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even if they stop at your door and ask questions, DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS,
The police have stolen from my personal belongings in the past and I wonder if those items will appear in a future crime scene!

Regent Law Professor James Duane
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I delete emails with "The material is watermarked".
email can be sent to:

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


MANACLE is a new, raw, thrash metal band formed by guitarist Inti of  http://hardandheavyreviews.blogspot.ca/

There is just the raw rehearsal tape so far, but sounds pretty good to me. Depends on your copy, but some that are made, get bonus tracks! (It doesn't sound like mine did, just the two, but that is ok. They just better make sure to tack on ALL of their recordings on the B-side of a future demo or live/reh tape!!)

They posted a couple months ago they were seeking a lead singer or something, but they sound fine to me the way they are, just have to practice more with playing and singing at the same time (I can't do it, but it seems everybody else can).

Inti said, MANACLE, at the end of December, are going to be recording a proper demo, about 5 songs maybe, so contact them now if you want to buy a tape before they decide like almost every band says that they don't like it anymore and have become better.


here's another band (crossover thrash metal) that will be on the Hard and Heavy Records label with a demo tape/cassette album any day (maybe it is already?)

Wesley Crusher

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Oh boy! I am talking again about some dirty sounding thrash metal - DURVASAG

DURVASAG - The Doors Pub. Hamilton, ON. Friday.Dec.6.2013

Here you go, the young underdogs of the local scene opened the show.
Gone is the new/second guitarist. A mutual decision I was told.
DURVASAG (pronounced dur,vah,shag) are back to their 4 man lineup that has been on a few releases.

They opened with one of their newest songs called "20 63", that they are still working on, and isn't on youtube.

Go see them play it live,or get their next release that should have it, their demo/EP/album/CD/CD-R?/DVD?/DVD-R?/Hi-8??/VHS-C/video disk?/cassette tape/floppy disk??/8 track tape???!!! .
The bass player Sergio is a Pink Floyd fan, and the singer Mark is into not just metal ( black metal, death metal , thrash metal) but hardcore, and ,aybe old psychedelic rock too I think. Maybe the whole band is. IF anything, they are definitely expanding their sound. One part of it, is adding more heaviness , and that might be because they are also Broken Hope (very oldschool death metal) fans.

OK, so, I know.
The picture quality sucks as there were hardly any lights on upstairs where they played. It was pretty dark, worse than a toolshed with a 40 watt bulb.

yeah, looks like it's pretty crappy quality, like uploaded videos in the old days from some IRC chat channel on the internet in the mid-late 1990s.

Maybe it is better this way, as thrash is about raging tunes, not how perfect somebody looks onstage.

The audio sounded good and heavy, and for a few minutes, it took me back to the days of worshiping raging  thrash metal like NUCLEAR ASSAULT, but the good thing this time was :
haha, I could actually hear what each musician was doing, compared to those old loud as fucking hell Nuclear Assault concerts.

I paid $10 to watch & hear a 26 minute set.
Usually I would be bitchy about something like that, that it wasn't enough bang for my buck, but not tonight , I got what I wanted.

The set was:
"20 63" (not included on youtube, will be on the next studio recording)
"Nuclear Winds" ,
"Bio Nuclear Predators" (another fairly new song),
and a raw, blazing cover of CARNIVORE's "World Wars III & IV".

I didn't feel like sticking around for the other bands,
Next up was the debut of a melodeath metal act. That is not for me. Plus the beer is cheaper at home.

Wanted to see WILL OF THE ANCIENTS, I will someday, but it wasn't as important tonight as making sure I caught the bus home, instead of walking for 2 more hours.
I already walked over 5 kilometeres for 2 hours, approx. an hour before the gig.

oh, by the way, I noticed the band has gotten airplay on Cannibal Cam and Metal Dan's radio show Chronic Aggression
Every Sunday at 10pm to 12am on www.cfbu.ca or 103.7fm
Big thanks to those two dj's helping out the unkown bands

new Sacrifice shirts in the works by diehard fans

If you are on facebook, and a fan of one Canada's top thrash metal bands SACRIFICE, you might want to join the facebook group where 3/4 of the band visits, headed up by uber fan Robin Dudley.

The fans there had a poll and this design is the winner.

The plan is to have them in a few different styles - maybe, like chick's shirts, chick shirts with tit holes cut out like in MEAN GIRLS , fat guy shirts, garage mechanic shirts, tall people shirts, German Shepherd shirts, hoser shirts, etc etc etc
Unless you are a member in the group, you might be out of luck buying one, so go join the group you wacky ass.

