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Saturday, August 31, 2013


Thanks to Inti for sending the mp3's of his newest release on Hard and Heavy Records. Pretty cool. zippy, heavy metal / thrash metal.
The sound is lean and clean and fits the music. Vocals are usually smooth and melodic like hardcore/hard rock band The Straw Dogs, Queens of the Stone Age, and Blade Runner (UK).
Riffing, just like the vocals, reminds me of the NWOBHM, just like The Straw Dogs, Blade Runner (UK), and early Savage.
"Voice Of Reason" has the riffing and singing get a little grittier and dirtier and the feel I get from it, is what I sense from the artwork and logo, a crossover and 1980s Voi Vod influence.

Only 100 copies made on cassette. I will be buying one!

15 minutes 20 seconds

1.Subterranean Termites (3:04)
2.Zenith In Red (4:39)
3.Voice Of Reason (3:15)
4.Ceres Solution (4:22)





Durvasag - Element Of Pain CD (2013)

30 minutes 12 seconds

1. Sacrifice (4:28)
2.World Massacre Tour (3:46)
3. Redemption (3:25)
4. Nuclear Winds (4:51)
5. Apocalypse (6:09)
6. Demonic Entity (Demo) (7:33)


  • Limited CD album

    Comes in a regular jewel case with a professionally pressed CD, booklet, and full colour layout. Includes liner notes.

    Layout by George Ondi

    Cover art and logo by Kelten J. Prew

    Includes immediate download of 6-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

    Buy Now  $5 CAD or more

    ships out within 10 days
    I don't know how I missed this release from a little while back in time! 
    Glad that Mark A. mentioned it to me during a recent conversation. 
    DURVASAG, from the west end of Toronto / Mississauga area, were looking to have this recording, their most professional yet, be released by a label, but didn't get any interest, so they released it independently.
    I wouldn't call this a demo like their earlier releases, as it is a PRO release this time, with full colour cover art, lyrics included, pressed CD, and great studio production.

    They  were still a trio when they recorded this, with ex-singer Mark doing some backing/guest vocals. 
    (It was after this release, they expanded adding an additional guitarist to broaden their sound).

    The vocals sound great, a lot like the very first demo "Pure Fucking Thrash!". Pretty sure it is bassist Sergio, but it's so close to the angry Paul Baloff / Tom Araya / Dave Hewson shouting style by Mark Arruda, I am not sure who did what. I just know it's good.

    EDIT: It IS Mark on vocals. He was 'credited as guest vocalist because he wasn't technically part of the band when it was finally ready for release.'

    Uptempo, punky drumming by Emile Gordan is mostly similar a lot by Mark Macpherson of SPEWGORE and M-Bro of RAZOR. 
    The guitars are a little low in the mix, and the singing is the main focus, so the kind of thick or bassier sound makes DURVASAG sound like they are aimed at being more death metal than thrash in the future.

    The last track is a bonus demo and is still in the process of being written.  
    "Demonic Entity" is not just the standard, straight ahead thrashy headbanger they usually play, but has a slow break in the middle with just some doomy, spaced out notes on the bass guitar.
    I'm told this is just a hint of the direction they are going in, I don't even notice that the song is played for such a long time, so that's a good indicator that if you liked them before, you will still like them when they slow down and throw twists and turns they haven't done before.

    The shipping cost of going outside Canada can't be helped. Canada has one of the most expensive postal shipping prices on the planet if you didn't know.
    The CD in Canada costs $5 plus $4 shipping, which is a good deal in my books. 
    CD's should be inexpensive since they are cheap to make, unlike vinyl, but even with vinyl, there are underground bands that sell new releases for $12 or $14, compared to nonsense from what I am told are now major labels - the former indies like Earache Records and Nuclear Blast wanting $20 or $30 PLUS shipping costs, especially when you read complaints of crummy packaging and broken records or damaged covers arriving on mail orders.
    If you want your records arriving in mint condition, you should order from the better  labels & distro's like - War On Music, Nuclear War Now, Dark Descent, Shadow Kingdom, Hell's Headbangers, Morbid Moon,  etc
    If you are going soley digital these days, then you can buy this album for mega-cheap for  files of your choice, in FLAC, MP3, etc.

    It would be cool to see DURVASAG's - ELEMENT OF PAIN get the vinyl treatment. Paganfire from the Philippines is in the same boat these days. They have a great recording but can only get CD-R, CD or tape releases, as not many want to take a financial risk releasing a smaller, lesser known, oldschool-type thrash band on vinyl.
    I already know there will be someone snickering because there's a few hiccups, a couple of mistakes on Element of Pain, but so what? There's also slight fuckups on classic releases and nobody cares, like on SACRIFICE's Torment In Fire (nah, I won't tell you where. If you never noticed, then good.)

    saved the latest news for last - original singer Mark is BACK in the band !

