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Remember these five words.
This will save you in many cases.
You can be held for what seems like days and possibly be (physically and mentally) abused by the cops, but DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM other than,
even if they stop at your door and ask questions, DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS,
The police have stolen from my personal belongings in the past and I wonder if those items will appear in a future crime scene!

Regent Law Professor James Duane
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I delete emails with "The material is watermarked".
email can be sent to:

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Malaria/Carbonizer - "Spoils of Extermination/Foeticidal Maniac" CDR 2008

First time in months I started checking this facebook page I used to all the time, and find this free download.
If you don't own the disc, here's your chance.to hear it !

Also, YOU MIGHT like the other band some members are in, extreme black metal- Nuclearhammer (Official)

Now out of print and never ripped to the internet before, available ONLY here Malaria's split with Carbonizer from 2008, free download below and on the Poison Mist site. Total fucking grindwar!!!

Malaria/Carbonizer - "Spoils of Extermination/Foeticidal Maniac" CDR 2008 $5

Malaria's Spoils of Extermination rehearsal and Carbonizer's Foeticidal Maniac demo on one disc. Malaria is violent grindwar in the style of Repulsion, old Carcass, Blood, Nuclear Death, Carbonizer is sickening foeticidal grind in the style of Mortician and Disgorge(Mex)

1. Intro/Battlefield Corpses
2. Trenchfoot
3. Feast On Dismembered Carnage (Carcass cover)
4. Massgraves
5. Field Medic Degeneracy
6. Acid Bath (Repulsion cover)
7. Mustard Gas Asphyxiation
8. Choking On Putred Phlegm
9. Embryocide
10. Foeticidal Maniac
11. Grotesque Deformity
12. Infectious Love Disease
13. The Kill (Napalm Death cover)
14. Neurobiological Corruption
15. Clinical Catastrophe

3Like · ·
Pretty heavy concert coming up in a few months 

July 2nd,2014 at The Comfort Zone.Toronto.

Dave Grohl on sharing music

look at a slew of photos and info here


ABSOLUT - the next big thing out of Toronto?
Could be. Probably. Maybe they are already, for all I know.

If you like d-beat crusty hardcore, then this noisy bunch are for you.
Good raging stuff.

Nice article and a download link for a 192 kbps rip, over at -

download Absolut - Insane Power Demo (2013)  in the audio files of your choice from

check the  TERMINAL ESCAPE blog for other bands, and mix-tape downloads.Plenty of neat stuff.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Schizoid (Newfoundland) - 1980s hardcore/crossover

Originally posted December 10th,2011

now see

SCHIZOID [Newfoundland] demos+7inch

(from St.John's, Newfoundland)
Hardcore Punk Thrash / Crossover

After posting http://torontothrash.blogspot.ca/2014/03/remember-schizoid.html , I remember I thought I had downloaded their stuff before, and now found it again.

Thanks to http://www.mocm.ca/Music/Title.aspx?TitleId=299593 for posting some info,
I grabbed the images of the record from there.

I used to own a copy of the 7" vinyl, but it was printed/photocopied on orange paper, not yellow.
Probably was a second or third pressing I had  bought at The Record Peddler?

Thanks to the original ripper/uploader. Found this years ago on a punk forum.

re-uploaded on 2016, June 9th

Schizoid 1987 Beer Thief [4 song EP] 7inch 1987 (D.U.P.P.Records)
10 minutes 1 second
1. Last Call (1:48)
2. Obnoxious Attitude (2:57)
3. Posessed To Golf (2:30)
4. Death Deliverer (2:46)

Schizoid 1987 datin' satan demo
26 minutes 48 seconds
01 - Last Call (1:57)
02 - Obnoxious Attitude (3:09)
03 - Grief (2:19)
04 - Possessed (2:39)
05 - Death Deliverer (2:53)
06 - Black Knight (3:09)
07 - Perpetrator (2:17)
08 - Anonymous (3:10)
09 - Gun In Hand (2:28)
10 - Haunted Joke (2:47)

Schizoid 1986 total fuckin' demo
19 minutes 24 seconds
1. Possessed (3:11)
2. Death Deliverer (2:45)
3. Purpotrator (2:20)
4. Anonymous (1:25)
5. Black Night (3:33)
6. Haunted House (3:14)
7. Shit Hits The Wall (2:56)

Inner Thought (Can) - Disorder Of Battles 7'' Single 1993

Here is some Industrial / Death Metal from guitarist Bob Sadzak.
2 WAV files, no audio cleaning, so there are some pops and crackles.


