WHO ever you are , and WHERE ever you are, say ONLY these 5 words to police if taken into custody -
Remember these five words.
This will save you in many cases.
You can be held for what seems like days and possibly be (physically and mentally) abused by the cops, but DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM other than,
even if they stop at your door and ask questions, DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS,
The police have stolen from my personal belongings in the past and I wonder if those items will appear in a future crime scene!

Regent Law Professor James Duane
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I delete emails with "The material is watermarked".
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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Wrestler Nicole Matthews has gotten chunky... and I still dig her


Nicole Matthews vs. Heidi Lovelace - SHIMMER 61
Heidi Lovelace - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruby_Riott


Strappado (ex-Slaughter) interview from Metal Assault zine (Niagara Falls,Ontario).

Unsure of the year, but will guess between 1990-1993.

Metal Assault #3.pg.28

Metal Assault #3.pg.29

courtesy of Dan/Metal Assault/Grooby Assault/Chronic Aggression
copyrighted by Metal Dan of Niagara Falls, you know, that fucking guy surrounded by hot chicks at weddings or something i seen on facebook, yeah....i am very jealous! I finally shaved my long hair off too, maybe will get that same luck?

Obliveon (Can) - Fiction of Veracity [Demo] (1989)

Artist: Obliveon
Release: Fiction of Veracity [Demo] (1989)
Genre: Technical Thrash / Technical Death Metal
Country: Canada
Bitrate: 192
Thanks to Joanne, the hot chick in Quebec (and married to a famous drummer), that sent this rip to me via Canada Post many years ago.
http://www.spirit-of-metal.com/groupe-g ... -l-en.html
33 minutes 47 seconds
01 It Should Have Stayed Unreal + Access to the Acropolis (8:08)
02 Fiction of Veracity (8:22)
03 Imminent Regenerator (4:58)
04 Droidomized (6:33)
05 Chronocraze (5:46)

Metal Assault #3.pg.52 

Metal Assault #3.pg.53 

courtesy of Dan/Metal Assault/Grooby Assault/Chronic Aggression
copyrighted by Metal Dan of Niagara Falls, obey or get a Yugoslavian knuckle sandwich

Sunday, May 20, 2018


I traveled around a bit and one thing that folks noticed was they knew where i came from was legitimate.
I would say Toronto, and they said/corrected me, "no, you said  "Tuhrannah".

Hmmm, maybe some of us born here have a speech impediment...

I am a cranky old fuck

if you ain't astute enough to figure that out by now.
Soon will rip/upload more stuff...
Just cuz a lot of the internet is full of fags, and the rest are apathetic, should that be a cause to never share?

One of the more recent emails was a promo for Lee Aaron 2018 Diamond Baby Blues.
I haven't even listened yet. I am slow...
It might be good, but I still remember reading years ago somewhere how Lee Aaron rejected heavy metal.
It was not in the porn mag where she said she liked riding with bikers and having sex in the countryside.

before any of you freak out... I am a Lee Aaron fan (mainly due to the first 2 Lp's), and despite the fact a friend of a friend of a friend stepped on her foot at Dundas Subway station and she called him an asshole...  even though she could have made him and all his metal-head friends her sex slaves...

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Fuck you TTC! You are not the same TTC of the 1970s!

quick drunken post below...I don't care..suck my dick bitch

You slammed the doors in our faces enough! You started away the bus/subway far too many times so we are late to work!
 Fuck you all!
So... finally.. SOME of you are hurting? 'attacked"? yeah, so what? You TTC fucks have cost a lot of Toronto citizens their jobs by making them late,and the employers donltcare..even though we spent a LOT of TIME to ensure we got there on time.

We follow the schedules, get to the bus stops, or subway platforms on the exact time, and yet, you pull out early? what the fuck is wrong with you??

No sympathy for you TTC goofs.  You better learn your place you overpaid fucks.
The day i KNEW when these TTC goofs knew they were guilty? A bitch looked me in the eye when she drove away the bus... I was reprimanded again for being late, though not my fault...

after that,,, I had a bottle of acid for her i grabbed from work, but she never drove that route...why? cuz she knew was wrong! so fuck her and the TTC union ,,fuck them all... I would gladly have sprayed her and went to jail for some vengeance.
These days. on the Braveboard and other assorted gaylord forums, they make excuses..well, hell with them, they all are fags, and probably suck dick if put in population.