Other cool shit over there, is some fans  share their youtube videos there first sometimes, like the audio from SACRIFICE's Noctis 2013 rehearsals.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Will of the Ancients and Durvasag play in Hamilton FRIDAY December 6th,2013

In case you plan to spend all your money at this week's SPEWGORE CD release concert
you can't say I didn't tell you about this one.


Will of the Ancients ( Toronto Epic Black/Death)

Profaner ( HammerTown Thrash Attack)

Pray for Lies (HammerTown Melodic Death)
(Ex members of DEAD TO RIGHTS, Hellmass, Forever the Pain)
 ***FIRST SHOW****

Durvasag (Toronto Extreme Metal)

Cost: $10
Doors at 8pm

The Doors Pub
56 Hess St. South,
Hamilton, Ontario
L8P 3N3

The Doors Pub is about the size of your bedroom, or living room, meaning it is tiny, maybe fitting 50 people at the most, and can get pretty hot and sweaty in there.
Thank God it is finally winter and freezing weather, so hopefully it won't be that bad if I attend.

I bought the latest DURVASAG album and dig it. The original singer Mark is back in the lineup, so they rip it up again just like the early days (which was I guess 2 years ago?)
If you like primitive Slayer-ish/Exodus-type thrash metal going towards death metal weirdness, download or buy a CD off them. They might have a new EP or demo out by this gig.


I heard of WILL OF THE ANCIENTS for some years, just never got around to doing more than check out a song or two online.
(Is it my fault I prefer to order the more easily found cassettes and vinyl from distros the last few years?)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Deprecator (USA) (2013) You Broken Warriors

Got this emailed to me awhile ago, and finally gave this the repeated lsitening it deserved !
GOOD-GREAT gritty/crunchy thrash/heavy metal.
The band reminds me a lot of mid-late 1980s bands Metal Church, Metallica, Accept, early Hexx, etc, Maybe not that fast, but solid playing and catchy tunes.
The strained singer is a lot like Slaughter House -"Face Reality"LP(1991), and Blood Feast -"Chopping Block Blues" (1990).

Contact them, all the info they provided is below the track listing.

Deprecator (USA) 2013 Press Kit @vbr

24 minutes 27 seconds
1. Neptune (2:33)
2. The Nothing (4:13)
3. Medicine Crow (3:51)
4. Sandman (3:34)
5. Postera (4:07)
6. Juno (6:09)

Deprecator is a thrash metal band from Columbus, Ohio.  It was started in the late 2000’s by Jess Martin and Keith Reuscher.
Joined later by Chris Davis, Marc Flewellen and Chuck Ewing, they soon released their demo, “Eager to Destroy”,  in 2010. 
Their first full length, “You Broken Warriors”, was released in  August of 2013.  They enjoy beer.

Jess - Drums
Keith - Guitar
Marc - Vocals
Chris - Bass
Chuck - Guitar

384 E. 14th Ave
Columbus, OH 43201

Jess Martin - (614) 329-7353
Keith Reuscher - (614) 973-9035


Sunday, November 17, 2013


One of the best thrash/heavy metal bands from Ontario.

Wish all ALL of their songs were officially on vinyl .

Sunday, November 10, 2013



431 College Street West,  
Toronto, Ontario 
M5T 1T1


I SHOULD attend this, even though I rarely attend concerts / gigs. 
WHY should I attend? 
BECAUSE it was through originally talking to guitarist Steve on facebook many years ago and he surreptitiously included a few mystery bonus songs at the end of one our CD-R trades. 

I was very curious WHAT BAND it was, as it was really good, and later he informed me it was his band, SPEWGORE from their first PRO-CD-R release. 

THAT got me excited there was still REAL THRASH in the Toronto area that existed as how I remember it from the 1980s. 


so there, nyah.

Toronto Crypt Metal E-Zine

A new website / blogspot just started. Looks like one reason is for reviews to be able to be re-posted to Metal Archives?
anyways, so far, only a review of CROMLECH.

I know, I don't care much myself for reading reviews when it is easier and faster to listen or download, but the emphasis by them will be on local bands, which is  something I don't work hard enough at, so the more support out there, the better for all of you to be informed.