1.Disorder Of Battles (2:36)
2.In Ourselves We Trust (3:25)
2 track, limited edition, 33 RPM,  Witchhunt Records.
"The advance EP for upcoming CD "Worldy Separation" to be released by Witchhunt Records in Autumn '93."

They called this an EP, but this is really short, so I call it a single.
The band is from the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area.

Note: Sadzak a couple years ago was working on new material, but I never heard any more info as to which genre of metal it would be, if it was his thrash roots or in the Inner Thought style.

Kelly Montico-Vocals
Roland Murray-Guitars (ex-Tchort, ex-Atrox)
Ed Balog-Bass (ex-Downfall)
Bobby Sadzak-Guitars,Programming,Keyboards (ex-Lethal Presence, ex-Strappado, ex-Slaughter)

Slaughter - Fuck of Death Rehearsal 1-23-86, + more

Slaughter with Evil Chuck of Death
Slaughter and Evil Chuck of Death 1986

Rehearsal with "Evil" Chuck Schuldiner, January 23,1986
192 kbps
39:32 minutes
1.Evil Dead 03:54
2.Legion Of Doom 04:10
3.Nocturnal Hell 04:26
4.The Curse 02:27
5.Fuck Of Death 05:57
6.Parasites 03:21
7.One Foot In The Grave 02:18
8.Maim To Please/Strappado 04:54
9.Tortured Souls 03:07
10.Death Dealer 04:17
11.Tyrant Of Hell 00:35
The Picture Disc has been sold out for a long time, so try searching eBay (Slaughter Ebay store) or Discogs if you want that,
or ................
you can buy the CD version from the band

Slaughter 1986 - 2 rehearsals with chuck 1-86 + 01-02-1986 @ 320
Rehearsal 01-1986

34 minutes 44 seconds
1. evil dead (4:20)
2. evil dead (3:11)
3. legion of doom (4:13)
4. legion of doom (3:37)
5. fuck of death (4:39)
6. nocturnal hell (4:27)
7. tortured souls (4:02)
8. death dealer (3:05)
9. strappado (3:10)
Rehearsal 01-02-1986
105 MB
46 minutes 9 seconds
01 - disintegrator + incinerator (5:01)
02 - evil dead (3:57)
03 - legion of doom (4:53)
04 - fuck of death (4:33)
05 - the curse (2:33)
06 - nocturnal hell (4:13)
07 - tortured souls (3:49)
08 - parasites (2:16)
09 - maim to please (4:04)
10 - strappado (1:51)
11 - death dealer (3:07)
12 - tyrant of hell (3:55)
13 - paranoid (1:57)
Slaughter 1987 rehearsal @320

5 minutes 47 seconds
1. life force (4:56)
2. paranormal (0:51)

Slaughter 1987 Live In Quebec 04-09-1987 [SBD] @320
[SoundBoard tape] Sep 4 1987

go to http://heavymetalrarities.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=170&t=32055
join their forum, click the thumbs up icon button, and download from vaalkoth's zippyshare link.
56 minutes 54 seconds
01 - unknown (3:41)
02 - realms of void (4:45)
03 - time warp (3:56)
04 - schizo (4:05)
05 - coffin of ice (5:13)
06 - threshold of pain (4:13)
07 - electric doom (5:25)
08 - fuck of death (4:05)
09 - tortured souls (3:04)
10 - nocturnal hell (3:57)
11 - fourth dimension (2:42)
12 - unknown (5:10)
13 - disintegrator (1:41)
14 - incinerator (4:57)
Slaughter tapes were ripped and uploaded originally by Demophil (and Strad ?) (and Sonicbludgeon ?)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Haggath - demo + rehearsal


haggath, d.o.g. (death of god) flyer january 1986 flyer .
I don't know if this gig happened still, or was moved to the Quoc-Te club.
Forgot the exact date of the live tape I had

Deathcore zine No.2 (1986) by Glenn Salter (guitarist from D.O.G.)

