WHO ever you are , and WHERE ever you are, say ONLY these 5 words to police if taken into custody -
Remember these five words.
This will save you in many cases.
You can be held for what seems like days and possibly be (physically and mentally) abused by the cops, but DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM other than,
even if they stop at your door and ask questions, DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS,
The police have stolen from my personal belongings in the past and I wonder if those items will appear in a future crime scene!

Regent Law Professor James Duane
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I delete emails with "The material is watermarked".
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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Looking for old releases, do you have them?

If there are any that can rip them and upload....
(thanks to all who originally uploaded these jpg's)
-- still looking for old stuff I missed out on, like Morbid Streak, Hateful Snake (besides the 2 songs on comp LP's), or old reh + live tapes by Glitch, plus ....

CORRUPTED YOUTH (from Montreal, or Ottawa?) - anything - live, reh, demo.
I used to have a demo with a great tune called "3Syllable Words".
They opened for Sacrifice and D.R.I. at Ildiko's in 1987 and were really good.

FBI (Brampton)- Future Thought demo 1990
I used to have two dubbed demo tapes. Good crossover.
FLYTE (Toronto)
They were in a bunch of mags and fanzines in the mid-1980s, but never seen their music anywhere.
I thought they won a contest to record in a pro studio too.
Hardcore Warrior (Can) 2008 Thunder Under Pressure (BTR006)
Alright, I know this one is for sale out there, but I thought the rcord label is dead, plus I don't feel like spending any money if it sucks!
There's only one song online to check out.
Moshed Potatoes (Peterborough) demo
I heard it once, back in the day, on Paul Abrash's radio show Death Metal Up Yer Kilt, or maybe Stephe Perry's Fast N Bulbous On The Spot?
yeah, it's a low-fi recording of grindcore/death  metal, but I liked what I heard, even if you could barely tune in the damn station.

OVERTHROW 1989 Concert Hall tape (I still wonder if they really played as I have zero memory of them there),
or the pre-Overthrow demo/band The Sick Fucks (which I used to have).

Razor 1985 Concert Hall tape

VOI VOD 1986 Concert hall tape

Wrathchild (pre-Razor, with drummer M-Bro) - late 1970s or early 1980s band - anything !

V/A - Buckets Of Blood Vol. 1 (2003) [Compilation]

Artists: Various Artists
Release: Buckets Of Blood Vol. 1 (2003) [Compilation]
Genre: Death / Black / Thrash / Blastbeat Grindcore / Metal / Dark Ambient / Experimental
Country: Various
Bitrate: vbr
Released on the record label by Alexander "Worm" Erhardt
vol.1 of 3
Bloodbucket Productions – BPCD1306. 2003
1 hour 12 minutes 39 seconds
1. Horde Of Worms - Under Blood Red Skies (2:43)
2. Castrum - The Gates Of Universal Mystery (4:17)
3. Visions Of The Night - Postalled (3:36)
4. Adumus - Besieging Abominations (5:04)
5. Impure - Insidious Malicious Breed (3:03)
6. Amors Et Bello - Il Destare Del Diavolo (7:07)
7. Tessaract - On The Depths Of Purgatory (2:46)
8. Vrykolakas - Zabaniah Nemesis Of Jahim (3:24)
9. Vigilia Mortum - Shadow (4:02)
10. Eclipse Eternal - The King (4:51)
11. Omnium Gatherum - Indiosyncrasies Of Others (1:48)
12. Toxic Holocaust - Demise (1:30)
13. The Defaced - Victim Of The Past (3:31)
14. Time Of Death - Forever Trapped In A Broken Mirror (6:54)
15. Infeccion Cronica - Repulsiva Concepcion (2:30)
16. Feral Horde - Sanity's Mask (6:18)
17. Sadistic Kill - Vaginal Grinder (4:02)
18. Brutal Noise - Desmembrando (2:16)
19. Scablord - Dr. Parkinson's Microsurgery (0:29)
20. Horde Of Worms - Firestorm (2:28)



VARIOUS ARTISTS - Maple Metal (1985) Canada

originally posted Sunday February 13, 2011 ?