Since I don't get my hands on much of it, and am unaware of many Ontario bands and events, as I will collect vinyl and cassettes from all over the world depending what I dig that week, but will miss plenty of great stuff right under my nose.
You figure with so much online, and so many links everywhere, it would be easier?
Not for me.

Pretty much starting to think these days that *Jeremy from the band SATAN'S GOD has it correct.

Bands that don't print snail mail addresses on their releases for contact/purchase and this info is also on printed paper material (fanzines/ newsletters / magazines) maybe are NOT the real underground scene they claim to be part of and say we should support.

Most bands don't appear to care and don't understand. (For example, what became the trend starting in the early 2000's, "the myspace band"-era, where they don't even release anything on a physical format, they just post audio files to listen to).

Anyways, enough of my stupid rant. Support  http://toronto-crypt.blogspot.ca/

and since I mentioned the crazy guy*, here's more info

Write to:

Satan's God
P.O. Box 190
Helleville, IL 62222

(Jeremy B. sells his PRO demo tapes and home-dubbed bootleg concert tapes of his band for really cheap, so if in the USA, send him stamps for a guaranteed reply.
If you send $3 (well hidden cash, such as wrapped inside of many flyers/newsprint and your letter, for example)(or a blank money order) for his long awaited 17th album, "Void Consequence In 3-D" out now on cassette

This song below is on the live album CD-R released by SFM SKULLFUCKING METAL Records &  Distro.

hmm. since I mentioned this band, guess I should pull out some emails and do the same courtesy for others, which are more in the traditional metal styles most of you want.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

AKFE demo

AKFE demo (Glenn Poirier) 2003+2004 demo trax
@ 128 kbps
get it
or there

15 minutes 42 seconds

1. Be Everything (3:54)
2. Pressure Cooker (2:38)
3. Ass King Frieght Elevator - River Of Flesh (3:24)
4. AKFE - Suck It Up (2:37)
5. AKFE - Torch's Big Shiny Skull (3:09)

From one of the fastest, craziest, D.R.I.- type hardcore bands of the 1980s, SONS OF ISHMAEL,
is the return of guitarist Glenn Poirier aka "Ditchdog".

This small demo collection was shared by him a few years ago and he gave permission to be shared here.
It is pure hard rock in the vein of The Cult, Econoline Crush, AC/DC, Airbourne, etc

Glenn has a new band that played Hamilton recently, but I missed them.

NO IDEA yet what Generation Hexed is like, but he has always been in a band that plays good riffs,
you can check them out here on facebook -

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Door price is $10 (as far as I know)

480 Spadina Avenue,  
Toronto, Ontario 
M5S 2H1


This should be a good concert. I liked Nuclear Region's demo with its grim black metal (eg. Burzum, Dakthrone), and Esoteric Doctrine are good too (they are giving away free CD's ??! Nice bonus for attending!)
Heard of SERENE MOLESTATION, it is about time I actually seen what they are like. 

The Comfort Zone is on the north west corner of Spadina/Dundas, the first small door next to the CIBC bank, and beside The Waverly Tavern.

safe guess is if the show starts exactly at 9 pm, then will  go on til 1:30 am or 2 am?

Monday, September 23, 2013



Tyrants Blood - Into the Kingdom of Graves
The long-awaited new album from Vancouver BC's infamous Tyrants Blood, will be the first vinyl release from Tridroid Records. Formed by ex-Blasphemy guitarist Marco Banco, Tyrants Blood's extreme speed metal has won the band universal acclaim from underground purists.  Now, with "Into the Kingdom of Graves" Tyrants Blood has returned with their best album yet. 

Declared as, "a mash up of speed, precision, rawness and just all-round fucking evil" by Echoes and Dust, the album has also been called "one sick & twisted, mean mofo of an album that needs to be heard loud and in living color in order to truly appreciate the insane magic", by Heavy Metal Time Machine.

Only 500 copies on black vinyl will be made available so act fast as these are expected to sell out fast! All orders will also be shipped with a card to download the entire album when released. 

Album pre-orders are only $17 plus shipping and are available on our Bandcamp page. Order now from: http://tridroid.bandcamp.com/album/into-the-kingdom-of-graves

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Do you remember Son Of Happy ?

SON OF HAPPY was a Toronto hardcore band in the late 1980s that were basic sounding and played some fun tunes in a Ramones happy way. They became HI DUMMY later on, which I didn't know until looking at a website I recently discovered.
LISTEN HERE >>> http://awfulnice.com/bands1.html

I contacted the website owner, who was in the band, and while he is like many others from back then that played in bands and just doesn't have the time for a full band these days, he released an instrumental album you can check out.

