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Remember these five words.
This will save you in many cases.
You can be held for what seems like days and possibly be (physically and mentally) abused by the cops, but DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM other than,
even if they stop at your door and ask questions, DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS,
The police have stolen from my personal belongings in the past and I wonder if those items will appear in a future crime scene!

Regent Law Professor James Duane
This blogspot is aimed at spreading music made by Toronto-area, Ontario, and Canadian bands
I delete emails with "The material is watermarked".
email can be sent to:

Tuesday, December 23, 2014



Check these out, thanks to Skar for sending it in !
Recognize the artwork?

In case Mr.Read ever sees this blog,
I am pretty sure they played more songs at Ildiko's in 1987/1988 that still have not been released.

Death Militia - You Can't Kill What's Already Dead-An Anthology 1985-1988 (2007 CD) 
1 hour 16 minutes 56 seconds

TO SERVE & PROTECT (1987) demo tape
1. Beneath the crosses (4:27)
2. The family (5:08)
3. Forgive me father (5:58)
4. Killing time (3:56)
5. On the eighth day (5:35)

ONE DAY CLOSER TO HELL (1988) demo tape
6. Does he live today (5:08)
7. Begin the last rites (6:07)

rehearsal 1987 (unheard recording until this release)
8. The unknown epic (7:40)

rehearsal 1988  (unheard recordings until this release)
9. The future in question (6:56)
10. The family intro (1:53)
11. Rocket's red glare (4:58)

ONSLAUGHT OF DEATH (1985) demo tape
12. Onslaught of death (5:37)
13. Death militia (3:02)
14. Trial by fire (4:18)
15. In cold blood (6:13)

NOTE:The missing '85 demo song "Feel The Pain" was included instead on the 7" single, since Dave ran out of room on the CD it looks like!

all tracks remastered.

@ wma 128

(none of my media players can find this from the CDDB plug-in/site and auto-tag if I ripped my CD, so here's an old rip from a CD-R trade I got many years ago from Steve Mac The Knife doing it Brampton style)


Death Militia - Live at the DMZ, Toronto, 1985

originally posted on Friday, January 22, 2010 

33 minutes 13 seconds

01 - Wrath (4:14)
02 - Onslaught Of Death (5:13)
03 - Feeling The Pain (3:08)
04 - Trial By Fire (6:10)
05 - In Cold Blood (4:33)
06 - State Violence State Control (2:52) DISCHARGE cover song
07 - Death Militia (3:28)
08 - Nuclear Devastation (3:35)
@ 320 kbps

Lineup was probably the same as on the ONSLAUGHT OF DEATH (1985) demo.



Death Militia - Noise Agony Mayhem 7 inch single

originally posted on Thursday, March 11, 2010 


Death Militia - Noise Agony Mayhem 7 inch single (2007)

5 minutes 54 seconds

1. Death Militia (3:02)
2. Feel The Pain (2:52)(both originally appeared on 1985 rehearsal demo" Onslaught of Death")

@192 kbps
 scans included
(can't find the 224 kbps rip)

Monday, December 15, 2014

world gone to hell in a handbasket

Megiddo / Rampage - Apocalyptic Raids 2001 CE split 12" LP

$15.00 U.S. + shipping

 almost sold out! these last copies came from Lord Vic's remaining stock I believe

the Ol'Piley cartoon

Posted  Monday, December 15, 2014

How many of you have seen this great cartoon?
The pilot was done I think, but nobody wanted to pick it up for television??
Ridiculous when I know there are a LOT of cartoon shows on the air that are NOT entertaining.

I guess TV is just like major record labels and the movie industry - it's who you know or who you blow if you want to become famous?

The Exalted Piledriver - Metal Manifesto CD is available again.
Marquee Records (of Brazil) pressing.
Includes the original 12 tracks plus six demo tracks.
Better CD booklet layout too, as all lyrics printed in English this time (and not the stupid satanic fonts).



 Exalted Piledriver commented on a link.
Hails, My Minions of the Metal Inquisition! It's me! Ol'Piley!!!
Someone's wrong on this here sales-pitch page, and I'm gonna set it right...you need to know the TRUTH about METAL MANIFESTO, and the text they've used to supposedly describe me and this great album...
Before going on to the fact corrections... it should be pointed out that this re-issue has 16pages of all new great artwork, all the lyrics, tons of pictures, great center page poster and SIX bonus tracks.. a really nice package compared to the original release, really!
Ok.. now.. FACTS:

1) Third Piledriver album WAS recorded.. was called "Shock". Record Label asshole fucked Piledriver, so Pile left the label changed a bunch of the lyrics and re-used the same songs for his new band Dogs With Jobs' album Shock.

2) Band name was not because of contractual issues.. was because while I was gone from the scene, many bands named themselves Piledriver, and instead of trying to fight a whole lot of probably really nice people, I thought to just take 'the exalted' from the lyric of my name-song and stick it there so everyone knows which one is the the EXALTED Piledriver, not just some plain Piledriver like all the others. THAT's why the name changed.

3)There is ONE old song not recorded before, Battle Axe. There is one song that was one of the Shock songs lyrics to be changed back from a DWJ song into a Piledriver song specially for this album. All other songs on Metal Manifesto are new, although they sound like they could have been recorded in 1990. That's Ol'Piley for ya!! Happily, the bonus tracks are properly described. Good job, gang!!!
Keep a lookout this coming year for our new album.. "Humans Suck".. we're working on it right now, heh heh heh! It will eat you all.
DON'T FORGET TO ORDER THE METAL MANIFESTO BEFORE LEAVING THE PAGE!!! That way the Metal Store gets to keep it all open and able to provide quality metal for all you maniacs, and also makes our label Marquee able to keep making ours and other bands albums are able to get out to you guys.. it all works when it works like it does when it works, or it simply doesn't work.
So work it.
Till then, Rawk ON my minions,
Ol'Piley Exalted Piledriver

Friday, December 12, 2014

Exodus 1985-08-15

EXODUS at Larry's in 1985,with Metallic Assault zine editors -
Glenn Salter (top middle, above Paul Baloff - Vocals)  and, Derek Emerson (top right, over Gary Holt - Guitars).
Photo credit: Rita Laberto of Photo-drome zine

Exodus 1985-08-15 at Larry's Hideaway - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
August 15, 1985
audience recording
1 hour 24 minutes 22 seconds

1. Line-Check(0:48)
2. Bonded By Blood (4:28)
3. Exodus (5:45)
4. And Then There Were None (6:10)
5. Hell's Breath (4:12)
6. Pleasures Of The Flesh (8:22)
7. A Lesson In Violence (5:24)
8. Deliver Us To Evil (Incl. Rick Hunolt Guitar Solo) (11:07)
9. No Love (6:44)
10. Piranha (4:14)
11. Gary Holt Guitar Solo (4:22)
12. Strike Of The Beast (4:33)
13. Encore Break (2:54)
14. Metal Command (8:17)
15. Impaler (7:02)

@128Thanks to the original uploaders !

Thanks to the original uploader !


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sudden Impact - Sacrifice - Live concert video - 1988/11/18

Awhile ago, Tony Crosgrey posted on facebook, a link to the Sudden Impact / Sacrifice / Anvil concert, I guess from his channel? I don't see the Anvil portion though, so go search for it yourself.. Maybe I linked it before from Maddog's Youtube channel...
I think this is the same Tony from Peterborough,Ontario, in the late 1980s who had a gore video review fanzine, and was in one of Ontario's first, or it was THE VERY FIRST Ontario grindcore band, THE MOSHED POTATOES  .
(Still have not seen anybody post that demo online).

RAZOR was advertised to play this concert, but then pulled out when they learned that were opening for Sacrifice (who were more popular at the time due to their "Re-animation" video).
Word was spread that they felt they had been around longer and should not have to be an opening act anymore.

I remember hearing EXCITER also had that same attitude back then, that they had been around a long time, and would not play Toronto if they weren't offered enough money and good slots.
Just telling you what the rumor mill was back then from what I heard from friends hanging around The Record Peddler, so these are not facts.

Sudden Impact were a quick fill-in, and I know a lot of thrashers like me that seen them play previously at clubs like Ildiko's were happy with that choice.
Unfortunately, the RAZOR fans that were NOT told / did not find out about the substitution before arriving and paying to get in, were pretty pissed off and took their anger out yelling at  SUDDEN IMPACT.
What a bummer that was, but the band played PERFECTLY as always, so there, nyah!

GIGANTIC HUMUNGOUS SUPER DUPER THANKS to the cameraman and uploader of these rare videos !!!

"Thrash Attack 88" The Concert Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
filmed by: Dead City Photography
Sudden Impact - Live - 1988/11/18 - Part 1of2

Sudden Impact - Live - 1988/11/18 - Part 2of2

Sacrifice - Live - 1988/11/18

Sacrifice - Live - 1988/11/18 - Part 2of3

Sacrifice - Live - 1988/11/18 - Part 3of3 - Backstage


There WAS an advertisement that Sudden Impact played this concert.

Maybe it was in printed the Toronto Sun newspaper's entertainment section on the same day ?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

HAGGATH / VISIBLE MINORITY promoted City TV Movies! in the 80s

 Derek Emerson 
Nov 22 (3 days ago)
Totally forgot this happened ... just came across this super short 1986 snippet of Paul (singer) and Reno (guitarist) from HAGGATH / VISIBLE MINORITY on City TV!  Ha.

Also I can't get this AC/DC cover version out of my head...

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Protokult 2014-12-31 A Metal Years Eve in Oshawa, Ontario

might as well plug Rick Warren's other show I noticed.
I don't know him, but he seems dedicated to underground extreme metal, especially death metal and black metal.

This is sooner than New Year's Eve -
November 28 - November 29
Warlord Promotions returns with part II of The Great Southern Trend KIll


Backlash 8-8:45 pm
Vengency 9-9:45 pm
Nonexistent 10-10:45 pm
Pagan Ritual 11-12:00 am
Dead3Days 12:15-1:15 am

here is PLENTY of advance notice to plan for attending this concert -
2014-12-31 Warlord Promotions & The Atria Proudly Present A Metal Years Eve
2014-12-31 Warlord Promotions & The Atria Proudly Present A Metal Years Eve
Opening band tba
Fallen Legion

$5.00 19+ must have Valid ID

People making the trip from Sudbury Only have to pay $3.00 at the door for the show.

The Atria  www.theatria.ca/ 

Cocktail Lounge & Eatery. 59 King St. E. Oshawa, ON, L1H 1B4. 



Thursday, November 13, 2014

War on Music Records - sale during NOVEMBER 2014



*(Boxsets Excepted, Sorry!)
- 10% Off All Regular Vinyl
- Reduced shipping rates on all orders

Winter is coming. Time to stock up. 27 Days and counting...

Friday, November 7, 2014

Choices, choices on Nov.15th, 2014 - Protokult OR Raven !

The Barbarian Kegger
Sat, November 15th
May Cafe
876 Dundas St. West, Toronto

 'No Beer In Heaven' Album Stream
Youtube 'No Beer In Heaven' Album Stream
Get Me A Beer! - Music Vide
Lyric Video – Get Me A Beer!

PROTOKULT are proud to announce prior to their upcoming performance for this year's first ever Metal Divas Fest in Toronto, ON at the Bovine Sex Club on November 29th. The beer drinking progressive folk metallers will be playing an acoustic set at The Barbarian Kegger on November 15th at the May Cafe to aid in the fundraising efforts for the Northern Ontario Permaculture Enthusiast Society. Tickets and show info can be found here.

"After disrupting a few house parties and bonfires, we've come to the conclusion that plenty of the Protokult material works acoustically. As a result, we've decided to perform a few select acoustic shows this fall/winter. That's right folks, no distortion to mask our fuck-ups, no hauling of gear and plenty more beer! What you will witness is the Kult in their raw, stripped down, purest form "blushes"....suddenly, we feel rather exposed. Minimal. Festive. Drunk and dark. Stay posted for dates and expect some classic renditions of previously released songs, some new ones and even the odd wacky, traditional retro covers!" comments guitarist / vocalist Martin Drozd

   The Eastern European transplants now residing in Toronto, ON released their sophomore album 'No Beer In Heaven' on August 8th with their single 'Get Me A Beer!' pleasing beer fans around the globe. This follow up to 2011’s ‘Marzena’ EP and 2009’s debut ‘Ancestral Anthems’ has a beauty and the beast-like contrast between Ekaterina’s haunting vocals and the band’s metal onslaught, the album captures the reformed quintet at an all-time high, showcasing an impressive palette of twelve entirely new compositions, and straps the listener on an adventurous, heavy and experimental trek, diving into themes of drinking, history and human endeavor. The band unites their diverse cultures into one sound, balancing tradition and folklore with heavy, thrash and black metal for headbangers everywhere. 

Upcoming dates:
November 15 - Toronto, ON - May Cafe w/ The Barbarian Kegger w/ Into Oblivion, DJ Wurm

November 29 - Toronto, ON - Bovine Sex Club w/ Metal Divas Fest w/ Marchenbilder, At Dawn's Edge, Psychos Mad Sally

December 6 - St. Catharines, ON - Mikado Lounge w/ Skull Fist, Last Scattering, Manacle


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dave Mcleod (ex-Armed & Hammered)

I don't have a pic or logo for this demo

David Mcleod (ex-Armed & Hammered) - jan 2012 rough demos
9 minutes 16 seconds

1. (2011 DEMO) NEW4 (2:28)
2. carlyscarcass (1:42)
3. DaveMetal (1:20)
4. discostew (2:12)
5. hammerhawk02 (1:34)

Here's five very brief instrumentals for songs this guitarist was working on before 2012..
Maybe I am not supposed to share these, but here they are!

Hardcore Dave has been in a bunch of bands, like The BFG's (Bunchofuckingoofs), N.F.B. (Nunoyerfuckinbizznizz), etc.,  but unsure if anything was released with him besides the Armed and Hammered demo tape, from around 1990 ?
No idea what he has been up to for the last couple years, but the guy always makes simple and catchy metallic hc/punk riffs.

I dig that some of this reminds me of old Malhavoc.

Razor.. Larry's Hideaway ..

originally posted Sunday February 6,2011

In case you missed it, there WAS a live Discharge recording from Larry's over on the LOCKJAW site.

EDIT: The mighty, manly, merry, tapetrading, sharing, all around cool dude - Strad from IMPALER, has also uploaded on LOCKJAW :

Razor - Larry’s Hideaway Toronto ON Oct 27 1984

Found another setlist of a tape I am missing.
(it was a pretty decent-good audience recording, and definitely was better sounding than that Evil Invaders Alive bootleg)

RAZOR setlist
at Larry's Hideaway, Toronto, Autumn 1985

this date is possibly October 19th, 1985

the concert after filming all day long for the "Evil Invaders" music video

Iron Hammer-Cross me Fool
Legacy Of Doom
City Of Damnation
Cut Throat-drum solo-Speed Merchants
Escape The Fire
Hot Metal-Tortured Skull
Instant Death
(Sheepdog says something like 'I guess you're all sick of hearing this song all day long, but we're gonna play it one more time')
Evil Invaders
March Of Death
Thrashdance-Take This Torch
Nowhere Fast
Heavy Metal Attack.


This is the best quality version of the video since seeing it originally broadcast.
Thanks to


originally posted Tuesday March 201, 2012

You damn bootleggers are shit out of luck in JUNE!!
War On Music RULES!!!


Razor A&D LP reissue will be announced very soon, it has been delayed but is in production now. Watch for a June release, Thanks

www.waronmusic.com "


RAZOR live bootleg

RAZOR 1985-05-10 Toronto Friday,May 10th,1985 ''The Evil Invaders Alive'' 
50 minutes 10 seconds

1.Legacy Of Doom (4:50)
2.Time Bomb  (4:06)
3.Escape The Fire  (3:26)
4.Speed Merchants (4:03)
5.Evil Invaders (3:54)
6.City Of Damnation  (3:44)
7.Take This Torch  (2:49)
8.Cut Throat (4:30)
9.March Of Death (3:55)
10.Torture Skull (5:00)
Bonus Tracks From Demo '84
11.Take This Torch  (3:17)
12.Fast & Loud (4:14)
13.Hot Metal (2:22)

(1984 demo?? They must mean the debut mini-LP Armed & Dangerous)
Razor 1985-05-10 Toronto Friday,May 10th,1985 (320 kbps) 
clearer,but missing last song
from different source
35 minutes 4 seconds

1. Razor - (4:55)
2. Razor - (3:42)
3. Razor - (3:42)
4. Razor - (3:57)
5. Razor - (4:15)
6. Razor - (3:31)
7. Razor - (2:57)
8. Razor - (4:06)
9. Razor - (3:59)

I was asked to upload this, as the disc that somebody owns doesn't work in any CD players.

Thanks to Steve from the crossover/thrash metal band Spewgore  for the 'The Evil Invaders Alive''

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Unsettled weather pattern across southern and central Ontario for Halloween

Snow is coming! Five things you need to know

Unsettled weather pattern across southern and central Ontario for Halloween


Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter
Thursday, October 30, 2014, 6:35 PM - A low pressure system is threatening to bring up to 15 cm of snow to parts of Ontario between Thursday and Saturday. Here are five things you need to know

1. Rain for the GTA, snow elsewhere
"While rain is primarily on tap for the GTA, widespread snow is in the forecast for regions east of Lake Superior and northeast of Georgian Bay," says Weather Network meteorologist Brett Solderholm.
That includes the Nickel Belt, which could get up to 15 cm of snow by the time all is said and done.
2. Timing
The system is expected to remain in the province from Thursday night to Saturday morning, with the height of the storm occurring Friday.
"Snow will being to fall during the pre-dawn hours Friday for Sudbury and gradually taper off during the afternoon," Solderholm says.
3. Accumulation
  • West of Sudbury and eastward to North Bay: 5-10 cm of snow
  • Lake Nippissing (including Sundridge and east toward Algonquin Park): 10-15 cm of snow
  • Bracebridge towards Barrie: Less than 5 cm of snow
  • Near Orangeville (in higher elevations): 2-4 cm of snow
Parts of the GTA may see less than a centimetre of snow.

4. Wind
"Strong winds are expected to build throughout Friday afternoon across much of southern and central Ontario, leading to particularly gusty conditions along the eastern shores of Lake Huron and the Georgian Bay," Solderholm says.
Gusts up to 80 km/h in this region are expected.
5. Forecast confidence
While there's moderate confidence some areas will see accumulating snowfall, there remains some uncertainty in the exact snowfall totals.
"Marginal temperatures could result in a few centimetres of deviation," Solderholm says.
Current models suggest the highest accumulation is expected between Huntsville and North Bay.
  • Krissy Vann will be heading to Sudbury to cover this system as it rolls in Friday.
  • Chris Dawson will be reporting from North Bay Friday and Saturday.
  • Mike Arsenault will be covering the trick-or-treating hours in Port Perry and the GTA.
We will be live-streaming our coverage of this system online and on mobile. A link will be provided on Ontario city pages once the stream is running.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Can't Close Your Eyes - video zine

bands who have been playing the Toronto/Hamilton area over the last couple of months.
Bands featured:
Black Baron
Home Invasion
Burn Victim
Born Wrong
Filmed by:Ethan Hibionada
Additional filming:
Micheal Salvador de Sousa
Arina Moiseychenko
Logo by:Lia Lepre


all Ontario bands from punk to hardcore. We also take a look at the Toronto Hardcore Locals Only shows which took place over the summer.
0:00 Fucked Up
3:35 Introduction
4:00 Wild Side
5:46 Zero
7:03 Guitar Smash
7:21 Flesh Rag
9:40 Chained to Pleasure
10:11 TOHC - Interview (Part 1)
11:10 TOHC - The Frags
12:46 TOHC - Interview (Part 2)
13:07 TOHC - Conundrum
15:00 TOHC - Interview (Part 3)
15:43 S.H.I.T. / Credits

Thanks to https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hammer-City-Records/144221478929997
for the info/link on their facebook page.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Treblinka (Quebec) - 1987 Demo

Treblinka (Quebec) - (1987) Trial of War [Demo] @128

29 minutes 56 seconds

1. Nuclear Hell (5:18)
2. Wings of Omen (3:49)
3. Trial of War (3:34)
4. Assault (6:30)
5. Treblinka (4:28)
6. Acid Death (6:17)

Thanks to the original uploader !

Domestic Violence mp3's

 some tracks off :DOMESTIC VIOLENCE -  Better You Than Me (1991)
9 minutes 53 seconds

1. Sick'O'Path (1:39)
2. Trouble With Being A Middleast Madman (2:02)
3. No Solution (2:33)
4. Frontal Lobotomy Blues (1:44)
5. Hate Groups (1:55)

@ 128 kbps - Download

missing is "Balance Of Power" off  MySpace (and like 10 more songs off the tape???)

I grabbed these shitty sounding mp3's off MySpace, and had a difficult time.
They sound  a million times better if you go to the page and listen there -

The program I used years ago, to download audio from any website, has not yet been reinstalled yet, since I had to delete everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, off my computer a few times.

earlier this year I hoped that their tape might come up for sale on eBay or somebody would upload it all. 
Still hoping.
The hardcore / punky beats and riffs are neat, mixed with growled hardcore and death metal vocals.

Can't remember if it was on EPIDEMIC RECORDS run by (ex-SLAUGHTER drummer) Ron Sumners.
Just because it isn't listed on Discogs, does not mean it didn't.
Hopefully somebody from Ajax/Pickering reads this and enlightens us.

I keep wondering... one of their guitarists had long brown or dark red hair and wore eyeglasses, and when I seen a Hamilton band named GNARLY SKULL around 5 years ago, I thought it was the same guy!

Monday, October 27, 2014

EXCITER's Dan Beehler, BROOKLYN MILITIA's Joe Cangelosi On The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show

In case some of you missed it.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 800 x 600)Image

Zoom in (real dimensions: 800 x 600)Image
2014, October 12
In his first radio interview since reuniting with the original lineup, Exciter's Dan Beehler calls in to The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show with Mike 'The Big Cheese'
http://bravewords.com/news/exciters-dan ... his-sunday
Listen at:
http://www.blogtalkradio.com/heavy-meta ... yn-militia
128 kbps

Sunday nights at 6 PM, EST -
listen to The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show with Mike 'The Big Cheese'.

Tour Dates
March 13, 2015-Defenders Of The Old Festival @ The Bell House - Brooklyn, NY
March 14, 2015-Defenders Of The Old Festival @ The Bell House - Brooklyn, NY
April 24, 2015-Keep It True Festival - Tauberfrankenhalle Lauda, Germany
April 25, 2015-Keep It True Festival - Tauberfrankenhalle Lauda, Germany
June 3 - 6, 2015-Sweden Rock Festival - Solvesborg, Sweden
July 16 - 18, 2015-Bang Your Head Festival - Balingen, Germany

Original EXCITER Lineup Reunites
April 10, 2014
http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/origin ... zsOVcHH.99

Friday, October 24, 2014

Galy Records

a reminder of this excellent distro and record label.

Galy Records in Quebec is selling a lot of CD's for CHEAP !



They have always been good and supportive of the metal underground scene, inexpensive, and when you order, sometimes they throw in free extras.

I probably still haven't listened to every thing I bought (and all the extras) from last year!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

L'évolution du métal québécois

DO you speak / read French ? I don't. Fuck me. Now I wish I could.
There is a book in conjunction with a boxset of classic 1980s Quebec demo cassette tape re-releases.
Since I have a few of what I really want out of these, on CD / vinyl, guess I will pass on the boxset.
Voivod “No Speed Limit – Iron Gang Fanclub Live Demo”
Voor “Evil Metal 1985”
Aggression “Demo #1 1987”
Outrage “Buried Pieces 1984-1986 Demos”
Soothsayer “To Be a Real Terrorist”
Treblinka “Trials of War 1987”
Vensor “Thrash Till Death 1987”
Obliveon “Whimsical Uproar 1987”

This tape boxset was organized by Annick Giroux (Cauchemar, Morbid Tales Zine, Hellbent for Cooking book, etc.) in conjunction with the book "L'Évolution du Métal Québecois", which is coming out in October 2014.

Morbid Tales zine
Buy from
Info: https://www.facebook.com/histoiremetalqc

in English

Congratulations Nicole Matthews!

Congratulations to Nicole Matthews (Canada) for winning the SHIMMER Championship !
(even if she is kind of freaky and wears pieces of metal pinned into her face).

Champion Nicole Matthews (Canada)-SHIMMER 9th Anniversary Weekend Oct.18 & 19,2014 in Berwyn, IL., USA
Date won-October 18, 2014  
Previous Champion-Cheerleader Melissa


Cool review here at following link - can't wait until the DVD is released!
and see

read an excellent review of the match at

Sundecay debut gig - Friday, 24 October, 2014, at The Bovine Sex Club

they're doing their first live gig at the Bovine (opening for a jewish / Iron Maiden tribute band).  
They will have their 12" for sale as well as t-shirts (with new logo).
Thanks Derek for letting us know!

