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Monday, September 4, 2017

Nuclear Region

NUCLEAR REGION (Beaverton,ON) - 2011 reh demo @320
23 minutes 14 seconds

1. Nuclear Region (Canada) - Forest Unknown (5:11)
2. Nuclear Region (Canada) - Northern Sky (5:01)
3. Nuclear Region (Canada) - Lost Wisdom (Burzum cover) (5:08)
4. Nuclear Region (Canada) - Transilvanian Hunger (Darkthrone cover) (7:54)

I video recorded Nuclear Region and most (maybe all) of the other bands on a Saturday night, years ago
went upstairs/outside The Silver Dollar, shooting the shit with Keegan, so maybe missed some stuff.
I never knew it, but the promoters were offering 50% off discounts on merchandise for filming and I missed out on that. Never seen that info on the original flyer.. https://www.facebook.com/events/271373743003918/?active_tab=about  
Since Keegan from SFM http://skullfuckingmetal.blogspot.com/ never released the event on VHS / DVD-R / audio cassette from the videos he copied from me, I could share them, but I won't, because but I don't have the setlists.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Speakeasy (Can) - The Only Choice [Demo] (1990)

Artist: Speakeasy 
Release: The Only Choice [Demo] (1990)
Genre: Hardcore / Punk 
Country: Canada
Bitrate: 192
First Demo release

Thanks to the original uploader, Punk Guy.

Band was from Mississauga, Southern Ontario.
included Cory Mogk - bass, ex-H.A.Y.(Hyper Active Youth)
23 minutes 24 seconds

1. Big Orange Sweatbox (2:50)
2. Machines (3:26)
3. Red, White, And U (3:02)
4. The Only Choice (2:42)
5. Animachine (4:55)
6. Fatal Reality (2:30)
7. Fuck The Poor (1:18)
8. Infinite Psychosis (2:41)

Hyper Active Youth (Can) - Static [Rehearsal Demo] (1989)

Artist: Hyper-Active Youth
Release: Static [rehearsal Demo] (1989)
Genre: Hardcore
Country: Canada
Bitrate: m4a 96 kbps
ge.tt link
demo cover folds out into a photocopied handwritten lyric sheet, included.

H.A.Y. was -
Milan the Man: Drums,
Shane the Pain: Guitar and Back-up Vocals,
Macko the Wacko: Bass and Vocals

3 long hairs from the suburbs that were always at Toronto hardcore / crossover / thrash metal shows in the late 1980 / early 1990s.

* This is missing two songs.

One song was the funny, repetitive "Skip in the Record". The other was "Close Shave", which the band dropped from the set list after whiny punks / liberal hardcore-types complained it was "misogynist". Whatever. It wasn't that great of a song, but it irritated me that others criticized them, and the band were the laid-back, beer drinking-type dudes from what I remember, and didn't think it was important enough to argue over.
They wrote another song instead. (Forgot what it was called, but they played it live).

Many years ago, I asked Bass player/singer Cory Mogk from H.A.Y. if he could upload the entire tape, but he never did.
Also, he messaged back, the tape was from 1986, not 1989, but 1989 was when Shane gave me a copy; he compiled rehearsal tracks in 1989 and handed it out to zines and radio stations, without first informing the 2 other members.
1. John Doe (3:45)
2. Beware (0:53)
3. The Dinosaur Song (2:03)
4. Get Some Donuts (3:27)
5. Day End (2:55)
6. Capitalist Pig Dog Exploiter (1:47)
7. Violent Submission (2:41)
8. Skate-A-Thon (2:47)
9. I Hear You Say Goodbye (2:01)

Sunday, August 27, 2017

CKLN Aggressive Rock 1987-09-01

CKLN 1987-09-01

September 1, 1987 CKLN, 88.1 FM, Toronto ,Ontario, Aggressive Rock Hour with Brian Tailor

192 kbps
thanks Metal Jim from British Columbia for sharing his tapes !

1 hour 18 minutes 4 seconds

1. Sacrifice-Flames of Armageddon (cuts in) (5:26)
2. Excel - Your Life, My Life (cuts) (3:16)
3. dj Brian Tailor (0:26)
4. Motorhead - Rock N Roll (3:50)
5. Motorhead - Eat The Rich (4:35)
6. Metallica - Damage Inc. (4:14)
7. radio ad by Brian, for GBH gig (1:28)
8. ad for CKLN's In My Head radio show with Jill Heath (0:45)
9. DBC (Dead Brain Cells) - Deadlock (2:53)
10. DBC (Dead Brain Cells) - Monument (4:01)
11. dj Brian Tailor (1:12)
12. (cuts in) Excel - Insecurity (1:47)
13. radio ad by Brian, for GBH gig (1:23)
14. Suicidal Tendencies - off Welcome to Venice comp (2:30)
15. dj Brian Tailor (0:42)