"If you are interested in what I do when I am not earning the grocery money, you can check it out or purchase it at Bandcamp.com (I did an 11 tune album, mostly on my own, no lyrics…my intention was to create little nightmare soundtracks under 4 minutes in most cases. ."

- Chris

Red Basement - "Wire Haired Beast" (2012)


Donations / what you feel like paying for the digital files at the bandcamp site.

I will never feel comfortable with buying digital files.

For example, I bought the return of speedcore band WEHRMACHT's "Fast as a Shark" (2010) EP release, but it was just the songs. When I grabbed a download off a blogspot or website, THEN it also came with a CD cover I could print..
Very cool album, I might wind up bugging him to buy a copy of Red Basement - "Wire Haired Beast" (2012) on CD-R.
P.S. Chris' rips of the three SON OF HAPPY songs he posted are much better than the bootleg tape copy I got in recent years, so I will definitely ask for a copy of that too!!

Saturday, August 31, 2013


Thanks to Inti for sending the mp3's of his newest release on Hard and Heavy Records. Pretty cool. zippy, heavy metal / thrash metal.
The sound is lean and clean and fits the music. Vocals are usually smooth and melodic like hardcore/hard rock band The Straw Dogs, Queens of the Stone Age, and Blade Runner (UK).
Riffing, just like the vocals, reminds me of the NWOBHM, just like The Straw Dogs, Blade Runner (UK), and early Savage.
"Voice Of Reason" has the riffing and singing get a little grittier and dirtier and the feel I get from it, is what I sense from the artwork and logo, a crossover and 1980s Voi Vod influence.

Only 100 copies made on cassette. I will be buying one!

15 minutes 20 seconds

1.Subterranean Termites (3:04)
2.Zenith In Red (4:39)
3.Voice Of Reason (3:15)
4.Ceres Solution (4:22)





Durvasag - Element Of Pain CD (2013)

30 minutes 12 seconds

1. Sacrifice (4:28)
2.World Massacre Tour (3:46)
3. Redemption (3:25)
4. Nuclear Winds (4:51)
5. Apocalypse (6:09)
6. Demonic Entity (Demo) (7:33)


  • Limited CD album

    Comes in a regular jewel case with a professionally pressed CD, booklet, and full colour layout. Includes liner notes.

    Layout by George Ondi

    Cover art and logo by Kelten J. Prew

    Includes immediate download of 6-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

    Buy Now  $5 CAD or more

    ships out within 10 days
    I don't know how I missed this release from a little while back in time! 
    Glad that Mark A. mentioned it to me during a recent conversation. 
    DURVASAG, from the west end of Toronto / Mississauga area, were looking to have this recording, their most professional yet, be released by a label, but didn't get any interest, so they released it independently.
    I wouldn't call this a demo like their earlier releases, as it is a PRO release this time, with full colour cover art, lyrics included, pressed CD, and great studio production.

    They  were still a trio when they recorded this, with ex-singer Mark doing some backing/guest vocals. 
    (It was after this release, they expanded adding an additional guitarist to broaden their sound).

    The vocals sound great, a lot like the very first demo "Pure Fucking Thrash!". Pretty sure it is bassist Sergio, but it's so close to the angry Paul Baloff / Tom Araya / Dave Hewson shouting style by Mark Arruda, I am not sure who did what. I just know it's good.

    EDIT: It IS Mark on vocals. He was 'credited as guest vocalist because he wasn't technically part of the band when it was finally ready for release.'

    Uptempo, punky drumming by Emile Gordan is mostly similar a lot by Mark Macpherson of SPEWGORE and M-Bro of RAZOR. 
    The guitars are a little low in the mix, and the singing is the main focus, so the kind of thick or bassier sound makes DURVASAG sound like they are aimed at being more death metal than thrash in the future.

    The last track is a bonus demo and is still in the process of being written.  
    "Demonic Entity" is not just the standard, straight ahead thrashy headbanger they usually play, but has a slow break in the middle with just some doomy, spaced out notes on the bass guitar.
    I'm told this is just a hint of the direction they are going in, I don't even notice that the song is played for such a long time, so that's a good indicator that if you liked them before, you will still like them when they slow down and throw twists and turns they haven't done before.