If you didn't get this back in the day, here's your chance now,
Thanks to the original ripper / uploader,

"Maple Metal" 1985 compilation album from Viper Records to showcase Canadian Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands.

The album featured the first vinyl appearance of a pre-SKID ROW Sebastian Bach fronting KID WIKKID.

01. APPLE VIPER - Get Up
02. GALLEON - What D'ya Want?
03. HARLOTT - Angel In The Dark
04. HAVOC - The Warning
05. JADE - Legends Of A Time
06. KID WIKKID - Take A Look At Me
07. TITAN - Burnt By The Flame
08. TZAR - One Ticket To Paradise
09. RUE MORGUE - Goin' Down' Rockin'
10. VIGILANTS - Run For Cover

Artist: V/A
Release: Maple Metal (1985)
Genres: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Country: Canada
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Yowza Yowza Yowza

Who the heck wasn't hot for the big boobed blonde on the cover here !??

She briefly appeared in -
THOR "Knock 'Em Down"
VIGILANTS "Run For Cover".

and I think everybody is disappointed we never learned her name or what else she has done!

Label: Viper Records  #:  MVPR-108
review below taken from:
Side A:
80's party/stadium Hard Rock that just feels stale and anemic.
2. GALLEON - What D'ya Want
Melodic Metal with a NWOBHM-feel to it.
3. HARLOTT - Angel In The Dark
A nice, chugging midpacer which ends up more lightweight than needed thanx to the FM-rock production.
4. HAVOC - The Warning
Great, catchy & upbeat Metal the American way, like a poor man's GLACIER.
5. JADE - Legends Of A Time
Pretty forgettable melodic Metal/HR with fem vox, i.e. exactly like their albums.

Side B:
1. KID WIKKID - Take A Look At Me
Slick, mainstream HR. For FM radio only.
2. TITAN - Burnt By The Flame
A rock-solid Metal lead that's hard not to like despite its lack of originality, especially in this environment. And REAL Metal lyrics too - thank you.
3. TZAR - One Ticket To Paradise
Nice rugged vocals to a mean, heavy hardrocker. Not sure if it's the same version as on their LP or not.
4. RUE MORGUE - Goin' Down' Rockin'
"Cruizin down the highway doin 105, got my baby beside me, she's coming alive.." <--that br="" hardrock.="" kind="" of="">5. VIGILANTS - Run For Cover
 Bland, bandwagon radio-hr.


Anencephaly - Deformed At Birth [rehearsal Demo] (1997)

Artist: Anencephaly
Release: 1997 rehearsal demo tape
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Canada
Bitrate: 320
found a working link HERE
Anencephaly (Trenton, Ontario,Canada) - released in 2007 as "Deformed At Birth demo jam Session"

These two songs were not titled, and the band's other recordings have disappeared.
Will The Skid - Vocals
Keeghan Khaos- Guitar (pre-Warlock Moon, live musician only?)
Brian Irvine - Guitar
Dove Peske - Bass
Jeff K. - Drumz

guitarist Keeghan Khaos - later formed Crucifixxx Sodomy 
( not sure I should re-post, or rip/upload any C.S. tapes, as it is pretty much just chaotic punk/noize/sort of-metal ).
8 minutes 17 seconds
1. untitled (4:50)
2. untitled (3:27)

Malaria / Warlock Moon (2011-04-23) at The 460 Club,Toronto [bootleg]

here is one you might have heard in awhile (or at all?).
Strange thing is, this was recorded the same night as SPEWGORE was across town (opening for the previous EXCITER lineup I think) and they recorded/released an official live digipack CD.

