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Friday, February 14, 2014

Wacken Metal Battle Canada - Toronto - March 8, 14, 21, 28 April 4

I got this email about this Battle of the Bands and the winner gets to play in Europe at Wackenfest. or whatever its called. (I am not flying over there and attending so it does not matter to me what it's called).
There are some decent bands playing this, like Oneiromancy, Protokult, etc
I think Spewgore tried out for it last year, and there was a bandcamp link to check out a song from each band. Just go  to each band's facebook profile or website, as there is always a chance you can download a demo for free.

Reminds me of highschool and the annual Battle of the bands.

We just announced this last Monday, the official Wacken Metal Battle Canada Line up for 2014 for Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, where one band out the over 100 bands selected will rule them all and play at Wacken Open Air 2014 in Germany this summer.
Here's the press release: http://ashermediarelations.com/2014/02/10/wacken-metal-battle-canada-announces-2014-battle-line-up-one-band-to-rule-them-all/
I want to let ya know about the Toronto Battle Qualifying dates March 8, 14, 21, 28, April 4, Semi final dates April 26, May 3, and June 7 for the National Final, which can all be read below.
I love to hear your feedback on media coverage of the events. We are looking for preview coverage, interviews with main WMBC organizer JJ Tartaglia, reviews of event, concert mentions, features on competing bands, airplay of competing bands, event listings, etc, and if you like to attend the events, please let me know and I will add you to the media list to check out the battles.
Please let me know your thoughts and what can be considered.

Wacken Metal Battle Canada 2014 Line Up:
Sat, March 8 @ Hard Luck772a Dundas St. W. Event Details
The Parallax
Sovereign Council
Psycho Mad Sally
Fri, March 14 @ Hard Luck, 772a Dundas St. W. Event Details
Our Covenant
The Fiction In Folklore
Fri, March 21 @ Rivoli, 334 Queen St W. - Event Details
Burning The Day
The Curse Within
Empyrean Plague
My Hollow
Fri, March 28 @ Hard Luck, 772a Dundas St. W. Event Details
Beg For Mercy
At Dawn’s Edge
Shattered Remains
Fri, April 4 @ Rivoli, 334 Queen St W. - Event Details
Shotgun Cure
The Blackcloud Syndicate
Dawn Vally
FINAL TRIGGER (Special Guest Headliner)
Toronto – Semi-Finals:
Sat, April 26 @ Hard Luck, 772a Dundas St. W. Event Details
Sat, May 3 @ Rivoli, 334 Queen St W.Event Details
National Final:
Sat, June 7 @ Opera House, 735 Queen St E.Event Details
Wacken Metal Battle Canada
Wacken Metal Battle Canada

Wacken Metal Battle Canada Announces 2014 Battle Line Up! One Band To Rule Them All!

“Aspiring thrashers looking for their big break may have just found it with the announcement of the second Wacken Metal Battle Canada contest. Like last year's inaugural edition, the battle of the bands-style contest will bring the hair-whipping victors onstage at the iconic Wacken Open Air fest in Germany.” – Exclaim!

“I must say Wacken Battle helped many bands get exposure, The Scene reviewed every show and took photos of all 39 bands. I’ll go see some of the bands I discovered, again.  It’ll be interesting to see what bands will compete in the Wacken Metal Battle next year.”– The Scene Magazine

“An event that highlights many Canadian metal indie bands.” – Metal Master Kingdom

“For those of you who aren’t metalheads, or who live under, say, a rock, Wacken Open Airis the largest, most acclaimed, revered, debaucherous metal festival on the globe. It’s taken place in Germany for the past 23 years, over the course of three days in a small town called…you guessed it! Wacken...I went in 2006, and I’ll never forget that crazy-ass experience!” – Montreal Music Scene

“After a long grueling battle that took 8 weeks and saw 39 amazing bands grace the stages of Katacombes (Montreal) Hard Luck Bar (Toronto), The Rivoli (Toronto) and The Opera house (Toronto),  Crimson Shadows were crowned kings to represent Canada at Wacken Open Air in Germany this summer.”– The Scene Magazine

