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Friday, August 22, 2014

OVERTHROW to be released on vinyl in 2015

OVERTHROW (Can) Within Suffering / Bodily Domination Official DLP 
coming from the CRYPT
The Crypt is honored to release for the first time ever on vinyl, the debut album "Within Suffering" from the legendary Canadian technical Thrash / Death Metal act OVERTHROW. Originally released in 1990 through Epidemic records, This obscure, long out of print early 90s technical thrash metal album was one of the best Thrash / Death Metal albums released back then, being a pure aggression symphony.

This amazing legendary release will feature the original 1990 master recording and original cover artwork as well as unpublished band photos and new liner notes. Expect the usual CRYPT standards! As a bonus we will include the band's classic Bodily Domination" demo on a second LP

YouTube samples

To be unleashed in early 2015.


Summer's almost gone? and I'm STILL LAZY !!

Going to watch and listen to somebody else do the work, ha ha!

Courtesy of YouTube, and uploaders like Kevin Nunes, and a Spewgorian named Steve! (I think)
... and also will link to this old post. -  Sepulchre (Can) ''1'' EP (2011)

Have a wet weekend people !

at The Hard Luck Bar
Bloodbucket Metalfest


LIVE @ Wings of Metal Montreal 2013

The Exalted Piledriver 
LIVE @ Wings of Metal Montreal 2013

Monday, August 18, 2014

Beyond- Holocaust

Thanks to Steve for another flyer

Beyond- Holocaust  - Sept.11 - at 22 Main Street. Toronto,The 5th Dimension
year unknown, will guess 1986

just looked at the little street map in the flyer, maybe this was not in Toronto but Mississauga ? 

Brampton club- there were a few shows there- not many that i remember. Think EBS might have played there once too?
Not sure what year.
If i had to guess- maybe 86?

Beyond-Death Militia-Reprisal-Terminated Rite flyer

Thanks to Steve for emailing this rare, cool looking flyer !
January 16th, 1988
1988-01-16  Beyond - Death Militia - Reprisal - Terminated Rite -- at Ildiko's, Toronto

I still am hoping to get the other demo by Terminated Rite, and this flyer reminds me of the band Reprisal.
I don't remember who they were.
Maybe they were friends of Terminated Rite and also from Orangeville, Ontario ?

This past weekend, I brought some old posts out of draft status. Maybe will get around to more.

Still have to edit/upload a few of the Brian Tailor CKLN radio shows from 1987 too.

Zeroption is committed to the cultural revolution

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Early 1980s Toronto area hardcore band Zeroption have a website!


History of the band, photos,flyers, videos, inteviews, mp3s etc

More pieces of the past

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ok, soon, you are going to have some very,very cool rare stuff, courtesy of Mark Robinson, the drummer from Mortuary, who were also slated to play the night of the Nosferatu/Prophecy gig back in the day in Sharon,Ontario.

In the meantime, you can look at this stuff...

(found the paper I wrote on, but my tape is long gone)
TERMINATED RITE setlist at The New Siboney, Toronto
Thursday, June 9, 1988
40 minutes approx.
On a Pale Horse
Berserker Rage
Dark Horses
Rest In Pieces
Darkness Weaves

B.S.L./FLECKS OF DROOL split demo (1988 ?)
One Flecks Of Drool'S members was a younger brother of SONS OF ISHMAEL singer Tim Freeborn.

Beyond ticket reminder (1990 ?)

D.R.I. setlist at The Starwood (aka The Bridge, aka Ildiko's)
January 15,1985
I Don't Need Society-Snap-Sleeping In My Bed-Reagonomics-Commuter Man
God Is Broke-Soup Kitchen
Madmen-war Crime
Stupid Stupi war-Counterattack-F.R.D.C.-Couch Slouch
Draft Me-Yes Ma'am
Balance of Terror-My Fate to Hate-Who Am I
Money Stinks-Plastique
Nursing Home Blues
Capitalist Suck
No Sense
Closet Punk-Denis' Problem
Give My Taxes back

Agony Column flyer

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fairly sure this small 4 1/2" x 5" flyer is from 1990, because in 1988/89 this tiny bar in the basement used to be called The Slither Club, or Club Slither.