I was surprised a little bit... not too much though.. when TTC employees got attacked..again...but so what.. many many years ago, I used to complain through the 1980s-2000's how the TTC drivers were fucking assholes ansd deserved to be punished, but nobody cared or..in the 2000'a
 ...would banish me from some forums/facebook groups.
Guess the streets have finally spoken.
...fuck you Braveboard and all you pieces of chickenshit.
you think we would not not notice you allowed the EXACT same things by current members, for what you banned before ?
fuck the "toronto" scene. When it is full of scenesters, who only allow their friends to complain


Stick to your own kind (and if you are mixed/mulatto/half breed -  I don't care - not my concern, all of you goofs suck shit anyways)
when released on bail, and the that screw (jail guard) says "you can sit here", then you tell that fuckhead, "oh , yeah. did I get bail? where's the door out of here?)
WHY do I emphasize this?
In Ajax/Whitby, when I got bail,these little dicks told me where to sit and wait, and hours later said, "Oh, we never said you could not leave"... gawdawn games by anti-white pieces of shit. White traitors.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Why is that flag on here?

The Canadian Red Ensign was what I stood at attention to, every morning at 9 a.m., when the Cd'n national anthem played over the PA system at school.
It wasn't until our principal retired in the late 1970s or early 1980s when that gawdawn stupid maple leaf flag was put up at school.
The "maple leaf"/ (new flag) was forced in illegally in the 1960s by the gov't, as not enough members shown, so that makes it an illegal quorum.
That RED Maple Leaf is the difference.
Before it, Canada was not a "let every shit-ass immigrant in, even if they are criminals"-attitude.

It is kind of amazing our principal got away with ignoring the "law" on this one point.
My elementary school felt like the 1950s/60s, even though it was the 70s, when I think about it, and probably all due to that one white man trying to preserve the past.
Once he was gone, then we started getting more aliens like hawaiians and niggers in, and that was when the real problems started. Glad I got out a few years later.

Now some of you might understand why I don't trust or like the gov't?
Oh? i am racist ? a racialist? That's right... had enough of the lies and doublespeak.
I like what I like and hate what I hate.
Experience has taught me to stick with my own kind.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Manacle - No Fear To Persevere... (2018)

Manacle - No Fear To Persevere... (2018)
Hard and Heavy Records, Toronto, Ontario

The last gig I attended was seeing Manacle some years ago in Hamilton.
Was told the line-up has changed since then, but it sounds like the same singer.
Looks like Inti pulled the Rehearsal, and Live at Lee's Palace, releases from bandcamp?

Manacle is traditional, 1980s-type, heavy metal with clean singing.
For fans of Omen, Dio, Witchcross, Judas Priest, Savage Grace, etc.

Release date: May 4, 2018 (CD) – June 4, 2018 (Limited edition LP)

Ashes - Thresher (2018)

Ashes - Thresher (2018)

Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app.https://ashes7.bandcamp.com/album/thresher-2

  name your price




Vancouver, British Columbia

released May 1, 2018

Friday, April 27, 2018

RoadRash - Thunder In Paradise

I forgot about this band. 

I thought they were decent before, but the new release Thunder In Paradise smokes the demo. 
If you like quick, punky metal, this is for you. 
Sounds like they ate a ton of Wake-Up pills or downed a lot of Jolt Cola.
Definitely sounds like band that would fit in on either a metal or a hardcore gig.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Warlock Moon - dead... but still alive! (..on my stereo at least)

Here's a bunch of old stuff..  I either bought from SFM Distro when it was still around, or got in trades from Keegan ... Probably have some more tapes or CD-R's I never ripped to the hard drive yet, or maybe didn't split into separate tracks yet .. I am not looking for it right now, as this should be enough to satisfy any of you that want it RAW, and REAL underground, and TRUE black metal.

Artist: D.S.R. - Dead Shall Rise (pre-Warlock Moon)
Release: Corpse Paint [rehearsal Demo] (2002)

Bitrate: EAC 320
cd-r rip
http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Dea ... ise/127980
11 minutes 11 seconds
1. What's the Truth (3:25)
2. The Gate (3:05)
3. Corpse Paint (4:41)

Release: The Morbid Moon Recordings [Demo] (2006)
Bitrate: EAC 320
cd-r rip
http://www.metal-archives.com/albums/Wa ... ngs/129270
17 minutes 29 seconds
1. Intro (0:50)
2. The Slums of Israel (3:05)
3. The Warlock Moon (2:50)
4. Frozen Memory (2:41)
5. A Gate (2:26)
6. Outro (5:37)


Artist: Warlock Moon
Release: Moon of the Wolf 'Promo' [Single] (2007)
Bitrate: EAC 320
cd-r rip
http://www.metal-archives.com/albums/Wa ... %22/181211
14 minutes 59 seconds
1. Moon of the Wolf (5:26)
2. Interlude III (3:32)
3. Scylla (6:01)

Release: Night of the Moonlight Spell [EP] (2007)
Bitrate: EAC 320
cd-r rip for heavymetalrarities
http://www.metal-archives.com/albums/Wa ... ell/173245
12 minutes 29 seconds
1. Night of the Moonlight Spell (6:50)
2. Interlude II (2:50)
3. The Slums of Israel (Outtake 2006) (2:49)