MALARIA+WARLOCK MOON - 2011-04-23 at The 460 Club,Toronto bootleg
clear audience recording
128 kbps
1. Malaria - Intro     00:57    
2. Malaria - Combat Narcotics     04:21    
3. Malaria - Field Magnetic Degeneracy 02:28    
4. Malaria - Jungle Warfare     02:31    
5. Malaria - Blood Mercenaries     03:49    
6. Malaria - End Game     01:21    
7. Malaria - Massgraves     02:37    
8. Malaria - Yersinia Pestis     02:02    
9. Malaria - Detonate, Annihilate     02:20    
10. Malaria - Toxic Virulence     02:03    
11. Malaria - Trenchfoot     01:11    
12. Malaria - Don't Be a PC Fag     00:28    
13. Malaria - Mustard Gas Asphyxiation 02:18    
14. Malaria - Malaria     03:15    
15. Malaria - Battlefield Corpses     04:58    
16. Malaria - Medicide     03:36    
17. Malaria - Feast on Dismembered Carnage (Carcass cover) 02:14    
18. Malaria - Acid Bath (Repulsion cover)     02:32    

19. Warlock Moon - Night of the Moonlight Spell 07:41    
20. Warlock Moon - Power of Darkness     06:18    
21. Warlock Moon - Black Candles     05:27    
22. Warlock Moon - The Slums of Israel     03:27    
23. Warlock Moon - The Warlock Moon     03:17

Snowfall (Can) - Forest of Eld [Demo] (2008)

Artist: Snowfall
Release: Forest of Eld 2008 [Demo] (2008)
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Canada
Bitrate: cbr 320
cd-r rip
This has been labelled as a demo, but elsewhere as advance tracks for their 2008 album "Delirium Tremens".

Cain (vocals) R.I.P.:   May 28th, 2017
Died of:    Heroin overdose
was on the releases -
2004 Black Terror Art    
2008 The Harmony Between Death and Plague, Eyes of Affliction and Grace (Split)
9 minutes 30 seconds
1. From Black To Brown (4:19)
2. Forest Of Eld (5:11)

King (Can) - Psychological Terror [Demo] (2008)

Artist: King
Release: Psychological Terror [Demo] (2008)
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Canada
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Thanks to the original uploader, (unless i ripped my dubbed tape and don't recall?)
Baldr - Keyboards, Vocals (Track 3)
Lorde of the Throne - Drums, Vocals (Track 4)
Incanus [aka Devon Kerr, ex-Midnight Malice, now in Axxion] - - Guitars, Vocals (Track 2)
Slaganfall [Demo] 2007
Psychological Terror [Demo] 2008
Sufferance Obsolescent [Full-length] 2008
11 minutes 5 seconds
1. Psychological Terror (0:54)
2. Shattering Metaphysical Revelations (3:50)
3. Eden Ablaze (2:29)
4. Halls of the Blind (3:52)

Monday, September 17, 2018

Sonic Doom [ex-Armoros] (Can) - Demo (2004)

Artist: Sonic Doom
Release: Demo (2004)
Genre: Heavy Metal / Groove Metal / Thrash Metal
Country: Canada
Bitrate: CBR 192
Victoria, British Columbia

(no idea what the cover art looked like, just have a burned disc, so I used an unused album cover they posted on facebook)

Mike Sudar - Vocals, Guitars [ex-Armoros, Western Front, ex-Strapping Young Lad (live), ex-Mean Free Path]
Michael Piercey - Bass, Vocals (backing) [ex-Armchair Cynics]
Ken Doyle - Drums
cd-r rip for heavymetalrarities
Thanks to a tapetrader in B.C. for the disc many years ago.
Demo (cd-r) @192
40 minutes 2 seconds
01. Mo Fo (2:39)
02. Dark Knight (5:09)
03. Time Bomb (4:09)
04. Try (4:02)
05. She Is Destruction (2:44)
06. My Hell (3:11)
07. Taken Too Soon (4:16)
08. Black Resurrection (3:11)
Bonus tracks
09. Terminal Death (ARMOROS cover) (3:08)
10. Autopsy (ARMOROS cover) (1:36)
11. Dementia (ARMOROS cover) (5:57)
and added (2004 Demo) off soundclick @128
7 minutes 52 seconds
1. Predator (3:38)
2. Time Bomb (4:14)

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Black Donnellys (Can) - Life's A Scream [Demo] (1987), ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶l̶i̶v̶e̶ ̶t̶r̶a̶c̶k̶s̶

originally posted Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thanks to the original ripper, Canadian Punk and Hardcore Club for the CD-R.
One of the best demos of the mid-late 1980's, if you were into punk.
The demo was re-released in 2003 on a  couple of 7" EP's.
I bought them, but still never got around to listening/ripping them.