After ILDIKO's closed (on Bloor St.W, approx 2 blocks east of Bathurst), and became a bowling alley in 1989,(....or did it become a pool hall? I never visited myself as I stopped caring when shows stopped there), most HC gigs happened there at The Slither Club, as it held I guess 100 people if they packed it.

The more well-known and more popular HC bands, like 7 SECONDS, would play The Siboney Club, on Augusta Ave (near Dundas St. W), above the fish store, where major touring thrash metal bands like Destruction, Nuclear Assault,Sacred Reich,Zoetrope, etc would play, as it could hold I guess maybe 300-500, like Ildiko's(aka The Bridge,aka The Starwood) could.

Zines ,zines..and more zines for download

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

hardcore music zines ruled!

IF, you have not yet checked out the site for which I am posting all the links from in this post, then it's about time you did.... especially if you want to learn, catch up, or reminisce about the hardcore/thrash/punk scene based in Toronto with mentions also about other Canadian cities and bands.

Equalizing Distort has done an amazing job,and once when I tried reading Every post, it took me days , or a week, and that is not including all the zine pdf uploads!

Here are a bunch of OLD fanzines that impressed me back in the day, or that I didn't get a hold of, but either I knew of the person behind it who was pretty cool, or there will be a band in it I dig.

ONCE in a while,
the editor of some of these fanzines would make a compilation tape for sale, supercheap with a small newsletter,and almost always, it was 100% jampacked with great bands with songs off demos or ep's;

songs we never heard on radio, not even college radio.

Tapetrading was essential back then, unless you were satisfied with buying import vinyl at the Record Peddler or maybe discovering a used gem, like at Driftwood Music.



Louanne who created the great Tunga Tunga zines, made one titled differently afterward

Paul Abrash's zine 1-6


Rita Laberto's Photodrome ! heavy duty all photo zine

interview with Hellwitch


Glenn Salter (ex-Deathcore,ex-Metallic Assault zines)



Sunday, August 17, 2014

Negative Response


Thanks to Chronic Aggression for showing this new bandcamp link.

Last year, got their demo tape back in my collection (Thanks! he knows who he is!)(which you can download for free now if you want).
Personally, never cared about all the controversy surrounding them, as long as I knew they weren't commies, that's enough for me I guess.

Along with the demo, a pretty good live recording, off the soundboard, also available -

Basic hardcore, influenced by NYHC, straightedge bands like Uniform Choice, and then some blurrs which is the D.R.I,., and grindcore influences (hardly shown).

they also played a hardcore version of the Sesame Street TV program song
(originally by The Cookie Monster)
"C is for Cookie".


Speakeasy flyer

Originally posted Thursday, March 22, 2012

Speakeasy , and Negative Response gig flyer
from 1992 maybe

Larry's Hideaway , and New Siboney tickets

originally posted Thursday, December 15, 2011

By the way, April 26,1988 -
THIS night was the same one a gig at The Silver Dollar was happening.
Think it was Hallows Eve/Sacred Reich maybe.

Stephanie, Death Militia's manager at that time was pretty damn smart!
She booked this ALL-AGES SHOW and everybody that was turned away from the +18 gig over at The Silver Dollar showed up and got a dose of all local bands delivering great thrash!
I never even knew about it (That Sacred Reich or Hallows Eves show) until I was at this show, as I was a diehard fan of both Death Militia and Beyond and would have wanted to see them first anyways,

can't remember how many were there,but the club was pretty FULL!
so between 100-300 if ya need to know

there WAS a videotape of Beyond's killer set.. the original guy who filmed it Shane  from H.A.Y. HyperActiveYouth lost it or taped over the original, and you may now crank call Kevin Panko's father (Homer Simpson) for taping sports or some other shit over his copy.

Marquee Club ticket

originally posted Thursday, December 15, 2011

some time around 1990, this bar started booking tribute bands, hard rock, hardcore, and thrash metal bands.

It had 2 bars inside - street level, and the basement.
Was next to a Bingo Hall I think.