Warlock Moon (Can) / Paganfire (Phi) - split album (2007)
Artists: Warlock Moon + Paganfire
Release: split album (2007)
Genre: Black Metal / Thrash Metal
Bitrate: EAC 320
cd-r rip
http://www.metal-archives.com/albums/Wa ... ire/149446
34 minutes 35 seconds
1. Warlock Moon - A Wish, in the Dark Mist (2:59)
2. Warlock Moon - The Duel of Black Forces (4:19)
3. Warlock Moon - The Mystical Apocalypse (4:12)
4. Warlock Moon - Frozen Memory (2:43)
5. Paganfire - To Hunt, to Kill, to Devour (5:11)
6. Paganfire - Mapangwagak (4:32)
7. Paganfire - Sa Wakas Ng Hinaharap (5:40)
8.Paganfire - Terminator (4:59)

Release: Power of Darkness [EP/Reh Demo] (2009)
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Canada
Bitrate: 320
very thin sounding recording. It is a rehearsal.

rip for heavymetalrarities.com
30 minutes 48 seconds
1. Black Wings of Terror (From Out of the Skies) (4:46)
2. Power of Darkness (6:35)
3. Of the Darkest End (6:14)
4. Blasphemer (Sodom cover) (3:34)
5. Black Candles (6:30)
6. The Slums of Israel (3:09)

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Dark Legion - Rehearsal (1988)

Artist: Dark Legion
Release: Jam Tapes [Rehearsal Demo] (1988)
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country:  Canada
Bitrate:  116-118 kbps
Thanks to Ken Wakefield for sharing this with me, in 2009, or early 2010.



Mark Watts - Vocals, Guitars [ex-Massacre, pre-Anti Trust Division]
Michael Rosenthal - Drums [Cranky Tom, pre-Sacrifice]
Ken Wakefield - Guitars  [pre-Overthrow]
Colin Gerrad - Bass

52:18 minutes
01. Banishings 1
02. Banishings 2 (No vocals)
03. Illusion 1
04. Illusion 2
05. My Every Command
06. Paralyzed Expression 1
07. Paralyzed Expression 2 (No Vocals)
08. Plotting to Return (cut at end)
09. Plotting to Return 2 (No Vocals)
10. Step Inside the Mirror 1
11. Step Inside the Mirror 2 (No vocals)
12. Wired for Sound

Ken went to a Catholic highschool in Scarborough with Colin Gerrad and Mark Watts.
In Ken's first year of highschool (Grade 9 in Ontario), he jammed with drummer/friend Corey Stoll, and another guy, Steve Mills (bass) [pre-Death Militia].
Steve Mills quit, as he was more talented than the other members,

BACHANAL was the first serious metal band Ken was in (after being in a basement jam band)..

BACHANAL was a band by Mike Jaervos,
Ken joined with drummer/friend Cory Stoll  and Ken then recruited another friend Colin (for bass).

[post-OVERTHROW,  Ken formed BITTER GREENS with Colin Gerrad, and Chris Diedrich [ex-SPEEDKILL]

Friday, March 9, 2018

Mario phones home from my house in 1988 or 1989

mario's father: Hello
mario: Hi, I won't be home for dinner

mario's father: Who is this?
mario: It's Mario

mario's father: Mario who?
mario: Your son! ... Mario!

mario's father: so? ... what do you want?

mario: I'm calling to let you know I can't get there in time and won't be home for dinner.

(long pause)

mario's father: fuck you mario. (click).

mario (to me): my Dad just told me to fuck off and hung up on me.
me: is everything ok? Is that normal?
mario: yeah, I guess so...what other tapes do you have?

Sunday, February 25, 2018

updated some download links

The Slaughter live and rehearsal links work again.

I found a 1988 Dark Legion rehearsal (I got it years ago from Ken Wakefield),
maybe will share it, maybe I won't.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Mausoleum - Pride & Torment Demo (2017)

Canadian black metal from Edmonton, Alberta

To me, these 2 songs sound like a good mix between 1990s black metal and death metal, but purists will say it is black metal. and black metal only. Forever and ever.

Free download. at bandcamp. get going jiggle belly.

You will be so happy I discovered them, you will send me lots of money, and women will take off all their clothes and be hypnotized by my awesomeness and clean my place, while naked.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Coffin Birth - Disturbing The Earth [Demo] (2006)

Artist: Coffin Birth
Release: Disturbing The Earth [Demo] (2006)
Genre:  Black Metal / Thrash Metal / Heavy Metal
Country: Canada
Bitrate:  FLAC
Saint John, New Brunswick

CD rip + scans included
12:50 minutes
1. Disturbing the Earth     04:36
2. Fathered by Fiends     03:58
3. Cemetary Nights     04:16