EXODUS at Larry's in 1985,
with Metallic Assault zine editors -
Glenn Salter (top middle, above Paul Baloff))  and, Derek Emerson (top right, over Gary Holt).

Photo credit: probably Rita Laberto of Photo-drome fame

get Photo Drome Issue #2 as a pdf download here - http://equalizingxdistort.blogspot.ca/1988/06/photo-drome-2.html

I really wish I had the live gig from that dumpy tiny bar the Quoc-Te (it was managed by a little Vietnamese man who screamed at you for your ID), because as Derek Emerson from Metallic Assault zine/More Stupid Initials said, "Haggath were amazing like NYC Mayhem. They would play a fast song, then every song after just kept getting faster and faster!"
If you like speedcore like early D.R.I. and NYC Mayhem, and Lethal Aggression,
then this is right up your alley buddy!

Unfortunately, they changed the band name to Visible Minority around 1988, and still did some Haggath, but the last I heard from one member over the phone when I wanted an interview back then, he said, -
"Why are you bothering ? We don't play like that anymore.We want to sound like R.E.M. instead or something."
Yes, I felt pretty deflated when I heard that.
Then it made sense when I heard they would play shows with their backs to the audience, as they felt nobody cared what they sounded like anymore...
and so...

...now the quest goes from Etobicoke's fastest band to the elusive Brampton speed-of -light core band DISTORTION who's singer Steve had super long hair,and he was mistaken for Cousin It off the Adams Family, and the singer from Epileptic Brain Surgeons said they had the ultimate fastest song of all time called "Ball of Light".

But until or IF I ever get a copy, in the meantime blast loud this January 1986 rehearsal demo recorded off the mixing board.

Haggath 1985 evil transitions demo

01. Evil Transitions
02. Doas
03. Eternal Bullshit
04. I Bought Remington
320 kbps

Haggath 1986 January rehearsal demo

01. Demonic Plague
02. Capitol Punishment
03. Shitting and Pissing
04. Murder Reinforced
05. Psycho
06. Corpse In My Bed
07. Paraphenalia
08. Addicted
09. Eat Her Out
10. Ignoramus
11. Gumby
12. Partners In Plunder
13. Cataclysm
14. I Bought Remington
ripped, and originally uploaded by SonicBludgeon
was reminded of this band after someone recently uploaded the demo tape over at  http://heavymetalrarities.com/forum/
so I brought this old post from 2009-09-13 back out of "draft" status as they have new links.
Like I said originally,
I USED to have a live tape from the Quoc Te club (in the Kensingtin Market area) (January 1986) that I got in a trade off Dave Busch, but that's disappeared since the early 1990s, and I am not in contact with him.

HAGGATH live was pretty much exactly like the rehearsal tape for speed and intensity, but they also did some cover songs, like by S.O.D. and NYC Mayhem I think (who were pretty much the ultimate bands in crossover metal back then).

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Durva (Ex - Durvasag)

Just searched a bit and learned one of my fave bands, has changed / lost members again, and changed their band name too !

Toronto, Ontario

Durva (Ex. Durvasag) is a Toronto-based band. We have been through many changes and still expect and want to further advance and innovate our sound. We've gone from the "metal" only, everyone else is a poser but us, and we know what's best mentality; to a open, welcoming, and mature way of perceiving those pleasing sound waves, known as music.

Well, I don't know what this means...
go listen/download/buy the old releases
 here - http://durvasag.bandcamp.com/

Saturday, April 12, 2014

You heard ? MEGIDDO (from Canada) might visit Europe in 2014 to blanket it with black death !! ...ooh ! ...Hey !... Ay !

 Fredrik Lindgren @ Blackened Media & Promotion


Since it would be nice if I uploaded and shared some of their music releases to get you ready for them,
I won't do that! because they are mean!!..and play mean metal! and I can be just as angry faced !
so you just go to hell ! and Speak English Or Die  while we're at it!...

.........instead, I have this other band you can hear instead...
the CD is sold out from the band I was told,
so go look for it on eBay or in Distro's

or not, and save your money to buy some Megiddo shirts or tapes..make sure you give them as Christmas presents to your baby brothers and sisters...or  just give your money to the band..they know how to spend it better than you do...