“Every band gave a solid and strong performance, but in the end the victors of the night were none other than CRIMSON SHADOWS.  I know they will represent Canada, (and Toronto), with pride! Now, go give Germany and Wacken hell!” – Metal Master Kingdom

One band will rule them all! After reviewing over 400 submissions, Wacken Metal BattleCanada is proud to announce its selection of 103 independent Canadian metal bands to participate in this year's 2014 battle line up for Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. The bands will compete during the months of March, April and May in 22 qualifying rounds, 6 semi-finals, and anAlberta final along with the national final being held on June 7thin Toronto, ON atOpera House. One independent Canadian metal band will be chosen to represent the nation with highest honour at this year's 2014 international battle at the world’s most prestigious metal festival Wacken Open Air in Wacken, Germany.

The finals will have the following representation and will be judged along with all other rounds by a panel of music industry representatives.

1 finalist from Vancouver, BC
1 finalist from Alberta (Calgary & Edmonton will face off in Alberta final)
2 finalists from Toronto, ON
1 finalist from Montreal, QC

Last year's battle was witnessed to Toronto, ON's epic power/death metal band Crimson Shadows not only winning the 2013 Canadian final but conquering the international final and performing in front of thousands unknown to their behemoth sound. (Video of that champion set can be viewed here.) The band joined a list of Canadian heavyweights such as Voivod, Exciter, Razor, Annihilator, Anvil, Kataklysm, Cryptopsy, 3 Inches of Bloods, Despised Icon and Danko Jones who have performed at the festival in years past.

Submissions were open from December 5, 2013 to January 31, 2014.
Rules: http://metalbattle.ca/rules.html

Wacken Metal Battle Canada Promo Video: http://youtu.be/gQcxqsxchkQ

For more info on Metal Battle Canada, please visit these links:
Official Website: http://www.metalbattle.ca
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MetalBattleCanada
Twitter: @MetalBattleCAN
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/WackenMetalBattleCAN
For more info on Wacken Open Air, please visit http://www.wacken.com

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Wacken Metal Battle Canada 2014 Line Up:


Sat, March 8 @ Hard Luck, 772a Dundas St. W.- Event Details
The Parallax
Sovereign Council
Psycho Mad Sally

Fri, March 14 @ Hard Luck, 772a Dundas St. W.- Event Details
Our Covenant
The Fiction In Folklore

Fri, March 21 @ Rivoli, 334 Queen St W.- Event Details
Burning The Day
The Curse Within
Empyrean Plague
My Hollow

Fri, March 28 @ Hard Luck, 772a Dundas St. W.- Event Details
Beg For Mercy
At Dawn's Edge
Shattered Remains

Fri, April 4 @ Rivoli, 334 Queen St W.- Event Details
Shotgun Cure
The Blackcloud Syndicate
Dawn Vally
FINAL TRIGGER (Special Guest Headliner)

Toronto - Semi-Finals:
Sat, April 26 @ Hard Luck, 772a Dundas St. W.- Event Details
Sat, May 3 @ Rivoli, 334 Queen St W.- Event Details

National Final:
Sat, June 7 @ Opera House, 735 Queen St E.- Event Details


Sun, April 27 @ Katacombes, 1635 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Sudden Spawn
Eclipse Prophecy

Thur, May 1 @ Katacombes, 1635 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Chemical Way

Wed, May 14 @ Katacombes, 1635 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
The Catalyst
Forbidden Sin

Wed, May 21 @ Katacombes, 1635 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
Hidden Pride
Dark Century
Tunguska Mammoth

Montreal Semi-Final:
Wed, May 28 @ Katacombes, 1635 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Sat, Jan 25 @ The D, 222 7 St S.W.- Event Details
Shark Infested Daughters
Krepitus - WINNER
Zipgun Wisdom
Video - Calgary Battle One - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NU2_jT9elUI