01 - Anything and Everything
02 - Poor People of Poland
03 - You Would
04 - Freddies' Revenge
05 - Take a ride.... ( on the bleeding railroad )
06 - Good
07 - Try Again
08 - Challenger
09 - Anything and Everything (Live)
10 - Freddies' Revenge (Live)
11 - Good (Live)
12 - I Don't Care About You (Live)
13 - Take a ride....(on the bleeding railroad)(Live)
14 - You Would(Live)
15 - Poor People of Poland(Live)
16 - (Live)
17 - Try Again(Live)
18 - I Am The Hunted(Live)
19 - Challenger(Live)
20 - Razzamanazz (Live)(NAZARETH COVER)
21 - talking(Live)
22 - Dead and Bleeding (New recording by the DONNELLYS 13)
320 kbps

Occupy Toronto ?

originally posted Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupy Toronto Market Exchange


There's the link if you want info.

Enjoy being beaten by police, falsely arrested/imprisoned, and have the media portray you as the bad guys.
I watched and read the reports of what happened a year ago.

Count me out

Things suck, but I see no point trying to change anything unless the majority is with you.
Everyone seems comfortable in this civilization going down, just like many others in the past 6,000 years.
They are too stupid to realize they are causing it to be cursed.

The provocateurs all dressed in black were probably cops, and most were not "caught" / "punished" for the destruction they caused, which looks more than suspicious.
It was the weaker, peaceful, hippie type protesters that were attacked by the police/security force , who still have not been identified...
or so they think.
I seen one of them directing traffic, so if there actually was a real revolution one day, they might want to consider plastic surgery.

Pretty sure the "protesters" and the police pissed off and hurt too many people. Ones that might go psycho and want revenge.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Negative Gain, Sudden Impact, Chronic Submission, Creative Zero ... and Direct Action ? Oct.13th, 2018

Not attending this, but thought you may want to know.

"We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - NOT DEAD YET is proud to be anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic and is generally opposed to any and all oppression. See you in October!"

LOL, fuck their Orwellian/Huxley/Communist utopia they are trying to force on everybody.
I will save my money to buy more booze instead.
I will still enjoy the lefties music at home when I want though, just like the politically correct will listen to Burzum and Skrewdriver.
Negative Gain, Sudden Impact, Chronic Submission, Creative Zero
Saturday, October 13 at 7:30 PM – 12:30 AM
Hard Luck Bar
772a Dundas St W, Toronto, Ontario M6J 1V1
Featuring live sets by Negative Gain, Sudden Impact, Chronic Submission and Creative Zero - 80's TOHC book will be available for purchase (plus bonus items only available at the show)! Doors 7:30pm.

Not Dead Yet 2018
Wed, Oct 10 to Sun, Oct 14
Oct 10 at 6 AM – Oct 15 at 1 AM

Twilight Hammer update

originally posted Thursday, January 27, 2011

don't know why I am re-posting any Twilight Hammer, as I thought years ago I sent him an interview sheet for my fanzine, he said he got the postal mail, then never heard a word from him again. 
I would have to search old facebook or email messages, but fairly sure I also sent my zine to him to entice him to do it.
Guess I am a sucker for the music...even if Jon is a fag for not answering, just like that Demona broad + Gabrihell from Riotor
"Working on new demo this week ???"
upcoming 2011 album titled "Taken By The Others"
They have a website -
"needs to be fixed for use with Internet Explorer but works fine in other browsers."(in other words, I think they are saying what many others are wondering - why aren't you using Mozilla Firefox?)
merchandise available for sale - 



Stephen Harper "Firing on your citizens is Outrageous" (Libya/Toronto G20)

originally posted Friday, April 1, 2011


It makes no difference who is put in charge here (Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau, Jean Cretien, Paul Martin (puppet of Maurice Strong?), Brian Mulroney, etc).

Not much will change, except everything gets worse. Sometimes it is slow, and at other times, it is a fast decline.

