 1974 KISS Paul Stanley, and the song itself is pretty much 1970s hard rock.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Finally decent weather is back! "Indian summer" I guess?

I don't know about any of you, but I can finally breathe again.

Doesn't bother me if it snows either!
But this 3 °C is just perfect. Hope it lasts a long time.


Classic ANVIL live in Perth Ontario July 18th 2003 BLOOD ON THE ICE


Sunday, September 14, 2014

CKLN-FM Aggressive Rock radio hour 1987-06-30 download

I finally got around to finishing up another tape.
No idea when others will get done.

in other words,


CKLN-FM Aggressive Rock 1987-06-30
@ 192 kbps
Tuesday, June 30, 1987
with radio dj Brian Tailor

01.Einstürzende Neubauten ‎– Halber Mensch,  + GORE (Holland) - He Knows (instrumental) ["Hartgore" LP] GORE youtube
02.ACCEPT - Fast As A Shark ["Restless & Wild LP]
03.POSSESSED - Swing Of The Axe ["Eyes of Horror" EP]
04.THE EXPLOITED  - Disorder ["Troops of Tomorrow" LP]
05.VOI VOD - Order of Blackguards ["Killing Technology"LP]
06.dj Brian Tailor 21min
07.E.N.T. - System Shit
08.E.N.T. - No Threat ["Earslaughter", split Lp with CHAOS UK]ends 26.30
09.NECROS - The Gun (cuts off)
10.NECROS - Blizzard Of Glass ["Tangled Up" LP]
11.BAD BRAINS - Let Me Help ["I Against I" LP]
12.SLAYER - Post Mortem
13.SLAUGHTER - F.O.D (Fuck Of Death)["Strappado"LP]
14.dj Brian Tailor 41 min
15.G.B.H. - Hearing Screams (For the Last Time)["No Need to Panic"LP]
16.unknown , not mentioned  [? AMEBIX ?]
17.DYOXEN (CAN)- Deadly Deceivers ["Apocalyptic Dreams" Demo tape]
18.dj+upcoming gigs

Thanks to Jim in B.C for the tape!

NEW LINK for Dipsomania

re-uploaded the excellent unreleased Dipsömania album.
They originally were named dipsömania and later changed the name / lineup to Hungover, and played live for a little while longer around Toronto.
Defunct for a couple years, and it does not seem likely they will reform or this ever on vinyl or CD.

Listen to one of the songs here! http://www16.zippyshare.com/v/34279065/file.html

for fans of dirty sounding, rockin' heavy metal like old Motorhead.


following originally posted Thursday September 24, 2009

" Dipsömania is dead. Long live Hungöver.

we'll be playing our first gig with the new line-up this Sunday (27th) at The Central (603 Markham Street) - it's an early gig, so we'll be hitting the stage at 8:30PM. Show up early if you don't want to miss it. "

Dipsomania facebook page



Yog Sothots

Yog Sothots
Black Power Metal LP
Nuclear War Now! Records

I am playing "old" metal, like this album, this weekend, just as much as new bands I have bought or downloaded (and I have a LOT of it all).

Probably I uploaded the demo a few years ago that I found online, but after I bought the album and seen the download link expired, deleted the post.

Listen here-

For a GREAT price, the vinyl LP from War On Music in Alberta, it's only $12.99 + shipping costs,
YAY!  their demo remastered as an album.
I am guessing this is the Regular black vinyl version with zine booklet
(The "die hard" version that NWN Records sold,  was on clear green vinyl with a sew-on patch, a sticker and zine booklet).




Friday, September 12, 2014

Violent Restitution! RAZOR Mainman Dave Carlo Responds To Sheepdog’s Tail


August 30, 2014, 12 days ago
By “Metal” Tim Henderson





Originally released in a cdr edition of 113 copies, out of print for 10+ years, now finally available again on limited edition coloured vinyl. 
 here are old reviews--------


Megiddo / Rampage
Apocalyptic Raids 2001 C.E.
[Unsung Heroes]

This is a Megiddo/Rampage split CD, in which the two bands take turns covering the songs from Hellhammer's "Apocalyptic Raids 1990 A.D." release (i.e. the four tracks from the original Apocalyptic Raids EP, and two from a sampler CD). Megiddo have covered "Third of the Storms/Evoked Damnation", "Triumph of Death", and "Revelations of Doom", with Rampage taking "Massacra", "Whorus/Aggressor", and "Messiah".

Here we have two of my favorite current Black Metal bands, taking on one of the founding classics of the genre. The result is dripping with pure old-school spirit - the way such cover songs should be. Both bands have opted for a fuzzy, raw production. This suits the material well, and gives the album a unified feel which is further enhanced by the way the songs are arranged. Instead of the usual split-CD song order, where all songs from each band are together, the two bands alternate songs. As for the individual bands, I would say that Rampage comes closest to the original, but I slightly preferred Megiddo's interpretation, mostly due to the hateful vocals... Even so, Megiddo and Rampage each put forth an excellent performance here.

Any fan of Hellhammer, Megiddo, or Rampage should own this. Available from the label for $5, on CDR.