tape flip

16. Conflict - Turning Rebellion Into Money live lp trax (9:26)
17. ian mckaye maybe (2:31)
18. cuts in, sounds like minor threat (0:58)
19. Vicious Circle - Common Denominator (2:13)
20. Napalm Death - Siege of Power (4:05)
21. Celtic Frost - Inner Sanctum (5:26)
22. Amebix - Largactyl (3:49)
23. Henry Rollins - Can You Speak This (2:01)
24. Big Black - He's A Whore (Cheap Trick cover) (2:32)
25. Dr.Know - Boy's Life (It Came From Slimy Valley comp) (1:27)
26. dj Brian Tailor (0:52)
27. The Cult - Wild Flower (remix) (3:42)
28. CKLN promo (0:34)

The show was only one hour long, so this tape must have been two shows combined, but has only date listed on the tape.

The sound quality suffers at times from poor radio reception.

Some songs are incomplete.

Some songs are not introduced, so it was either my friend didn't tape it, or Brian didn't care/ he forgot.
(There were a couple of times in Aggressive Rock's history when Brian did not speak at all, and it was a solid hour of music).

It sounds like Brian laughing in the background when he plays Jill Heath's ad.

There are skips in the record played of Dr.Know - "Boy's Life" (It came From Slimy Valley compilation)

What was Brian referring to at the end when he says "Will James share?

The following is NOT here !

I copied the live LAB ANIMALS live tape over the July 22, 1986, radio show..

The reason was I had played that tape a million times and didn't have any blanks to dub onto.
and guess what?
MEMOREX regular tapes USED TO BE MANUFACTURED to last as long (and sound almost as good) as chrome tapes!

CKLN 88.1 FM, AGGRESSIVE ROCK HOUR with dj Brian Tailor,Tuesday, July 22, 1986, 11 p.m.
(50 minutes of it was this)

SACRIFICE-Cyanide (demo)
SLAYER-Altar Of Sacrifice (advance tape, debut airing in Canada probably)
-Jesus Saves
IMPALER-Bloodbath (Bullets comp)
POSSESSED-Heretic (Bullets comp)
BROKEN BONES-Treading Underfoot
POSON IDEA-Laughing Boy
NO MIND-No Mind to Lose (demo)
T.S.O.L.-Abolish Government
-Silent Majority

(other side of my tape has these 4 tracks from Brian's show, but doubt were from this particular broadcast, OR were even played together in the same set)

ILL REPUTE-Cherry Cherry (Neil Diamond cover)
ANVIL BITCH-Lie Through Your Teeth

well. I don't have this above,

but from that same week, off the weekly syndicated national radio broadcast THE METAL SHOP, Friday July 25, 1986 (10 mins.only)

THE METAL SHOP, Friday July 25, 1986
MEGADETH - Peace Sells.. (early mix..maybe off the BULLETS compilation LP (Combat Records).
JOHN KAY & STEPPENWULF about Born to be Wild

also used to have on that tape -
a Sigourney Weaver interview from Q107's Barometer show (Monday, July 28th, 1986) for the new movie ALIENS.

for 2 reasons.
1-a second of it was sampled for a silly Death Tonge tape
2-because, as American hardcore band N.W.P.P. (Natalie Woods Pool Party) sang, "I'm Horny for Sigourney".

The singer (from Natalie Woods Pool Party) had an ad in Kerrang, or Megametal Kerrang, or Metal Forces. One of those mags.
Got a short, cool letter back, which is where he told me about his band, THEN the penpal ad in mags with his photo playing bass appeaared...

don't have the following either
 CKLN Aggressive Rock 2 hours Saturday May 23, 1992 with dj Brian Tailor

VENOM - At War With Satan (complete side 1 of album)
PANTERA - Mouth For War
GRAVE - In Love
WHIPLASH - Stagedive
CATHEDRAL - Soul Sacrifice (new version)
CRO MAGS - See The Signs, Eyes of Tomorrow
CHRIST ON A CRUTCH - A Nation Of Sheep
DEFIANCE - No Compromise
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - You Can't Bring me Down

Summer Squash, or, He's Too Flat For Me [Live Compilation] (1990)

 Release: Summer Squash, or, He's Too Flat For Me [Live Compilation] (1990)
Genre: Rock, Punk, Hardcore
Country: Canada
Bitrate: 96
a punkish mix tape of bands recorded live in Toronto.
Thanks to the original uploader - vinyhilist
I didn't split every band's contribution.
the bitrate is low, so sound quality sucks, and is only for collectors, looking to find rare tracks of these bands.
1 hour 33 minutes 20 seconds

