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This will save you in many cases.
You can be held for what seems like days and possibly be (physically and mentally) abused by the cops, but DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM other than,
even if they stop at your door and ask questions, DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS,
The police have stolen from my personal belongings in the past and I wonder if those items will appear in a future crime scene!

Regent Law Professor James Duane
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Sunday, June 30, 2013

SLAUGHTER (Can) - ''Meatcleaver'' LP due in July

SLAUGHTER (can) - Meatcleaver LP
Demo 31st August 1984, first recording ever for the Canadian death dealers! If you worship Slaughter for their rawness, this is the band in its most primitive form, a document Slaughter true fans cannot miss. You'll hear the first version of classics like "Surrender or die" and "Strappado", and a lot of never heard before material. 11 tracks in total for the first time on vinyl. Cover artwork by Eric "Rot" Engelmann. 400 copies on black vinyl, 100 on red vinyl (with handnumbered sticker). All copies coming with A2 full color poster, glossy cover on 300 gsm cardboard, insert, outer plastic bag.
- first 100 retail orders will get the limited colored vinyl version + handnumbered sticker
- all pre-orders will be shipped circa one week before the official release date
RETAIL PRE-ORDER: www.rippingstorm.com (PAYPAL BUTTON)
WHOLESALE PRE-ORDER: info@rippingstorm.com for quotations 
SLAUGHTER contact: greengiantmusic@hotmail.com
UPDATE !!!  especially for  Slaughter fans in Canada !!!
War on Music will be carrying it,                                         
AS WELL as from: greengiantmusic@hotmail.com 
this means the cost should be lower! YAY!!!!!
I had not heard of the "Meatcleaver" demo back in the day, but was aware of the song among the various rehearsal demo tapes that were recorded prior to the "Bloody Karnage" Demo.  There must be other old SLAUGHTER fans that realize that there is a LOT of material that still has not been released. Fairly sure one of their 1985 or '86 newsletters advertised THREE official live tapes.
     Anyways, If you love the raw, proto-metal, punky mania of The Plasmatics early material (way before the "Coup D'etat" LP), then this earliest material by one of the first bands of the death metal scene will be to your liking. If you were one of the fans that snatched up the "Tortured Souls" box set by Marquee records, then you know this is at the absolute start of the band when they were not only learning how to play music, but also write original songs at the same time, and just like the humble beginnings of Florida's HELLWITCH, it was both humorous and KILLED ! Since I missed the boxset, (and don't have any copies of the 1984 tapes) I will be buying this one!

Friday, June 28, 2013

FATALITY's brand new album! whoo hoo!

1. Enter Purgatory - 7:54
2. Thoughts Collide - 5:11
3. Monstrous - 5:26
4. Before the Collapse - 5:29
5. Towards Disaster - 4:47
6. Psychonaut - 6:10
7. Satan’s Shepherd - 4:18
8. Thrashterpiece II - 7:15
Total: 46:25

Buy Links:   iTunes | Bandcamp | Inner City Merch

Fatality Canada / USA Dates: ‘Towards Disastour’
Up-to-date tour info can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/events/163831077118892/

Toronto's Fatality today Friday June 28th,2013 release their second album Psychonaut (2013). This will be a day to live in infamy!

 They released their first single 'Thoughts Collide' now streaming here http://snd.sc/11r4AeF  along with a music video - www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YLN5I7NUGU

here is the link of the second single off the album.

Good fast catchy metal for headbanging and playing air guitar. What's also good, is they didn't change the band's sound too much. It isn't all speed this time, but still has all the same great types of tasty riffs, beats, and guitar leads.
Remember, if you like this one, then get Fatality's equally as great debut album ''Beers from the Grave'' (2009), and ''Thrash Fuck Eat Sleep'' Demo (2011)

FATALITY is on tour all summer long through Canada and the USA.

L-R:  Mason Le Von – Drums | Spencer Le Von – Vocals/ Guitar | Adam Zlotnik – Bass | Eytan Gordon – Guitar

Gatekrashor from Calgary

BRAND NEW tape you might want to check out.

Calgary's Gatekrashor - ''Fear of Attack''

Gatekrashor - ''Fear of Attack''

23 minutes

1. Blastwave
2. Date with the Devil (Hot in Hades)
3. Speed Metal Hammer
4. Heavy Metal Rangers
5. Fear of Attack

Very cool looking cover that brings to mind the old Banzai Records cassettes from Quebec that were made in the 1980s that dominated Canadian record stores (new and used) that sold underground metal.

The metal is not as fast as I would have liked, but it is definitely very oldschool, 1980s-like, and rough sounding.

I wasn't given a link for all of you to listen to or download, but maybe there are links through

2 TRACKS off the tape are here for you to check out -

This cassette is the very first release by HARD AND HEAVY RECORDS run by  Inti Paredes.

for Gatekrashor orders or of anything else sold by Inti's distro ,
write to:

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The History of Vancouver Metal + TYRANT'S BLOOD

Click the link for what appears as a decent little intro to the history of the Vancouver metal scene from its start in the 1980s.

EDITED and published copy for download in Abort Magazine’s 21st issue:
ISSUE 21: featuring Exclusive Interviews with: MAGNUS RISING, and Tyrants Blood

If you haven't heard Tyrants Blood, YOU are missing out on some great extreme speed metal! I only bought their latest album "Crushing Onward Into Oblivion" (2009) so far, and am impressed.
Buy, download, or copy the albums !! (and if you really like it, then throw some money around and buy a copy and/or some merch from the band)

the CD is released by MORBID MOON RECORDS in Montreal

band contact is:

Tyrants Blood - Slithering Into Exile
Tyrants Blood's 2009 release Crushing Onward Into Oblivion


Saturday, June 15, 2013

any Lee Aaron fans here? a 1983 surprise!