Standout tracks: "Triumph of Death", "Whorus/Aggressor"

� 2001 vorfeed


Megiddo / Rampage
Apocalyptic Raids 2001 C.E.
[Unsung Heroes]

26:40 minutes

1. 2:36 Megiddo - The Third Of The Storms-Evoked Damnation
2. 2:51 Rampage - Massacra
3. 8:10 Megiddo - Triumph Of Death
4. 4:39 Rampage - Whorus Aggressor
5. 2:49 Megiddo - Revelations Of Doom
6. 5:32 Rampage - Messiah

Limited to 113 copies, this long overdue masterpiece has finally been released. This is a brutal recreation/tribute to Hellhammer, covering their entire 'Apocalyptic Raids' EP/ mini-album, plus the two bonus tracks (originally on the 'Death Metal' sampler album).

Hellhammer were the original simple, primitive, gutteral bulldozer of death. They paved the way and inspired metalheads around the world, no matter how young or amateurish, to start their own bands and get their tapes out to the underground zines and tapetraders. I only had their 'Satanic Rites' Demo for years (a fuckin classic! Whaddya mean you don't have it yet?!), but knew their album blew it away for sheer heaviness.

This tribute album was done because there have been too many shitty ones out for the past few years, and to remind Tom GAYbriel Fisher of his past, which he spit upon when Celtic Frost got huge, and now is trying to profit off of (eg. I just heard the Frost catalogue will be re-released again, with different/ original artwork, and bonus tracks...wait and see...I'm still waiting for Hypnotic to re-release all the Razor albums with Sheepdog screaming).

Trading off tracks are Megiddo, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and Rampage from Georgia, USA. The sound is brutal and both bands add a little bit of a different attack.

Megiddo are harsh and noisy. No drum machine any longer either, as Blaspherion Abraxas from Legion has joined. I know these guys worship Beherit's "Gates of Na-Na", so maybe that has something to do with their style. Also playing faithfully is Rampage. They have more of a Possessed "Death Metal" feel, though both bands could be switched, and except for the vocals, might not even be noticed! Yep, get this or you lose.

� 2001 mlotek

 Megiddo / Rampage - _Apocalyptic Raids: A Tribute to Hellhammer_

(Unsung Heroes Records, 2001)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
Whilst I'm not the world's biggest admirer of tribute albums, Megiddo and Rampages' "split tribute" to Hellhammer made me sit up and take notice. This tribute features the above-mentioned bands covering Hellhammer's classic _Apocalyptic Raids_ album in its entirety, with Megiddo handling the odd-numbered songs and Rampage performing the even-numbered ones. Generally speaking, the covers are pretty straightforward with few surprises. Rampage sounds like, well, Rampage, who injects his covers with a raw, slightly retro sound, whilst Megiddo is a straightforward, "true" black metal band. The production on Megiddo's songs is inferior in comparison to Rampage's covers, but then again, since Megiddo is a black metal act, the inferior production does suit the genre, so there's no doubt that there will be those that appreciate Megiddo's primitive rawness. However, Rampage's previous flirtations with doom metal suggest that he could have done a better job with the painfully slow "Triumph of Death" than Megiddo. For some inexplicable reason, the beginning of Rampage's version of "Horus / Aggressor" is Mayhem's "Silvester Anfang". I'm a bit confused as to why a Mayhem cover would be on a Hellhammer tribute (the only connection I can think is that both Mayhem and Hellhammer are classic and influential bands), but it nevertheless serves as an interesting -- if somewhat unexpected -- intro. An interesting experiment that demands greater attention than the average tribute album.

Contact: UHR, Mark Vignati, 260 Overlook Dr, Covington, GA 30016, USA

(article published 3/7/2002)




SLAUGHTER (Canada) -- an Eric Rot original

Glen Salter review of the Slayer - Razor show 1984

Thanks to
uploading this scan  from METALLIC ASSAULT  fanzine [either issue #1 or 2, don't know, never seen my copy since 1995]

and Aaron also has shared his old ticket stubs too!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Blibber & the Rat Crushers - Pope Music 1991 demo

Originally posted Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blibber & the Rat Crushers - Pope Music 1991 demo

Blibber & the Rat Crushers - Wellsley session '90/'91
256 kbps
Here is the final floor mix of the last BRC demo recorded.

1 Orange Juice Song (2:00)
2 Beam Me Up Scotty (2:09)
3 Fat Girls (3:26)
4 No Why (3:45)
5 Somethings Wrong (2:42)

+ I added Blibber myspace mp3s @56
6. Apple Strudel Man (2:21)
7. Lisa Burger (1:31)
8. Movin On Up (1:09)
9. Nazi Punks Go Bowling (1:22)

New depostfiles link added Thursday, June 15th, 2017
and in the near future (Sunday June 18th?, 2017), there will be a Blibber & the Rat Crushers interview over at

BRC - Pope Music 1991 demo -- NEW LINK posted 2017,June15th

(original megaupload link was from the Blibber myspace blog)

I can't find what I included before [Not Dead Yet.pdf,+ Sharon's Blibber old interview.pdf
(from http://www.punkhistorycanada.ca/ )]

Classic early Toronto hardcore band, reformed in 1990-91, released this.
Fans of hardcore bands like The Nipdrivers,the Angry Samoans, and the Black Donnellys will be able to get into this. Has that clean, easy-to-get-into-and-enjoy feel.

I still need (MANY of us still NEED!) their early material, but them , and the other band they split from/turned into - Jolly Tambourine Man, are in the Not Dead Yet movie at least.


Jolly Tambourine Man cassette

Jolly Tambourine Man, Based in Toronto, Ontario, the band was a side project of the punk rock band Blibber and the Rat Crushers

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Chronic Aggression radio show --- in the NEWS !