1. Rocktopus - Sacrifice (3:46)
2. Rocktopus - Garcia (3:14)
3. Superfly - Mindfuck (4:28)
4. Superfly - Clean Mean Green (4:50)
5. Sons Of Ishmael - Jackhammer (1:14)
6. Sons Of Ishmael - Rollins Stones (0:43)
7. Kingpin - Mr Sulu (1:09)
8. Phleg Camp - Wendi C + Fueling (7:44)
9. Tent Of Miracles - French Song + Metalloid (5:20)
10. Deep End - Soup (3:27)
11. Deep End - I Don't Care About You (FEAR cover) (1:33)
12. Epileptic Brain Surgeons - Screamin' Boogies (2:01)
13. Epileptic Brain Surgeons - Toothpaste Dilemma (1:22)
14. Guilt Parade - Michigan Monster (3:28)
15. Guilt Parade - Fuck Off America (2:51)
16. Shark Graffiti - What The Hell (3:38)
17. Shark Graffiti - Shit Dog (3:31)
18. More Stupid Initials - Machoman (Village People cover) (1:40)
19. More Stupid Initials - Back In Control (1:40)
20. One Blood - Dirge + Yankee Parasite (5:02)
21. Totentanz - 6 Gun Justice (1:50)
22. Suckerpunch - Witchdoctor (4:09)
23. Suckerpunch - What's That Smell (3:56)
24. Change Of Heart - Direction For Going (2:40)
25. Change Of Heart - Massacre (1:29)
26. 5ft. Nothing - Beth (KISS cover) (2:09)
27. 5ft. Nothing - Rapunzel (2:52)
28. No Identity - Abusing Yourself (1:33)
29. No Identity - Looking Back In Your Past (1:45)
30. 4 and a Half Reasons For Retoactive Abortion - Anti-Choice (2:28)
31. Liquid Joy - Reggae Smeggae (3:00)
32. Liquid Joy - Instrumental (2:33)
33. Müd - Kee-Koo-Ka (0:15)

Would you eat this stuff?

originally posted April 24, 2011

..yeah, neither would I

a typically useless ad I get in my emails from Steal The Deal

but if you like weird shit like that, it's at 169 King St E,Toronto.near Jarvis

if you want a REALLY GOOD MEAL, better places I remember were
Lick's Burgers
-860 York Mills Map (at Lesmill)
-1960 Queen Street East Map (East of Woodbine)

Johnny's Charcoal Broiled Hamburgers
2595 Victoria Park Avenue
Toronto, ON
(416) 491-7222
word of advice, don't ask for lettuce or stupid shit for the awesome hamburgers they make, as they built the reputation of refusing to serve your order and kicking you out.

Paradise bar & grill / restaurant
-507 Parliament St

Outback Steakhouse
-801 York Mills Road,Toronto, ON

There USED to be one of the BEST ever Taco Bell's at College & Yonge( next to Starbucks on the north west corner) but now on googlemaps it looks like a Native Learning Centre? what the fuck? One of the best places to eat on Yonge Street is gone?

I guess the McDonald's
at 470 Yonge Street

is still busy all night,(is it still open like 23 hours? maybe they closed one hour to clean up before 5 or 6 am?) as it was the ONLY fast food place after 1 or 2 am that had decent parking near by, your orders weren't screwed up and tasted good, and maybe even had security...
One time I seen some people get kicked out or something, can;t remember exactly what for, but maybe due to being too loud and drunk, or harassed other customers.

I KEEP CHECKING ONLINEand a LOT of places I ate at over 10 years ago or more, that were okay or really good, are gone.

ok, let's see what is still on googlemaps...
Mr Sub
-1975 Queen Street East,near Waverly, Woodbine is the next major intersection.
was okay. Stopped there once or twice I think.

Heck, any and all QUIZNO's submarine places are excellent, but they are too expensive.
Only for when you spoiling yourself, or have the dough to burn.

NOW, THIS next place turned into one of the best kept secrets , into being
too fuckin busy all the time!, once people learned how great the food and service was.
Not sure anymore.
Tulip Restaurant
1606 Queen Street E, Toronto, M4L 1G2 (416) 469-5797 ‎
Category: Steak House
Queen Street at Coxwell Avenue

Ok, tired of this, going to rip some rare vinyl now.

P.S. You can't go wrong with either Mr Greek at 526 Danforth Ave, or actually, any of the greek restaurants around there, between Broadview and Donlands

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Dead Chretiens, Cum Sock, Ostie [Split] (2013)

After I ripped the tape and separated into separate tracks,
it took a long time and a lot of internet searching, plus checking against the few CD-R's and tapes I have of some bands, to figure out the song titles

I still never figured out two Dead Cretiens song titles.
Oh well, who cares.
As if we deserved to know.