    The shipping cost of going outside Canada can't be helped. Canada has one of the most expensive postal shipping prices on the planet if you didn't know.
    The CD in Canada costs $5 plus $4 shipping, which is a good deal in my books. 
    CD's should be inexpensive since they are cheap to make, unlike vinyl, but even with vinyl, there are underground bands that sell new releases for $12 or $14, compared to nonsense from what I am told are now major labels - the former indies like Earache Records and Nuclear Blast wanting $20 or $30 PLUS shipping costs, especially when you read complaints of crummy packaging and broken records or damaged covers arriving on mail orders.
    If you want your records arriving in mint condition, you should order from the better  labels & distro's like - War On Music, Nuclear War Now, Dark Descent, Shadow Kingdom, Hell's Headbangers, Morbid Moon,  etc
    If you are going soley digital these days, then you can buy this album for mega-cheap for  files of your choice, in FLAC, MP3, etc.

    It would be cool to see DURVASAG's - ELEMENT OF PAIN get the vinyl treatment. Paganfire from the Philippines is in the same boat these days. They have a great recording but can only get CD-R, CD or tape releases, as not many want to take a financial risk releasing a smaller, lesser known, oldschool-type thrash band on vinyl.
    I already know there will be someone snickering because there's a few hiccups, a couple of mistakes on Element of Pain, but so what? There's also slight fuckups on classic releases and nobody cares, like on SACRIFICE's Torment In Fire (nah, I won't tell you where. If you never noticed, then good.)

    saved the latest news for last - original singer Mark is BACK in the band !

Thursday, August 22, 2013

1980 magazine ad for The Record Peddler

I thought some of you would get a kick out of seeing an ad for the original Record Peddler. This full page ad was usually in Hot Wacks Quarterly Magazine during the 1980s.

The physical store is long gone now for many years, but there is some old stock still being occasionally brought out and sold now on ebay -


Upcoming ragers !

Sat August 24th.2013 
751 Queen St. W.

in  HAMILTON on 

Sunday August 25th, 2013 - 

a bunch of bands !


Hammer City Records & Jamie Problem Present:


DOGMA (Indiana)

AT WHAT COST (Georgetown/Steeltown)



RIOT PORN (Montreal)

THE DOOMED (Hamilton HxC)

Sunday August 25
This Ain't Hollywood
345 James St North, Hamilton
Doors 2:30PM Bands 3PM $6
All Ages Monthly Matinee


  • Aggressive Promotions and Metal Health are stoked to present:

    A big ol' welcome home to FATALITY!

    After 2 months of eating delicious Amuuurican snacks and touring to promote their new album Psychonaut, the boys are back to take over the Bovine Sex Club for ONE LAST SUMMER THRASH. Supported by our pals Shotgun Cure and our other friends beer, whisky, and picklebacks. As always, Aurielle St. Cyr will be behind the bar spitting in your drinks.

    Sunday, September 1st, 2013
    Bovine Sex Club (542 Queen West)
    FATALITY - www.facebook.com/fatalitythrash
    SHOTGUN CURE - www.facebook.com/shotguncure
    $$FREE // Doors at 9PM // 19+

    Heavy metal tunes playing all night. Come early - stay late - get drunk.

Friday, August 9, 2013

ALL AGES THRASH/DEATH METAL EVENT!!! in Mississauga,Thursday, 15 August 2013

(left to right)
With Émile Giordan, Sergio Moyano, George Ondi and Sehmim Al.

The Rehearsal Factory Public · By Durvasag
1611 Finfar court mississauga, ontario

An all ages event at
The Rehearsal FactoryAugust 15th,
come out.
Obtain tickets from us in advance for $10 each
or pay $15 at the door.



this means no drinking, no smoking and all that jazz I assume,
just 100% PURE METAL

NO IDEA what or if any other bands are playing,
so keep looking on facebook
but DURVASAG are a good and true kickass oldschool-type death thrash band that might get me out of the house.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hammer City Records, 228 James St. N., Basement @ Rear Off Robert St.,Hamilton

Phone(905) 546-7869
Website http://schizophrenicrex.com



Anybody remember The Record Peddler in Toronto in the early 1980s when it was a small store on Queen St. East, and I think was in the same building or beside Channel 79 City TV (Now they are Channel 57, and on Queen St.W.)?

Hammer City Records in downtown Hamilton is maybe a little smaller than the original Peddler, but definitely has the same underground vibe !

The googlemap was of NO USE to me as it always had me confused for a long time, and was never able to find the store, and only now, with the directions from Hammer's fb page, and from another site I seen, maybe Schizophrenic's, gave me the urge to try one last attempt to get the correct location, and it worked !

I once went to Dr. Disc ( at 20 Wilson Street), 905-523-1010, but was not impressed one bit.

Hammer City Records is where it's at !, just like others have said to me for the past couple years.

Great mix of hard rock, hardcore, punk, and metal (even found some Iron Bonehead releases!), plus the essential for me these days to make me want to come back (besides the great selection and decent sales prices), there is a lot of reading material to check out and buy.

Not only spotted a Cherie Currie (Runaways) book I will have to grab someday, but most importantly and especially, fanzines.  Scored a couple of really cool zines, printed in 1984, called "Scary Stuff" that had contributions from Jill Heath (CKLN radio dj, gig promoter, etc in the 1980s+1990s);  for example, a bunch of Black Flag interviews and show reports.
They also got a bunch of back issues of MRR (Maximum Rock  Roll) zine.

I will definitely, most assuredly be hitting this store from now on, as Cheapies Records & Tapes at 67 King St East. (905) 523-0296, doesn't seem too appealing anymore.

THIS upcoming week is their third Anniversary being open


Basic info

History by year

  • Opened on 13 August 2010
  • About

    PUNK * METAL * VINYL * MORE 228 James N Bsmt @ Rear Hamilton ON Canada Down the alley & in the pit - where punk belongs!

    While the shop's focus is punk/HC/metal releases we stock a wide variety of genres including reggae/ska/jazz.
    HCR stocks new & used vinyl, some cassettes & CDs, along with related books, merch, tees, buttons, zines etc. As a brick and mortar location of Schizophrenic Records, we stock all releases in the label catalogue still in print.
    We don't buy records but do consider taking some vinyl on consignment, message us with a list hammercityrecords@gmail.com
    General information
    Mon - Thu: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
    Fri: 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
    Sat - Sun: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
    Open until 11PM on the 2nd Friday of every month for Art Crawl Night

Friday, July 5, 2013

Axxion - Wild Racer LP due July 19th, 2013

A few days ago, I was blasting one of the best vinyls I bought last year, Axxion's mini album,  and yesterday was surprised to see a brand new OFFICIAL VIDEO (''Tonight'') for the upcoming album. Pretty cool, even has a storyline like music videos had in the 1980s!

Axxion's heavy metal debut full length 2013 LP ''Wild Racer'', following the 2012 EP / mini-LP, is due out in a couple weeks, and the pre-order is up now for LP, CD, or cassette.



01. Wild Racer
02. High Bars
03. On the Edge
04. Nightstalker
05. Stallion
06. Hard Rockin
07. Fireheart
08. Still Hungry
09. Tonight
10. Ride of the Chariots  


Band contact: axxioncanada@gmail.com

CHRIS RILEY- BASS,VOCALS (ex-Mortiferous, ex-Pandamonia)

Sunday, June 30, 2013

SLAUGHTER (Can) - ''Meatcleaver'' LP due in July

SLAUGHTER (can) - Meatcleaver LP
Demo 31st August 1984, first recording ever for the Canadian death dealers! If you worship Slaughter for their rawness, this is the band in its most primitive form, a document Slaughter true fans cannot miss. You'll hear the first version of classics like "Surrender or die" and "Strappado", and a lot of never heard before material. 11 tracks in total for the first time on vinyl. Cover artwork by Eric "Rot" Engelmann. 400 copies on black vinyl, 100 on red vinyl (with handnumbered sticker). All copies coming with A2 full color poster, glossy cover on 300 gsm cardboard, insert, outer plastic bag.
- first 100 retail orders will get the limited colored vinyl version + handnumbered sticker
- all pre-orders will be shipped circa one week before the official release date
RETAIL PRE-ORDER: www.rippingstorm.com (PAYPAL BUTTON)
WHOLESALE PRE-ORDER: info@rippingstorm.com for quotations 
SLAUGHTER contact: greengiantmusic@hotmail.com
UPDATE !!!  especially for  Slaughter fans in Canada !!!
War on Music will be carrying it,                                         
AS WELL as from: greengiantmusic@hotmail.com 
this means the cost should be lower! YAY!!!!!
I had not heard of the "Meatcleaver" demo back in the day, but was aware of the song among the various rehearsal demo tapes that were recorded prior to the "Bloody Karnage" Demo.  There must be other old SLAUGHTER fans that realize that there is a LOT of material that still has not been released. Fairly sure one of their 1985 or '86 newsletters advertised THREE official live tapes.
     Anyways, If you love the raw, proto-metal, punky mania of The Plasmatics early material (way before the "Coup D'etat" LP), then this earliest material by one of the first bands of the death metal scene will be to your liking. If you were one of the fans that snatched up the "Tortured Souls" box set by Marquee records, then you know this is at the absolute start of the band when they were not only learning how to play music, but also write original songs at the same time, and just like the humble beginnings of Florida's HELLWITCH, it was both humorous and KILLED ! Since I missed the boxset, (and don't have any copies of the 1984 tapes) I will be buying this one!