Live Exalted Piledriver CD available for order

originally posted Monday, March 28, 2011

FINALLY!! A raw live album from Piledriver!!

recorded Saturday "Oct.30th,2010 at Scout Hall in bumfuk Cochrane, Ontario. No sweeteners. No fixes."

From the samples I hear on the new site, this rips heads off! Sounds great to me.
Must be from the soundboard I guess.

I have been told that their NEW record label guarantees delivery!

"Canadian cult metal band THE EXALTED PILEDRIVER (a.k.a. PILEDRIVER) will release a new live album, "Night Of The Unpolished Turd", on April 1 via Sick Fuck Records. The CD was recorded on October 30, 2010 at the Scout Hall in Cochrane, Ontario, Canada and it features the following track listing:

01. Alien Rape
02. Piledriver
03. Metal Inquisition
04. Unsuck My Cock
05. Metal Manifesto
06. I'm The One
07. Sex With Satan
08. Witch Hunt
09. Last Day Of The Weak
10. The Executioner
11. The Fire God

You can pre-order the album at this location.

Commented the band: "[This is] an 'actual' live album, on an average night in Nowheresville, Northern Ontario, Canada. Not just the jewels in the rough, cherry-picked from 23 shows in front of some other headliner's huge audience, but ONE live performance in front of a handful of true Old-school metalheads, as is reality outside of Europe!!! The Pile-barkin' and band-playin' (every race-it-like-you-stole-it mistake included) are simply 666% GIVE 'ER TO HELL!!!!!! And the sound is waay too loud and 'wrong' at ANY volume on ANY system!!!! A true speaker-shredder as only PILEDRIVER could produce!!! Yer gonna need some industrial swabs to get this aural excrement outta yer ears, trust me!!!!"

THE EXALTED PILEDRIVER's first album in 22 years, "Metal Manifesto", was released on November 18, 2008. The CD was mixed by veteran Neil Kernon (CANNIBAL CORPSE, NEVERMORE) and it follows up the classic cult discography of the band: "Metal Inquisition" (1985) and "Stay Ugly" (1986).

PILEDRIVER was founded in 1985 by Gord Kirchin. They were known for an over-the-top image and flamboyant song titles/lyrics ("Sex With Satan", "Alien Rape", "Sodomize the Dead", "Witch Hunt", "Human Sacrifice", etc). Probably their best known song was the title track of their debut album, "Metal Inquisition", which featured in the chorus the sound of a falling guillotine blade chopping someone's head off. The album was followed by "Stay Ugly" a year later."

"...looking for distro-action!!!
If you would like to order up some for resale, know of someone who might, or even simply to pre-order one or two for yourself, drop me a line at piledriver@videotron.ca.
NO LABEL, NO WORRIES!!!!!!! These WILL get to you, really!!!"

only official Exalted Piledriver facebook page


I will post additional reliable distributors/ record stores' links in the future once I get them.

Here's some photos!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Chris Langstaff-From Missing Link jam room circa 1989.

Fylfot - Demo 2000
I need this Alberta one man band - black metal demo again. My copy's gone that I got from Bernie/LUST.

Nick Sagias from OVERTHROW. I don't think he has long hair anymore. I always see him wearing a toque in ATD Anti Trust Division photos.

Spewgore new live digipack CD is only 5 bucks! Got mine today, incredible sound, a lot due to the soundboard dude, Jake Disman

Missing Link, or was this still C.B.W. Charlie Brown's Wang ?
Terry Wachter - first show, Dec. 26, 1986

Tim Alchin, Brian Taylor, Derek Emerson
2 dudes from M.S.I. and that radio dj/hc singer/record producer guy.
A few years old, as you can see from the YYY video from Sneaky Dee's, he has a long beard like a hermit or wizard.

Razor Interview from Snakepit magazine#16

originally posted Tuesday, September 11, 2012

thanks in advance to Laurent and Snakepit. If he wants this down, no problem, but since this issue is probably sold out, thought it might be okay.


Snakepit Magazine #20 + Wikka 7″


Old flyers from the 1980s

originally posted Saturday, March 13, 2010