Guess I could have emailed them, but I can't remember when a band ever replied to me when I had a question about a release.
yeah, it is pretty rare,to get answers,  unless you ask them publicly on some social media site (parasite) like facebook.
Unless you are ordering something, or already paid them for an item, most bands seem to be dicks.

Between the leechers you find visiting on every forum and blog, acting like spoiled children if they don't get what they want (or get it faster!);
and the bands/labels/distro's that won't provide track details/recording info or even working links to place an order,
not sure who the bigger assholes are.

Halfway through ripping, I realized I couldn't post this tape rip on heavymetalrarities.com.
Their rules do not allow posting releases from 2010-2017, and definitely if still for sale by the band or their offical record labels.
Now, this gets to be heard by readers of assorted leeching blogspots and forums.

Enjoy this noise..or don't. You all suck shit anyway.

At the end of the tape was music recorded from what sounds like a game off the Nintendo 64 system, so enjoy that too, you nerds.

Dead Chretiens, Cum Sock, Ostie [Split tape] (2013)

Label: No Future Productions – NFP041
Format: Cassette, Compilation
Country: US
Released: 2013
Genre: Punk, Grindcore, Black Metal
Bitrate: 320 cbr

Dead Chretiens - (Punk)
Cum Sock  - (Grindcore)
Ostie  - (Black Metal? , could be a  joke band.)



49 minutes 17 seconds

Originally Appeared On North Boy 2002
1. Dead Chretiens - Intro + Get Out of MY House (2:27)
2. Dead Chretiens - NOFX, Pennywise, Rancid (1:40)
3. Dead Chretiens - [Track 03] (4:12) ?
4. Dead Chretiens - [Track 04] (1:07)
5. Dead Chretiens - Cancel Welfare (2:13)
6. Dead Chretiens - Fill Her Song (1:17)
7. Dead Chretiens - Crack Head (1:36)

Originally Appeared On Cobalt 2003
8. Dead Chretiens - Bring Me Down (2:25)
9. Dead Chretiens - Rat (0:50)
10. Dead Chretiens - Fuck It Must Be Nice (2:17)
11. Dead Chretiens - Trendz (0:56)
12. Dead Chretiens - We Don't Care! (1:40)
13. Dead Chretiens - Your Bar (0:50)
14. Dead Chretiens - Let's Dance (0:41)

Originally Appeared On Resin Stinks 2004
15. Cum Sock - Punch To The Face (1:06)
16. Cum Sock - Don't Jerk Off In My Shower (0:48)
17. Cum Sock - Fuck U (0:48)
18. Cum Sock - Emo Sux (0:32)
19. Cum Sock - Pissing Out My Ass (0:38)
20. Cum Sock - Slob (0:58)
21. Cum Sock - Resin Stinks (0:15)
22. Cum Sock - Tom Peeping Bass Solo (1:14)
23. Cum Sock - 6 Pack Girl (0:41)
24. Cum Sock - Drunk As Fuck (0:38)
25. Cum Sock - All Religions (1:07)
26. Cum Sock - Idiot (1:28)

Originally Appeared On 60 Songs 60 Seconds 2007
27. Cum Sock - [from '60 Songs 60 Seconds' 2007]

Recorded 2012
28. Ostie - Black Frost (3:37)
29. Ostie - Morth Avec Ton Ostie (8:07)
30. Ostie - Frozen With Hate (3:09)

I should have fixed the typo's, before including the rant above with the download...

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

RATTLEHEAD, in concert on March 31st 2017

Megadeth tribute band based out of Toronto. first gig is at the Rockpile 5555 Dundas St West
on March 31st 2017,
set time @8pm.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Terminated Rite (can) - live 6-14-87 (SB) in Toronto

Terminated Rite (can) - live 6-14-87 (SB) in Toronto @ 320
has been shared at http://heavymetalrarities.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=145&t=28054

You can join the forum and download for free, but be warned -
if you type "Thanks" or other irrelevant comments when all you need to do is click the Thumbs up icon, you might be banned!

Most forums want you to type some bullshit like thanks to view the hidden download links, but not this forum.

..so, anyways...

Was this their first show?

WHERE did this concert gig take place? Who was the soundman that buried the vocals?

Whoe else was played that night ?

What is the missing song title?

Why isn't there a 500 foot statue of John Candy in Ontario ??
Why can't I find any nude pics of Cynthia Dale or Pamela Wallin ???
Probably I will never find these answers!

Saturday, December 24, 2016



"Canada will be the first G7 nation, in 2017, to legalize, regulate and restrict access to recreational cannabis," says Brendan Kennedy, president of B.C.-based marijuana producer Tilray.
"The eyes of the world are on Canada, and it's extremely important for Canada to get this right."