Friday, June 28, 2013

FATALITY's brand new album! whoo hoo!

1. Enter Purgatory - 7:54
2. Thoughts Collide - 5:11
3. Monstrous - 5:26
4. Before the Collapse - 5:29
5. Towards Disaster - 4:47
6. Psychonaut - 6:10
7. Satan’s Shepherd - 4:18
8. Thrashterpiece II - 7:15
Total: 46:25

Buy Links:   iTunes | Bandcamp | Inner City Merch

Fatality Canada / USA Dates: ‘Towards Disastour’
Up-to-date tour info can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/events/163831077118892/

Toronto's Fatality today Friday June 28th,2013 release their second album Psychonaut (2013). This will be a day to live in infamy!

 They released their first single 'Thoughts Collide' now streaming here http://snd.sc/11r4AeF  along with a music video - www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YLN5I7NUGU

here is the link of the second single off the album.

Good fast catchy metal for headbanging and playing air guitar. What's also good, is they didn't change the band's sound too much. It isn't all speed this time, but still has all the same great types of tasty riffs, beats, and guitar leads.
Remember, if you like this one, then get Fatality's equally as great debut album ''Beers from the Grave'' (2009), and ''Thrash Fuck Eat Sleep'' Demo (2011)

FATALITY is on tour all summer long through Canada and the USA.

L-R:  Mason Le Von – Drums | Spencer Le Von – Vocals/ Guitar | Adam Zlotnik – Bass | Eytan Gordon – Guitar

Gatekrashor from Calgary

BRAND NEW tape you might want to check out.

Calgary's Gatekrashor - ''Fear of Attack''

Gatekrashor - ''Fear of Attack''

23 minutes

1. Blastwave
2. Date with the Devil (Hot in Hades)
3. Speed Metal Hammer
4. Heavy Metal Rangers
5. Fear of Attack

Very cool looking cover that brings to mind the old Banzai Records cassettes from Quebec that were made in the 1980s that dominated Canadian record stores (new and used) that sold underground metal.

The metal is not as fast as I would have liked, but it is definitely very oldschool, 1980s-like, and rough sounding.

I wasn't given a link for all of you to listen to or download, but maybe there are links through

2 TRACKS off the tape are here for you to check out -

This cassette is the very first release by HARD AND HEAVY RECORDS run by  Inti Paredes.

for Gatekrashor orders or of anything else sold by Inti's distro ,
write to:

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The History of Vancouver Metal + TYRANT'S BLOOD

Click the link for what appears as a decent little intro to the history of the Vancouver metal scene from its start in the 1980s.

EDITED and published copy for download in Abort Magazine’s 21st issue:
ISSUE 21: featuring Exclusive Interviews with: MAGNUS RISING, and Tyrants Blood

If you haven't heard Tyrants Blood, YOU are missing out on some great extreme speed metal! I only bought their latest album "Crushing Onward Into Oblivion" (2009) so far, and am impressed.
Buy, download, or copy the albums !! (and if you really like it, then throw some money around and buy a copy and/or some merch from the band)

the CD is released by MORBID MOON RECORDS in Montreal

band contact is:

Tyrants Blood - Slithering Into Exile
Tyrants Blood's 2009 release Crushing Onward Into Oblivion


Saturday, June 15, 2013

any Lee Aaron fans here? a 1983 surprise!

MAJOR Thanks to assneck2007 on YouTube, 
he has shared the ultra rare clips from the  
"I Like My Rock Hard" 1983 CITY-TV live simulcast TV concert with Lee Aaron , Buzz Sherman, and Frank Soda and The Imps
Yes, the “New Music” TV special where Lee undresses behind a curtain between songs! (I was a teenage boy and my eyes were popping out of my head, ha ha!)