MAJOR Thanks to assneck2007 on YouTube, 
he has shared the ultra rare clips from the  
"I Like My Rock Hard" 1983 CITY-TV live simulcast TV concert with Lee Aaron , Buzz Sherman, and Frank Soda and The Imps
Yes, the “New Music” TV special where Lee undresses behind a curtain between songs! (I was a teenage boy and my eyes were popping out of my head, ha ha!)






Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wha’ Happen?: Sacrifice

I copied this from the original link as their posts disappear. They did one on Malhavoc and now it can't be found anymore. Thanks to Sean Palmerston
for informing us on the SACRIFICE facebook group page run by their #1 fan, Robin Dudley.


Tue Jun 11, 2013

Wha’ Happen?: Sacrifice

In our recurring feature Wha’ Happen?, we find out what happened to those Toronto artists that were all over local airwaves and MuchMusic during the ’80s and ’90s, but are less visible today.

Who were they: Toronto’s top contribution to the mid/late-’80s thrash-metal boom, Sacrifice were among the first Canadian acts (along with Razor, Voivod, and Annihilator) to shun the increasingly-glam contemporary metal of the time and instead incorporate the faster, more technically demanding sounds of hardcore punk. Sacrifice quickly became MuchMusic’s Canadian thrash-metal flag-bearers, later forging a licensing deal with the iconic Metal Blade label.
“We were 18 years old, hanging around downtown at the Record Peddler,” says singer/guitarist Rob Urbinati. “A guy who worked there, Brian Taylor, recorded our first demo and got us a deal with Fringe. We fit in better with the punk bands—they were fast, aggressive. So we made a pact to never play the Gasworks—that was the glam-rock place. We started playing Larry’s Hideaway, with a bunch of hardcore bands in the early days. There was no thrash-metal around—there was Razor and Sacrifice, pretty much. The music was so new. Eventually we started getting in Slayer, Exodus, and then Celtic Frost. And then all the thrash bands started coming to town. But it was basically something we had to build ourselves.”

Career peak: “Re-Animation” (from 1987′s Forward to Termination, recently featured on The Grid‘s list of the Top 25 most influential Toronto indie albums) became a regular fixture on MuchMusic’s Pepsi Power Hour—which, at the time, was Canada’s sole outlet for breaking metal acts. (The song was also later used in the weekly show’s opening credits.) “Soldiers of Misfortune,” from the 1990 album of the same name, also received significant airplay on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball. Metal Blade’s reputation and distribution network further exposed the band to metal fans across Europe, Asia, and South America.

“The guy who did the ‘Re-Animation’ video worked at MusiquePlus, which was in the same building as MuchMusic at that time,” Urbinati says. “He might have had something to do with it becoming the theme track. I was just glad they picked us and not some stupid pop-metal band with massive hair. We did the video and said: ‘Who’s gonna play this?’ It was way too heavy—you have to put yourself back in 1986, 1987. It was the heaviest style of music available. Today, it would be like listening to the hardest crust-punk. So for them to play that on TV—we just couldn’t believe it. It got played a lot.”

Wha’ happen?: As quickly as thrash arrived to re-energize metal, it was over. By the early-’90s, MTV had become overrun with watered-down, second-generation bands. The alternative-music tsunami was just on the horizon, and fans craving something heavier began looking to the then-emerging death-metal sound. Sacrifice broke up in 1993 after—in typical Canadian fashion—a big industry push came just as their scene was collapsing.
“By that time, thrash-metal was basically dead,” Urbinati says. “It just wasn’t aggressive anymore. It was more about bands trying to get their ballad song on MTV, to hopefully follow Metallica. Other thrash bands were changing their sound to fit in with whatever alternative music old thrash fans were now listening to. We weren’t really comfortable doing that, so we broke up and went into other bands. I was in a band called Interzone for a while. Joe [Rico] moved to Detroit and played with Walls of Jericho. Gus [Pynn] was in The 3Tards for a long time, and Scott [Watts] was jamming with bands in Vancouver.”

What’s happening?: In 2006, Toronto’s inrtia-entertainment coaxed Sacrifice out of retirement for a sold-out reunion show at the Opera House. This in turn led to the reissue of the band’s catalog via the Brazilian Marquee label, as well as the release of 2009′s The Ones I Condemn (issued in Canada by Sonic Unyon). The band has since made regular festival appearances in both Europe and Japan.
“The first reunion was a pretty scary thing for us to do—we weren’t sure if we could play anymore,” Urbinati admits. “It’s difficult music to pull off and we didn’t want to go out and just be crap. We all live in separate areas of North America, but we all did our homework and it came out pretty good – it was like getting back on a bike. We do two, three shows a year now and we’ll continue doing this as long as we’re still having fun.”—Chris Rolfe

SACRIFICE Interview on the POWER HOUR 1987 


Friday, June 7, 2013

Damned Creed (Greece) - Choose A Side

aggelos maniatakos   

    Hey! We are Damned Creed, modern thrash metal from Greece!
    We would appreciate if you could make an announcement about our new album or  review it  if you want!
    Our new album "Choose A Side" is available for free download here:


    Hope you will enjoy it and will spread the world.

    Damned Creed


This is decent high-speed thrash metal that POUNDS with mean/tough sounding vocals.
Has a death metal feel to it too.
Thanks to the band for thinking of us.

Damned Creed (Greece) (2013) ''Choose A Side''

mp3's @ VBR

38 minutes 13 seconds

01 - Choking (5:35)
02 - Choose A Side (4:35)
03 - Mutiny (5:11)
04 - Inhale The Hate (5:41)
05 - Doomsayers of Greed (4:32)
06 - Enemies Among Us (2:56)
07 - Human Captive Breeding (5:14)
08 - Hollow (4:29)