Thursday, August 22, 2013

1980 magazine ad for The Record Peddler

I thought some of you would get a kick out of seeing an ad for the original Record Peddler. This full page ad was usually in Hot Wacks Quarterly Magazine during the 1980s.

The physical store is long gone now for many years, but there is some old stock still being occasionally brought out and sold now on ebay -


Upcoming ragers !

Sat August 24th.2013 
751 Queen St. W.

in  HAMILTON on 

Sunday August 25th, 2013 - 

a bunch of bands !


Hammer City Records & Jamie Problem Present:


DOGMA (Indiana)

AT WHAT COST (Georgetown/Steeltown)



RIOT PORN (Montreal)

THE DOOMED (Hamilton HxC)

Sunday August 25
This Ain't Hollywood
345 James St North, Hamilton
Doors 2:30PM Bands 3PM $6
All Ages Monthly Matinee


  • Aggressive Promotions and Metal Health are stoked to present:

    A big ol' welcome home to FATALITY!

    After 2 months of eating delicious Amuuurican snacks and touring to promote their new album Psychonaut, the boys are back to take over the Bovine Sex Club for ONE LAST SUMMER THRASH. Supported by our pals Shotgun Cure and our other friends beer, whisky, and picklebacks. As always, Aurielle St. Cyr will be behind the bar spitting in your drinks.

    Sunday, September 1st, 2013
    Bovine Sex Club (542 Queen West)
    FATALITY - www.facebook.com/fatalitythrash
    SHOTGUN CURE - www.facebook.com/shotguncure
    $$FREE // Doors at 9PM // 19+

    Heavy metal tunes playing all night. Come early - stay late - get drunk.

Friday, August 9, 2013

ALL AGES THRASH/DEATH METAL EVENT!!! in Mississauga,Thursday, 15 August 2013

(left to right)
With Émile Giordan, Sergio Moyano, George Ondi and Sehmim Al.

The Rehearsal Factory Public · By Durvasag
1611 Finfar court mississauga, ontario

An all ages event at
The Rehearsal FactoryAugust 15th,
come out.
Obtain tickets from us in advance for $10 each
or pay $15 at the door.



this means no drinking, no smoking and all that jazz I assume,
just 100% PURE METAL

NO IDEA what or if any other bands are playing,
so keep looking on facebook
but DURVASAG are a good and true kickass oldschool-type death thrash band that might get me out of the house.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hammer City Records, 228 James St. N., Basement @ Rear Off Robert St.,Hamilton

Phone(905) 546-7869
Website http://schizophrenicrex.com



Anybody remember The Record Peddler in Toronto in the early 1980s when it was a small store on Queen St. East, and I think was in the same building or beside Channel 79 City TV (Now they are Channel 57, and on Queen St.W.)?

Hammer City Records in downtown Hamilton is maybe a little smaller than the original Peddler, but definitely has the same underground vibe !

The googlemap was of NO USE to me as it always had me confused for a long time, and was never able to find the store, and only now, with the directions from Hammer's fb page, and from another site I seen, maybe Schizophrenic's, gave me the urge to try one last attempt to get the correct location, and it worked !

I once went to Dr. Disc ( at 20 Wilson Street), 905-523-1010, but was not impressed one bit.

Hammer City Records is where it's at !, just like others have said to me for the past couple years.

Great mix of hard rock, hardcore, punk, and metal (even found some Iron Bonehead releases!), plus the essential for me these days to make me want to come back (besides the great selection and decent sales prices), there is a lot of reading material to check out and buy.

Not only spotted a Cherie Currie (Runaways) book I will have to grab someday, but most importantly and especially, fanzines.  Scored a couple of really cool zines, printed in 1984, called "Scary Stuff" that had contributions from Jill Heath (CKLN radio dj, gig promoter, etc in the 1980s+1990s);  for example, a bunch of Black Flag interviews and show reports.
They also got a bunch of back issues of MRR (Maximum Rock  Roll) zine.

I will definitely, most assuredly be hitting this store from now on, as Cheapies Records & Tapes at 67 King St East. (905) 523-0296, doesn't seem too appealing anymore.

THIS upcoming week is their third Anniversary being open


Basic info

History by year

  • Opened on 13 August 2010
  • About

    PUNK * METAL * VINYL * MORE 228 James N Bsmt @ Rear Hamilton ON Canada Down the alley & in the pit - where punk belongs!

    While the shop's focus is punk/HC/metal releases we stock a wide variety of genres including reggae/ska/jazz.
    HCR stocks new & used vinyl, some cassettes & CDs, along with related books, merch, tees, buttons, zines etc. As a brick and mortar location of Schizophrenic Records, we stock all releases in the label catalogue still in print.
    We don't buy records but do consider taking some vinyl on consignment, message us with a list hammercityrecords@gmail.com
    General information
    Mon - Thu: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
    Fri: 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
    Sat - Sun: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
    Open until 11PM on the 2nd Friday of every month for Art Crawl Night