Sat, March 1@ The D, 222 7 St S.W.- Event Details
Breed of War
False Flag

Sat, March 22@ The D, 222 7 St S.W.- Event Details
The Archon Prophecy
The Cadavor Dog
Morbidly Depraved
Vile Insignia
Hell Hounds

Sat, April 26@ The D, 222 7 St S.W.- Event Details
The Reckless Heroes
Black Pestilence

Fri, May 2@ The D, 222 7 St S.W.- Event Details
Train Bigger Monkeys
Burning Effigy
Exit Strategy
Every Hour Kills

Calgary Semi-Final:
Sat, May 3@ Lord Nelson's Pub, 1020 8 Ave SW.- Event Details

Alberta Final:
Fri, May 23@ Dicken's Pub, 1000 9 Ave SW.- Event Details

Wed, March 5 @ Pawn Shop Live, 10551 82 Ave NW.
Bring Us Your Dead
These Colors Don't Run
With Malice

Wed, March 19 @ Pawn Shop Live, 10551 82 Ave NW.
Black XIII
Death Assembly
Display of Decay
Arrival of Autumn

Wed, April 2 @ Pawn Shop Live, 10551 82 Ave NW.
Earth's Ashes
Eye of Horus
This is War

Wed, April 23 @ Pawn Shop Live, 10551 82 Ave NW.
Death Toll Rising
Ides of Winter

Edmonton Semi- Final:
Wed, May 7 @ Pawn Shop Live, 10551 82 Ave NW.

Alberta Final:
Fri, May 23@ Dicken's Pub, 1000 9 Ave SW., Calgary, AB- Event Details

Wed, March 5@ Red Room Ultra Bar, 398 Richards St.- Event Details
Dead Asylum
Without Mercy

Wed, March 12 @ Fortune Sound Club, 147 E Pender St.- Event Details
Celestial Ruin
Hallowed Catharsis
Witch of The Waste
The Fifth Circle

Wed, March 19@ Red Room Ultra Bar, 398 Richards St.- Event Details
Lethal Halo
Over The Coals

Sun, March 30@ Venue Night Club, 881 Granville St.- Event Details
Neck of the Woods
88 Mile Trip
Unleash The Archers

Vancouver Semi-Final:
Sat, May 3 @ Rickshaw Theatre, 254 E. Hastings St.- Event Details
Special Guest Headliners: Mitochondrion and Aevangelist
To stream or download these materials, follow this link:

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

One of my fave Canadian female wrestlers, Nicole Matthews !

Here's an article that was posted last month from a website I previously shared, that featured TYRANT'S BLOOD.

She is one half of  The Canadian NINJAs tagteam (Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews).

In case ABORT's website or the particular page can not be viewed over there, here it is below-


Editorial: Nicole Matthews – Beauty and the Brawn

Since debuting in 2006. Nicole Matthews has been internationally regarded as one of the top female wrestlers in the world regularly earning a spot in the esteemed journal Pro Wrestling Illustrated on their annual list of the top 50 female wrestlers. Matthews could have easily pursued her trade in the top wrestling companies on the continent, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) or Total Nonstop Action (TNA), but instead chose to stay closer to home, where she regularly appears for Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (ECCW). She and her partner, Andy “The Dreadful Bird”, are set to fight for the ECCW Tag Team Championship, currently held by The Bollywood Boyz in a three team dance at Ballroom Brawl, which happens on January 18th at 7 pm at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver.

After spending her youth watching wrestling, Matthews was trained by some of the top wrestlers in the Northwest, one of them goes by the name Scotty Mac. Mac recalls that there was something about her that made her stand out from the others. “I saw her athletic ability and potential when she was training,” Mac says. “I didn’t know she had the “strong style bitch” character in her, though. Nicole comes off as a strong and independent woman that the fans can really get behind…or hate, if that’s what she wants.”