Sepulchre (Can) ''1'' EP (2011)

Location:    Toronto, Ontario
Death/Black Metal/Crust
15 minutes 32 seconds
1. Wolves (1:41)
2. Genocide One (1:54)
3. Burial (1:53)
4. Dread (2:08)
5. Deathcult (2:06)
6. Dust (2:33)
7. Rais (3:17)
Band broke up / on hold , busy doing super-duper-seceret stuff, or maybe planning to finally meet the Tophat guy 

 etc etc etc here  is a link -> @ FLAC tah- dah ! get spastic on that and click away ...blah


(I will upload Megidoo stuff some other time, if you actually can't find any of it to buy or download)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Original EXCITER Lineup Reunites

(From Left to Right):
Bass - Allan Johnson
Drums/Lead Vocals - Dan Beehler
Guitar - John Ricci


Original EXCITER Lineup Reunites

April 10, 2014

Guitarist John Ricci of Canadian thrash metal pioneers EXCITER has released the following statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

"Great news to all EXCITER fans worldwide: myself and original [EXCITER] members Dan Beehler [drums, vocals] and Allan Johnson [bass] have officially reunited! We intend [on] performing our bone-crushing, neck-snapping speed metal in as many countries that will have us!

"To celebrate our long-anticipated reunion, our first confirmed gig will be at the Keep It True festival in Lauda-Konigshofen, Germany, April 24, 2015. We hope to see you there! Our performance will consist of all the classics that established EXCITER as one of the pioneers of speed and thrash. New material and a new release will eventually follow.

"I also want to comment on my so-called 'retirement' which was posted on various sites on February 24 by the former EXCITER members. I just want to say I never said I was going to retire. In my opinion, this retirement announcement was fabricated exaggeration. What I did say is that 'I need a break from music' due to some rebellious behaviour from one of the musicians in the band. So, at this point, all that B.S. is behind me and I am now focusing on delivering some new ear-splitting, brain-rattling METAL with Dan and Allan!

"I want to thank all the loyal and dedicated fans and music industry individuals that contacted me during this false retirement statement and offering their support and a positive outcome to a situation that was non-repairable.

"Hope to see you soon with 'horns high and fists in the air!'"

The original EXCITER lineup recorded three classic albums in the 1980s — "Heavy Metal Maniac" (1983), "Violence & Force" (1984) and "Long Live the Loud" (1985) — before Ricci left he group and was replaced by Brian McPhee.

EXCITER's latest album, "Death Machine", which featured Ricci as the sole remaining original member, was released on October 29, 2010 via Massacre Records.


right on !
Going to pull out and blast their albums and bootleg concerts today!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Deszcz (Poland) - Rain Keeps Falling (2014 ) [hardcore] - free download

14 minutes 20 seconds
320 kbps
1. 1.Storm Is Coming (1:50)
2. 2.Afterlife (1:43)
3. 3.No Sense (1:52)
4. 4.False Promises (2:58)
5. 5.The Grey (2:16)
6. 6.Unwanted (3:41)

From: Deszcz Punx <deszczpunx@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Apr 9, 2014

We are from Poznań, Poland, playing some neocrust music. We are also vegetarians and antifascists, 

download link bit.ly/1fYxGa0

EP will be released on CD(May) and on 7" in couple of mounths

Hope you enjoy it, and we were be glad if you share with it

Deszcz crew
Not sure I want to post this, as I don't want only the politically correct-type bands writing in.
But what the hell.... it is a free download after all, from hardcore band Deszcz  (translated from Polish to English, it means "rain", or "(rain) shower").
Musically, lots of you into screamo HC or black metal from the late 1990s to 2000's will enjoy the dissonant guitar chords.

What puzzles me is, they say this will be on a 7 inch record. 
From what I remember, a lot of the 7" EP's I bought in the 1980s, usually could only hold about 12 minutes total of music at 33 rpm.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spewgore (Can) - Faceplant.... did you buy it? did you at least search for a free download !?