They know if they don't play ball and do what the shadow government tells them to do, then they get a bullet, or maybe something exotic like a flesh-eating disease, or  an "accident" (eg. their helicopter or plane crashes).

Stephen Harper "Firing on your citizens is Outrageous" (Libya/Toronto G20)
"The intended comparison in this video is NOT between Canada and Libya or Harper and Gaddafi but between Harper's rhetoric (standing up for democracy and human rights) and his record (mass detention, police brutality). The intent was to show how his condemnation lacks credibility because of his record on protecting civil rights."
1 Year Anniversary of Toronto G20

from a comment below

 "non-Toronto based thugs"... who were probably undercover cops! IF you actually watched all the street footage from the G20, the police made no attempt to stop or arrest vandals such as the ones who set fire to a police car, but did violently arrest and attack peaceful protesters."

Problem Children - 1983 demo, + Long Weekend (1985-1988)

originally posted march 2010?
They played a lot of gigs in the 1980s and early 1990s, and I do not remember seeing any of them!, which is weird, as they were on the same bills as a lot of other bands I liked.

I THOUGHT I seen one gig at The Apocalypse Club, with a (British?) punk band Designer Fear (headlined over Stickman), and there was some kind of jam band that night called Designer Problem, with members of Problem Children?
Thanks to the original uploaders.

Problem Children 1983 don't give up demo 
@ 192
blue dyed hair.mp3
don't give up.mp3
i can't breathe.mp3
one race.mp3
we got dunk together.mp3
yer a bitch, baby!.mp3

Problem Children - Long Weekend (1985-1988)

160 kbps
Download winrar file and extract
01 - Fuk Yuz All
02 - Thrashin' With Yer Parents
03 - Plastic Liver
04 - Red Dyed Hair
05 - What's It All About
06 - We Want You
07 - Nobody Wins
08 - The Future Is Now.mp3
09 - We Are The Children
10 - On The Air
11 - Energy
12 - The Pit Between Two Signs
13 - Canada's Eulogy
14 - Lover Or A Whore
15 - Believe
16 - Long Weekend

re-mastered demo


more info here -

Canada Post workers consider possible strike to start September 26, 2018

Strike for what?
They are already overpaid for not doing their jobs... and they want more money??
Granted, there are probably some distribution workers, and mailmen there that do work hard, but even  those I have no sympathy for.

Why? a few reasons....

The tracking shows your mail sitting in a depot for weeks/months, yet something similar (same size, from a same area) arrives to you within a week??


They do not even check if you are inside at home, but leave pick-up notice cards, even though the mail/packages were PAID to be delivered to you - in person - into your hands - at your door !

Not so we have to spend time to travel to a Post Office, wait in line, then have some asshole clerk demand enough "proper" pieces of identification before they decide to release your property to you.

What kind of country am I living in now??

Imagine the senior citizens or disabled people that CAN'T get to a Post Office. That means their mail gets sent back.

I know, I know, Canada Post obviously doesn't care about us, when they started installing super-boxes across the country, instead of everybody still getting home delivery.

That gawdam union and bean counters are probably thinking -
'Hey, you just travel down the road and pick up the mail there.
Not our problem if the superbox was broken open and you lost mail, or if you are too old or weak or sick to walk around and die from walking there because you have nobody to pick it up for you.
Thank you for your patronage.
-Canada Post'

The price increases of sending postal letters and packages have resulted in WORSE SERVICE.

Supposedly, Canada has the MOST EXPENSIVE postal service in the world, and is working to become the WORST.

No wonder a lot of people hated the books by Ayn Rand, like The Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged, (Watch the movies if you do not have time to read the books, but the books are better).
It clearly shown how lazy bipeds join unions and get their government pals to pass laws to enforce a Sovietization of a country that make all the regular decent people suffer.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

new Sepulchre track

originally posted Wednesday, January 12, 2011
from the upcoming album
Deathcult from the Sepulchre album by the band Sepulchre

(yes, M.A. sucks, but I feel good when their bandwidth is eaten up).

whole album is for preview now if you click their band name there on bandcamp.
...and damn, it is is fuckin HEAVY !