In 2005, Nicole wanted to be hated, teaming up with Sid Sylum, someone she knew before even before training. “We knew each other as fans at ECCW when we were teens and we trained together, so we had a really good friendship.” Nicole recalls. the duo ignited audiences everywhere with their cheating tactics. “It it was some of the most fun I had in wrestling. We had a lot of fun being goofballs every night” Sylum says now. Matthews agrees with Sylum about the team’s energy. “When you get to bullshit and team with someone you like out there, it’s that much more fun.” Soon after, other wrestling companies took notice of this upstart young female wrestler, and then shortly after, she was getting booked across North America, and then the world. Most notably, Matthews has held the tag team championship twice from SHIMMER, the top females-only wrestling federation in the world, with fellow Canadian Portia Portez.

Despite her international success, Matthews is quite happy in Vancouver. I asked her, if she ever gets frustrated over not getting pegged by the bigger federations. “To get ‘the call’, you have to really put the effort in making them notice you by constantly sending in promo videos, pictures, etc.” She says. “I honestly haven’t made that effort, so I’m certainly not shocked I haven’t been called. If I would make the effort, then yes, I would be frustrated. But at this point, if I were upset about not having a job with either WWE or TNA, I would have no one to blame but myself. I’m quite content with my life.” The Pacific Northwest though, is not overflowing with female wrestlers for her to wrestle. Matthews over the last little while has been wrestling the men.

“I personally just like wrestling talented people. I don’t mind wrestling less developed or less experienced women to help them out, but it does get a little boring to have basic matches all the time. I think if I was a less competitive person, or that if I wasn’t super self critical and always needing to improve, I would be alright wrestling the same three girls over and over. My goal has always been to be the best, male or female. I want people to watch and say I’m a good wrestling, not that I’m a good women wrestler.” All that being said, I don’t judge women wrestlers who aren’t into the inter gender scene. My somewhat big and obnoxious personality, my size and my style of wrestling gives me the opportunity to do what I do, and not all girl wrestlers have those qualities.”

Her efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. “ I love watching Nicole Matthews wrestling the men in the ring because she’s not your stereotypical women’s wrestler.” longtime ECCW fan Tom Pavlovic says. “She strives to break down the barriers associated with women’s wrestling and carves her own path in this business.” Another fan, Steve Harbord is more direct with his comments. “She’s the best female around here and she can hold her own against the guys so I am all for it.”

“Plus, she’s hot.”

The next stop for Matthews is the Commodore Ballroom for “Ballroom Brawl”, the first ever sporting event held at the legendary Granville street venue. The enormity of this opportunity isn’t wasted on Matthews. “I expect ECCW to put on the best show it ever has. It is incredible that we get to perform at the Commodore. I honestly cannot even put into words what it means to me. It’s an awesome opportunity for ECCW to expand. Most indy companies don’t get to do something as cool as this. There are very few buildings with the atmosphere the Commodore has, and I can’t wait for ECCW to add to that with our uniqueness and talent.”

For more information about Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling, Ballroom Brawl and other upcoming dates, visit eccw.com 

Tickets for Ballroom Brawl can be purchased online at ticketmaster.com

By Bill Taylor

Copyright © 2004-2014 ABORT Magazine. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction of this publication, in whole or in part, in any form or medium without express written permission from Abort Media Publishing Corporation (AMP Corp.) is prohibited. All use is subject to our Terms of Use.
Jan 16, 2014 at 8:07am

Nicole's releasing a new shirt with this on it, which will debut on Saturday at ECCW's sold out show at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver. Hopefully that shirt makes it to New Orleans and Berwyn.

Nicole is flipping Australian wrestler Kellie Skater
found more info relationg to this CLASH Lp looking t-shirt.
 https://twitter.com/nmatthewsninjaNicole Matthews ?@nmatthewsninja 
Jan 23
If you are interested in ordering a t-shirt, please email me at nicole.matthews.wrestling@gmail.com