Spewgore (Can) - Faceplant [Full-length](released November 29th, 2013)
Artwork by Felix Laflamme.
Logo and layout by Hugues Laflamme.
Compact Disc (CD)
Includes immediate download of 13-track album in the high-quality format of your choice (MP3, FLAC, and more), plus unlimited mobile access using the free Bandcamp listening app.
ships out within 2 days
$10 CAD
(can't remember if postage/shipping included. Probably is. 
You can always message them. Steve the guitarist is usually good for responding within a day or two).

I never said a word about this after I got a copy, did I? My fault, as I haven't been playing it too often either, as there is always another new thing to listen to every single day.
Ok, so,
it is in a shiny CD jewel case, has nice photos when you fold open the CD cover,
and the band have not changed their sound or style.
If anything, sounds like they are close again to the sound of their classic Chipped Teeth Broken Fingers album.

They have a show coming up in the Etobicoke / Mississauga area in a couple months.

Liquor Pigs/ Spewgore/ The Nasties

Saturday, June 7 at 7:00pm
The Rockpile in Toronto, Ontario

Spewgore Fans group (run by the band) - https://www.facebook.com/groups/2295859923/

more info by the spazzes at

Heavy metal brewers TRIBUNE [Vancouver]

(Left to Right).
Ryan O’Shea (Bass), Jason Brown (Drums), Bryan Baker (Vocals), Terry Anderson (Guitar), Shawn Culley (Guitar).
(Photo by.-Matt Neuman-Phrozen Photography)

Every week, I get a bunch of emails from Jon Asher - Music Publicist  promoting a lot of bands.
A lot of the time I don't care, as it isn't metal I would ever pay money for, but this photo impressed me.
I cracked up as it is really brilliant.
This says so much in one shot, because it is true.
Metalheads, buy/read a LOT, especially when younger I think. We can get pretty crazy and obsessed with certain topics just as much as with certain bands.
I know I did, and I used to devour everything that interested me.
Started off with science fiction/fanstasy, then horror, plus ancient history, the occult, religions, philosophy and all the while, maintaining a gigantic interest in music.

Besides fanzines and magazines, pretty sure I read every book on music history of the 20th century in my school library and local public library, which got me to check out other genres outside of rock and metal, like soul and blues (eg. James Brown, Muddy Waters).
I quickly learned that there is a reason why The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin were immensely popular and not the "originals" ha ha ha....they were BORING !)

back to this band I never heard of before
Have a listen, and you can buy music files from
Pretty good heavy metal, has some prog and death metal influences.
Excellent singing, Bryan Baker has his own style.
Besides the Tribue album, they have an older one from 2012 ("Elder Lore / The Dark Arts") that IS also for sale (and on a physical format, CD).

For more info on Tribune, please visit these links:
Official Website: http://www.tribunemetal.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tribune/207477622640504
Twitter: http://twitter.com/tribunemetal
Tour Dates:
FACEBOOK MAIN EVENT LINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/236170526506606/
April 7 – Better Than Fred’s – Grande Prairie, AB
April 10 – Rock Bottom – Saskatoon, SK w/ Bleed, Tribune, Destrier, Black Tremor
April 11 – The Zoo – Winnipeg, MB
April 12- The Town Hall – Hamiota, MB w/ Operation Switchback
April 17 – TBA
April 18 – Richmond Tavern - London, ON w/ Kynesys, Drophanger, Æpoch and Bloodless Child
April 19 – Cafe Chaos – Montreal, QC w/ DISSENSION, SPELLDOWN, TRIBUNE (Vancouver), KADRAAL
April 20 -TBA
April 22 – Rainbow Bistro – Ottawa, ON
April 26 – Lethbridge, AB – The Moose Hall(all-ages)
w/guests TBA
April 27 – Rendezvous – Edmonton, AB
April 30 – Byng Roadhouse – Cranbrook, BC
May 2 – Cambie Esquimalt – Victoria, BC
May 3 – The Cambie – Nanaimo, BC

Monday, April 7, 2014

The YTriple Corporation (Esp) - (2013) Medusa Megalopolis - Free download

Another old email (from one year ago) I opened reveals excellent, atmospheric, semi-technical Euro-thrash metal.