Sept.11, 2018 
A good chance one reader will cry "wah! that facebook page no longer exists, wah!"
That's right, cuz facebook is for faggots, especially those that don't care about their privacy or their freedom.
If you need to use it for finding info, then whatever. Plenty of other sites or zines where you can find it instead.


originally posted Saturday, June 25, 2011


Vodnik 's debut CD will be released this summer -
" a free downloadable EP in July :) "
 click the "vodnik" tag under this post, as there still might be a working download link elsewhere on this blog of crapola.

Canadian Wrestler and former SHIMMER Tag Champion, Nicole Matthews (SHIMMER,ECCW) one half of The Canadian Ninjas, is wrestling in Sydney, Australia this September 3rd, 2011 for a PWWA event.

September 11, 2018

Nicole Matthews participated in the WWE Mae Young Classic (2018)  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mae_Young_Classic_(2018) which is a tournament between female wrestlers from all over the world.
Her match appears on the WWE Network September 26 Episode 4
according to https://411mania.com/wrestling/match-listings-first-four-episodes-2018-mae-young-classic/
If you don't subscribe, look for a torrent, or on websites like http://scene-rls.com/

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Raise the Fist of the Metal Child Episode 32 - FATALITY

Found an old radio show/podcast on a hard drive, so uploaded it before deleting.
I haven't listened to it since 2011, so can't even remember who in this defunct Toronto band was interviewed... maybe they were busy and are not on it? Who knows!

Raise the Fist of the Metal Child Episode 32 - FATALITY - April 26th 2011
79 minutes @ 159 kbps
90.6 MB
Download or listen


FATALITY Eastern Intoxication Adventures Continue! – Tour Blog UpdatesMay 13, 2011   

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Epileptic Brain Surgeons - (1989) demo

originally posted Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Epileptic Brain Surgeons (Brampton) - Hell's Big Apple Bites Back Upon Family Brunch (1989) demo
Side A
01.La Bamba
02.Trendy Faggot From Bramalea (Ronnie)
03.Porno Movie
05.Screamin' Boogies
Side B
06.The Price Of Waffles Has Gone Up
07.Seizure In The Mall
08.Trees & Flowers
09.Three White Men In A Snowstorm Eating Marshmallows
128  kbps
Never mind, It is now on bandcamp.

I grabbed the 2 mp3's from their myspace a year ago or something, and decided to split them now to show those that ,Yes!, they had a tape released before the cassette tape Album on Epidemic records.
(Metal archives said that was released on LP and cassette? Bullshit.

I NEVER seen it in the stores except for on cassette tape, so that is why I always called the 1990 (Album) tape another demo, just a better recorded one!
This '89 demo is hiss-laden, but I like the energy of these earlier versions.

Epileptic Brain Surgeons - LP (1990)

originally posted Tuesday, May 25, 2010

EBS (L-R) John McCuish, Mike Myers, Mike Chapman, Pooh, Steve Waller

inside sleeve

Epileptic Brain Surgeons - LP (1990) [Epidemic Records EP90-4]
01.Da Nanel Lanel Laa 02:27
02.Toothpaste Dilemma 01:27
03.Hound Dog 01:14
04.Puberty 01:27
05.Dog-Beating Faggot 01:42
06.Trees & Flowers 00:48
07.Cows 02:29
08.Hugga Hugga 01:13
09.Yeahmans 01:57
10.Voracious Dogs 02:28
11.Siezure in the Mall 01:31
12.Porno Movie 01:00
13.Soap 02:13
14.Environmental Ditty 01:01
15.La Bamba 00:54
16.U.G.F.D. 02:00
17.Pati Mahn 02:35

Total playing time 28:26
320 kbps go to https://epilepticbrainsurgeons.bandcamp.com/

Steve Waller - Vocals
Mike Myres (BEYOND) - Guitar, Bass
John McCuish - Drums
Mike Chapman - Bass (R.I.P.)
Paul "POOH" Donohoe - Lead Guitar



REUNION SHOW 2010 - facebook event
video -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwDYXvIkqVE