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The police have stolen from my personal belongings in the past and I wonder if those items will appear in a future crime scene!

Regent Law Professor James Duane
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


MANACLE is a new, raw, thrash metal band formed by guitarist Inti of  http://hardandheavyreviews.blogspot.ca/

There is just the raw rehearsal tape so far, but sounds pretty good to me. Depends on your copy, but some that are made, get bonus tracks! (It doesn't sound like mine did, just the two, but that is ok. They just better make sure to tack on ALL of their recordings on the B-side of a future demo or live/reh tape!!)

They posted a couple months ago they were seeking a lead singer or something, but they sound fine to me the way they are, just have to practice more with playing and singing at the same time (I can't do it, but it seems everybody else can).

Inti said, MANACLE, at the end of December, are going to be recording a proper demo, about 5 songs maybe, so contact them now if you want to buy a tape before they decide like almost every band says that they don't like it anymore and have become better.


here's another band (crossover thrash metal) that will be on the Hard and Heavy Records label with a demo tape/cassette album any day (maybe it is already?)

Wesley Crusher

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Oh boy! I am talking again about some dirty sounding thrash metal - DURVASAG

DURVASAG - The Doors Pub. Hamilton, ON. Friday.Dec.6.2013

Here you go, the young underdogs of the local scene opened the show.
Gone is the new/second guitarist. A mutual decision I was told.
DURVASAG (pronounced dur,vah,shag) are back to their 4 man lineup that has been on a few releases.

They opened with one of their newest songs called "20 63", that they are still working on, and isn't on youtube.

Go see them play it live,or get their next release that should have it, their demo/EP/album/CD/CD-R?/DVD?/DVD-R?/Hi-8??/VHS-C/video disk?/cassette tape/floppy disk??/8 track tape???!!! .
The bass player Sergio is a Pink Floyd fan, and the singer Mark is into not just metal ( black metal, death metal , thrash metal) but hardcore, and ,aybe old psychedelic rock too I think. Maybe the whole band is. IF anything, they are definitely expanding their sound. One part of it, is adding more heaviness , and that might be because they are also Broken Hope (very oldschool death metal) fans.

OK, so, I know.
The picture quality sucks as there were hardly any lights on upstairs where they played. It was pretty dark, worse than a toolshed with a 40 watt bulb.

yeah, looks like it's pretty crappy quality, like uploaded videos in the old days from some IRC chat channel on the internet in the mid-late 1990s.

Maybe it is better this way, as thrash is about raging tunes, not how perfect somebody looks onstage.

The audio sounded good and heavy, and for a few minutes, it took me back to the days of worshiping raging  thrash metal like NUCLEAR ASSAULT, but the good thing this time was :
haha, I could actually hear what each musician was doing, compared to those old loud as fucking hell Nuclear Assault concerts.

I paid $10 to watch & hear a 26 minute set.
Usually I would be bitchy about something like that, that it wasn't enough bang for my buck, but not tonight , I got what I wanted.

The set was:
"20 63" (not included on youtube, will be on the next studio recording)
"Nuclear Winds" ,
"Bio Nuclear Predators" (another fairly new song),
and a raw, blazing cover of CARNIVORE's "World Wars III & IV".

I didn't feel like sticking around for the other bands,
Next up was the debut of a melodeath metal act. That is not for me. Plus the beer is cheaper at home.

Wanted to see WILL OF THE ANCIENTS, I will someday, but it wasn't as important tonight as making sure I caught the bus home, instead of walking for 2 more hours.
I already walked over 5 kilometeres for 2 hours, approx. an hour before the gig.

oh, by the way, I noticed the band has gotten airplay on Cannibal Cam and Metal Dan's radio show Chronic Aggression
Every Sunday at 10pm to 12am on www.cfbu.ca or 103.7fm
Big thanks to those two dj's helping out the unkown bands

new Sacrifice shirts in the works by diehard fans

If you are on facebook, and a fan of one Canada's top thrash metal bands SACRIFICE, you might want to join the facebook group where 3/4 of the band visits, headed up by uber fan Robin Dudley.

The fans there had a poll and this design is the winner.

The plan is to have them in a few different styles - maybe, like chick's shirts, chick shirts with tit holes cut out like in MEAN GIRLS , fat guy shirts, garage mechanic shirts, tall people shirts, German Shepherd shirts, hoser shirts, etc etc etc
Unless you are a member in the group, you might be out of luck buying one, so go join the group you wacky ass.

Other cool shit over there, is some fans  share their youtube videos there first sometimes, like the audio from SACRIFICE's Noctis 2013 rehearsals.