1. Omega Dasein Overture (1:39)
2. Binarian Trilobeta (4:29)
3. The Alpha Reaction (4:21)
4. Awakening of ДЗЕТАЧАСОВОЙ (4:18)
5. Nexus Gamma Parallax (4:18)
6. Cold Architecture of Epsilon (3:50)
7. Prætoriaη Vanguard Offensive (4:43)
8. θ Burning Ki θ (3:49)
9. First Dawn of Delta City (5:04)

36 minutes 31 seconds

includes Press kit, lyrics/logo/banners/photos

Thanks to Salva Rubio, vocalist from band The YTriple Corporation (Spain) and author of the book “Extreme Metal” for writing to us and giving us this link to their free music.

Deathy vocals. Raspy. Because it has a futuristic aesthetic, the production, the guitarwork, and the way the vocals are sung, I am reminded of other great yet unrelated bands from the past,  like D.B.C. (Dead Brain Cells), Voi Vod,  Carcass ("Heartwork" LP), and Swedish melodic death metal like At The Gates

The YTriple Corporation (Esp) - (2013) Medusa Megalopolis @ 320 kbps

 " Estamos distribuyendo este disco libremente y sin coste.
Solo pedimos una cosa a cambio: compártelo y habla a tus amigos de The YTriple Corp.
Para ello, comparte el enlace original que encontrarás en www.ytriple.com
Y usa estos usa estos banners en tu web, blog, facebook, etc para ayudarnos a darnos a conocer.
Disfruta del disco!
Y recuerda: ganamos tus guerras.

We are freely distributing this recording and we only ask for one thing in return.
Share it and tell all your friends about us.
Share the original link you will find at our website www.ytriple.com
And use these banners in your website, blog, facebook, etc, to spread the word.
Enjoy our music!
And remember: we win your wars. "


Unscarred (Paris,France) - Fake Democracy Demo (2012) free download

Female singer (YES! a singer!) fronting this thrash metal band.
Got this sent to me awhile ago (November 2013), but I forgot about posting it.
She is a Persian with a great heavy voice.
Has the roughness and harshness of HOLY MOSES' Sabina Classen , and of ACID's Kate De Lombaert, with just a touch of smooth wailing in the Dio-style (eg. SINERGY, HUNTRESS (Usa)

The band is still active, playing concerts, from what I see on their facebook page -

Unscarred·photo by Gilles Fossier.
[From left to right]-
Bo Ris, Brice Unscarred, Niloofar's Melody, Nikō Bernard and Franck Corr.
(posted February 23, 2013).

Niloofar (Nelly's Melody) - Vocals
Boris - Guitar
Nico - Guitar
Brice - Bass
Franck - Drums

Unscarred Press Release:
Fronted by Nelly the mysterious Persian metal princess Unscarred are a new brand of thrash metal. Pushing a hard hitting and unforgiving sound up to eleven Unscarred are making some serious waves in the Paris scene. Critics say "This is a band who bring something NEW to an overcrowded genre that has stagnated for too long. Suffice to say, Unscarred is one of the best bands on the French scene right now.''

Thanks to matt baggins alloftheothersweretaken@gmail.com for emailing me.
Here is an interview from Matt's blog -

Contact: unscarred.crew@gmail.com

Contorted Records & Artist Management


Unscarred (Fra) - (2012) Fake Democracy Demo @320  Download link provided by Contorted Records and the band

The Worshyp (Toronto)(2014) ''6 pack of Metal'' (free, or, pay what you want download)

A friend from Australia one or two years ago told me about this Toronto band and their fans who have a facebook group page.

Was reminded of them by this blogspot's post-

Here is a download you can get for free , OR, you can give them some money for....

For fans of :

Iron Maiden (Di'anno era),
Metallica (Kill'Em All),
Megadeth (Rust In Peace),
Black Sabbath (the faster riffy tunes with Ozzy).


Circle of Ghosts - Prelude [EP] (2012) free download

Depressive black metal from Toronto,  similar to Xasthur, Striborg, and Leviathan.

I discovered it today as I was looking at the Funereal Moon / Circle of Ghosts "From Darkness They Are" split CD for sale online, and was curious who they were.
 (I already know Funereal Moon as I own a few CD and cassette releases I bought from Skullfuckingmetal Distro and other places).


There are a few more Circle of Ghosts releases available to listen to on bandcamp, but no download links.

NOT a problem if for example
you use Mozilla Firefox, you can click the Tools option at the top left of the browser and search for an Add-on that allows you to grab (download) any mp3/audio files


Here is another band related to the above

Void of Reveries

Labelled as "post-black metal", which is sort of a Nyquil slow drone, similar to the Britpop shoegaze bands of the late 1980s/early 1990s.
The most famous of these type of black metal bands is ALCEST, whose latest album is moving away from this style.


Thursday, April 3, 2014

ACCURSED SPAWN (Ottawa, Ontario, death metal)

free download single from upcoming ACCURSED SPAWN (Can) - 'Putrid' EP (2014) (Ottawa, Ontario death metal)



Formed in 2010, Accursed Spawn is a band hell bent on delivering speed, technicality, and raw aggression. Drawing inspiration from the darkest corners of extreme music, it is a band that fully intend to rip your throat out and gouge your eyes with their vulgar, deranged music.
"Accursed Spawn's "Engendering A Sociopath" is a prime example that GREAT death metal can still be written! Be sure to check this one out!" - Axis of Metal Podcast
"if you’re looking for a band to accompany a sunny Sunday afternoon drive, then this isn’t for you, but if you’re looking to unleash hell, this should work!" - Loud-Stuff.com
Shared Stage with:
Gorguts, Origin, Vital Remains, Kataklysm, Malignancy, Aborted, Augury, Firewind, The Agonist, Beneath the Massacre, Archspire, Insurrection
2010 – Dismember the Informant (demo)
2012 – Engendering a Sociopath

PEARS, a new hardcore punk band based in gritty old New Orleans LA

Got another band (NOT from southern Ontario, not even from Canada !), looking for a mention.

I took a quick listen and it's decent punk. Maybe the silly video grabbed my interest.
More pop punk, than hardcore, but some of it (like the song "Forever Sad", from the 2014 demo, reminds me of the old band STARS AND STRIPES (the side band / joke band(?) of Choke from Slapshot).
 April 3rd 2014
PR: Brittney | pearstheband@gmail.com
Booking: Tom Chichila | Over Easy Booking - Tom@overeasybooking.com

When life gives you lemons, make PEARS.

New Orleans newest punk band PEARS (featuring members/former members of The Lollies, Fatter Than Albert, Dead Legends, All People, The Breton Sound and Little Bags) has released their video for their song Victim to Be. 


PEARS - VICTIM TO BE (DEMO) from Michael Moises on Vimeo.




Sacrifice (Can) 11-21-2009 live in Toronto xvid avi

Here's a very poor, very crappy filmed bootleg video, from the second Sacrifice hometown reunion show at The Opera House.
Very grainy, many spots where the screen is black due to being pointed at the floor or ceiling.

SACRIFICE 11-21-2009 Part 1 moshpitcam XviD avi mega link

SACRIFICE 11-21-2009 Part 2 moshpitcam XviD avi mega link
Saturday November 21st, 2009, at The Opera House, Toronto

Chapter 1 [62 minutes] 399 MB
We Will Prevail
/The Ones I Condemn

Forward To Termination
/Terror Strikes

Soldiers of Misfortune
The Great wall
Burned At The Stake

Lost Through Time
/The Entity

Hiroshima (cut near end)

In Defiance

Atrocity (DV camera tape ends, and sound is fucked up at end)
(song cut in middle)

Chapter 2 [23:48 minutes] 149 MB
Atrocity (cuts in, near the end)

-? Afterlife

Give Me Justice ( fan "Beast" (drunk ?) jumps onstage and yells into microphone, then jumps off the stage)

Sacrifice / medley of riffs at the end.

Encore: Reanimation (joined by ex-Megadeth Glen Drover)
audio 256 kbps
There were many other video cameras there that night, and professional quality. Here below is an example of what YOU REALLY WANT instead of the shitty bootleg above.
Sacrifice 2009 The Great Wall- Tetragrammaton...Toronto 2009 [HQ]

Too bad that this concert was not released with the 2006 Reunion Concert Double DVD that finally got released by Marquee Records.
Excellent quality, better sound and picture than the old bootlegs from the 1980s,
but, the intensity and rage is not as vicious anymore.
Still, it is a decent release. 
Sacrifice - Re-animated Double DVD SET Limited Braz only release eBay Marquee Records



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