Friday, Oct 24th, 2014
Bovine Sex Club 
542 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON
M5V 2B5
(telephone number): 416-504-4239

Iron Menorah
Conan & the Romantyks

speaking of concerts -
I have filmed some stuff in the past.
Like http://torontothrash.blogspot.ca/2013/10/ontario-death-fest-2-this-sat-oct-12th.html
Keegan copied the footage from me as I thought he would want to release it as audio/video bootlegs on the SkullFuckinMetal label, but it doesn't appear so.
Don't know if he still runs the distro.
will upload some of that soon.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Terminated Rite (Orangeville,ON) - The Rite To Die (1987 Demo)

The Rite To Die (1987 Demo)
23 minutes 33 seconds
1. Rest In Pieces (2:47)
2. Ravager (2:57)
3. Beserkir Rage (5:37)
4. Obssession (3:46)
5. Deicide (4:39)
6. Dark Horses (3:47)

@ 160 MEGA

Yay! I finally get to hear this demo tape!
Thanks to Tagir for the original upload, and schmygel for the re-upload.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

ACCURSED SPAWN Release Drum Webisode From PUTRID Recording Sessions

Published on Oct 7, 2014
Studio update from the drum sessions for Putrid. Recorded at Serrated Studios.
Pre-order the Putrid EP: http://accursedspawn.bigcartel.com/

Canadian Violent Death Metal outfit ACCURSED SPAWN has released a webisode from the drum recording sessions for their upcoming EP, 'PUTRID'.

Jay Cross (drums) commented on the video, “We had some footage laying around from the PUTRID drum recordings so Luke [vocals] and I decided to edit it together and post it up on YouTube. Half the material is the standard drum recording stuff, and the other half gives people a flavor for what recording with us is actually like. In other words, empty beer bottles and stupid jokes. We're a pretty deep band.”

PUTRID will be independently released on October 28th, marking the bands second EP since 2012's Engendering a Sociopath. Early reviews have pegged it as the Accursed Spawn's strongest recording to date, packing a powerful punch reminiscent of early releases from bands like Cryptopsy, Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation.

For more info, please visit the following links:
Cool video with some parts that made me laugh out loud for real .

I downloaded all their music , and I am glad I listened to this newest release first, as I don't like the way the drums were miked  / recorded on Accursed Spawn's debut demo "Dismember The Informant" (2010). It had that gawd awful pingy noise that have plagued too many other good bands, eg. AXIS OF ADVANCE, and ADVERSARIAL.

Accursed Spawn will be performing next at Montreal's Metal Academie on October 22nd, as well as the second instalment of Ottawa's Extreme Halloween on November 1st.

Raven / Night Demon / Razorwire / Manacle - November 15

    Saturday, November 15
    at 9:00pm
    Hard Luck Bar
    772a Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario

Raven https://www.facebook.com/pages/Raven/137886919586598

Night Demon https://www.facebook.com/nightdemonband
Razorwire https://www.facebook.com/RazorwireCanada
Manacle https://www.facebook.com/manaclemetal

19+ Event
16.50$ adv.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

SACRIFICE - tshirts

They are polling fans if they want to buy a t-shirt, with old or new designs.

You have to be on facebook and request to join the group if you want to order a shirt,
as they have to confirm who you are and how many they need to make.


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Accursed Spawn are going to kill you !

Just got an email notice from Jon Asher. (and  I actually read it this time too!)
I recognized the band name, (they formed in 2010), so....
Without having a coffee just yet, I imagined it might be dull and another useless band playing technical wanking death metal ...

but, no, it isn't that at all..
it is...
Accursed Spawn !

from Ottawa, Ontario
the lineup is -
Paul - Lead Guitar
Adam - Lead Guitar (who was in an okay thrash metal band a few years before, but I won't name them, just in case somebody gets prejudiced about that)
Luke - Vocals
Mikael - Bass
Jay - Drums

Press statement reads -
" If you're a fan of Cannibal Corpse, Decapitated, Suffocation, Obituary, Deicide, Naplalm Death, Vital Remains ..."

Well, yeah. This band GETS IT ! Old School Death Metal - style !
None of the flashy, weak, mellow, jizz jazz crap that has masqueraded as death metal.

This has that heavy, back to the basics feel and pounding production.
definitely for fans of the debut albums by DEICIDE, HELLWITCH, and CANNIBAL CORPSE

With the weather finally cooling off, it's heavy, raging bands like this, ACCURSED SPAWN that make you want to wear your denim or leather jacket with their logo drawn on it.



First single - Burned Into Sterility - http://youtu.be/pFqj8Xg7PLk
Burned into Sterility (single) - FREE DOWNLOAD
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/accursed-spawn/burned-into-sterility
Bandcamp: http://accursedspawn.bandcamp.com/
Ottawa Death Metallers ACCURSED SPAWN New EP 'Putrid' Out October 28th

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Worldwide Merch Store: