WHO ever you are , and WHERE ever you are, say ONLY these 5 words to police if taken into custody -
Remember these five words.
This will save you in many cases.
You can be held for what seems like days and possibly be (physically and mentally) abused by the cops, but DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM other than,
even if they stop at your door and ask questions, DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS,
The police have stolen from my personal belongings in the past and I wonder if those items will appear in a future crime scene!
This blogspot is aimed at spreading music made by Toronto-area, Ontario, and Canadian bands
I delete emails with "The material is watermarked".
email can be sent to:
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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pomroy-Palooza August 13th- Mod Club Toronto

722 College St. W.,Toronto Saturday 13 August 2016, 19:00

 August 13th- Mod Club Toronto- http://www.wherevent.com/detail/Noel-Peters-Pomroy-Palooza
We are doing a benefit show for an old Bramalea thrasher named Tim Pomroy. Really, really cool dude from back in the Beyond/EBS/Mold/Distortion/FBI days who has MS now. Loved by a lot of people in the metal scene.
Noel E Noel (inertia entertainment) has booked the club- Epileptic Brain Surgeons are reuniting to play- as well as a ton of other old metalheads from back then.
A bunch of the members of bands have got together to form a couple of cover bands- featuring members from Entropy, Varga, Exciter, Prismind, etc...Some surprise guests from bigger Toronto bands are rumored to be making an appearance as well...
Official Lineup:
Skool of Rock
Strictly Sabbath
Dark Vintages
Epileptic Brain Surgeons

I'll be DJ'ing in between- and plan on playing a ton of old local bands, demos and try to keep it mostly Canadian or old school heavy music (though- i'll be taking requests by donation- so who knows what else people will want to hear)...
Hopefully you can make it out to that.

Epileptic Brain Surgeons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwDYXvIkqVE

message is  from
Steve D (from the old Bramalea band Distortion)- I used to (still do) look like Cousin It/Captain Caveman, etc...haha.
My brother is Pooh from Epileptic Brain Surgeons.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Senile Decay

I wrote about these dudes before.

Thanks to Nick Popovic from Toronto hardcore 80s band Senile Decay.
We now have a pic of the cover art of the demo!
and.... a band photo! (see below)
Nick is also in a Motorhead tribute band! contact them at .... motorheadache.ca

I used to have the Comatose Until I Croak Demo tape, and remember it also included a very tiny photocopy of their song lyrics.

Senile Decay ---- imagine a very punky Motorhead, or a hardcore band similar to early Dr,Know.
It is heavy bass-driven, and the singer on the demo tape sounds EXACTLY like Schmier from Destruction.
Gregg had the most piercing / trebley guitar tone out of any band I ever heard... it is like a needle or a knife, it is that sharp.

Here is something I grabbed off facebook years ago. Too bad it was scanned at a very low pixel rate.
Probably was from either Intense zine #2 or #3.

Editor Dave Petritic stopped making them when he went off to become a tattoo artist.
No idea if any were made after #4, get it here

Nick Popovic - Bass
Wade McKiver - Drums
Greg Saffert (R.I.P. 1995) - Guitars
George Morgado - Vocals (I think George quit the band before they would ever perform live onstage. I was told the reason back then why he quit, but forgot what it was.).

RIP Greg & Colin.
Senile Decay's live singer, Colin O'Shea, died end of June 2015.
A few years ago Colin, and Hardcore Dave (Dave McLeod), tried getting a band together, but it didn't work out for some reason.

Senile Decay - Why (mp3)  Listen here

Senile Decay - Comatose Until I Croak Demo 1987 MP3 @ vbr
Thanks to the original uploader.
18 minutes 3 seconds
1. Three Ring Government (2:28)
2. Why (1:55)
3. Sunday Driver (2:32)
4. It's Not Important (1:44)
5. No Morality For Me (2:06)
6. Senile Decay (2:02)
7. Confusion (1:12)
8. Poverty Kills (2:07)
9. Brutes Enforce Ignorance (1:57)

Senile Decay -comatose util I croak 10_86 demo m4a files (DOM's rip)
Thanks to Dom, from Lockjaw blog (R.I.P.)
18 minutes 26 seconds
1. 3 rings governement (2:33)
2. brutes enforce ignorance (1:59)
3. confusion (1:13)
4. it's not important (1:46)
5. no morality for me (2:07)
6. poverty kills (2:09)
7. senile decay (2:05)
8. sunday driver (2:35)
9. why (1:59)

Friday, April 22, 2016

TWILIGHT HAMMER (Toronto) - live bootlegs

Twilight Hammer (2007-08-18) Live, First Show
[soundboard recording]

1 Orcish Steel (6:54)
2 The Thrashing (instrumental)(3:05)
3 Flames of Toronto (7:06)
4 Another Heaven Burns (3:41)
5 Alcohol (Gang Green cover)(2:15)
6 Torch of War (4:43)

27 minutes 44 seconds
192 kbps

Thanks to Jon for sharing.


another live Bootleg now added

Twilight Hammer 2009-08-15 @ GTS 4 Festival.Toronto@ The Kathedral
Glory Through Steel 4 Festival at The Reverb - Toronto

1. The Undead (4:14)
2. The Thrashing (instrumental) (2:42)
3. Orcish Steel (5:45)
4.  Wrathfire (5:51)
5. The Flames of Toronto (6:20)
6. Satanic Speed Metal (Destroyer 666 cover) (4:00)

28 minutes 52 seconds
320 kbps




Ontario regulation bans random carding by police


The Canadian Press  
Posted: Mar 22, 2016

Ontario has released its final regulations to ban police from randomly stopping people to collect personal information, a practice known as carding or street checks.
The regulations, which were first posted last October for public comment, set out what the government calls "clear and consistent rules" for voluntary police-public interactions.
Race is prohibited from being any part of a police officer's reason for attempting to collect someone's identifying information.
The new rules were announced this morning by Yasir Naqvi, Ontario's community safety and correctional services minister.
​"Police officers cannot collect your information based on the way you look or the neighbourhood you live in," said Naqvi, who touted the rules as the "first right-based framework surrounding police interactions in Ontario's history."
Starting Jan. 1, 2017, police must tell people they have a right not to talk with them, and refusing to co-operate or walking away cannot then be used as reasons to compel information.
However, police can gather personal information during routine traffic stops, when someone is being arrested or detained, or when a search warrant is executed. The new rules will also not apply to police undercover operations.
The Liberal government said it wanted to ban arbitrary stops after hearing from too many people of colour and aboriginal men and women, who said the Human Rights Code was being ignored by police who stopped them for no apparent reason.

Police chiefs must review interactions

Under the new regulations, police must offer a written record of any interactions with the public, including their name and badge number, along with information on how to contact the Independent Police Review Director.
All identifying information that is collected by officers will have to be submitted within 30 days for review by the local chief of police. At least once a year, the chiefs will have to conduct a detailed review of a random sample of entries in their database to verify it was collected in compliance with the regulation.
Chiefs must also issue an annual public report on the number of attempted collections of personal information, the sex, age and race of the individuals stopped, and the neighbourhoods where the information was collected.
The government is also promising a roundtable of experts to advise the Ontario Police College on the development of new training for officers on racism, bias awareness and discrimination. It said all officers will be trained by Jan. 1.
Naqvi said he did not have an estimate about the cost of bringing in the new regulations.
"I don't think you can put a cost on protecting individual rights," he said.
Will Hamilton Police explain plummeting street checks?
 Posted: Apr 21, 2016

Friday, April 8, 2016



MAY20 BRIEFCASEFEST 2016 Day Two w/ Forteresse, Monarque, Délétère, Knurl, Twilight Hammer, Eos, Oppression, Malphas, Klarg

Friday, May 20
at 6:00 PM in EDT

Coalition: T.O
282 Augusta Ave., Toronto, Ontario M5T 1S5
Once again inspired by the dizzying surge of underground music in Ontario, Quebec and the surrounding regions, we gather together the most intense representatives we can and let them do what they do best. No limits, no pretensions, no respite.

FORTERESSE (Quebec, QC, Sepulchral Productions)
*black metal, first time in Ontario for four years*

MONARQUE (Quebec, QC, Sepulchral Productions)
*black metal, first time in Ontario for even longer*

DÉLÉTÈRE (Quebec, QC, Sepulchral Productions)
*black metal, second time ever in Toronto*

KNURL (Toronto, Alien8 Recordings)
*noise/experimental, more sawblade than man*

TWILIGHT HAMMER (Toronto/London/East Lansing, MI)
*black/thrash, new line-up and first show since the last time I tried reading the Silmarillion*

EOS (Quebec, QC, Fallen Empire Records)
*black metal, first time ever in Ontario*

*black/punk, first time in Ontario*

MALPHAS (Toronto)
*black/oi, first show ever*

KLARG (Toronto)
*black metal, members of Ayahuasca/Gates/Jugurtha, first show ever*

$15 advance, $20 at the door
$40 three-day passes available

This is a Briefcase Fest.

Join our group for infrequent and non-invasive updates!



Saturday, March 19, 2016

Slaughter (Canada) Official Strappado Baseball Jersey shirts



Not sure if this is the final product as this is a pre-order.
About time SOMEBODY realized a lot of us ache for shirts like this.

still, you are all gaylords if you do not have a Slaughter patch on your jacket, That includes sac and their fans too.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Infrared (Ottawa) - album release soon

Thanks to who ever it was that left the comment at http://torontothrash.blogspot.ca/2015/06/infrared-1988-demo.html

Infrared - T. O. C.

Pre album release song from the album No Peace, 2016. Graphic video.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Snow tonight? Good, it has been too damn hot for way too long...


Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter
Thursday, November 19, 2015, 6:32 AM - Snow tires -- check? Travelers should prepare for winter driving conditions not once, but twice in parts of Ontario this week. 
Rain showers developed across southern Ontario Wednesday night and will continue for eastern Ontario through the day on Thursday.
"Southwestern Ontario will clear out through the morning, yet a trough approaching from the west may bring in some late day cloud cover and isolated showers," says Weather Network meteorologist Erin Wenckstern. "Otherwise, mild temperatures continue for one last day with a breezy southerly wind."
According to Wenckstern, winds will shift to a cool, southwest wind Thursday evening supplying the energy needed for lake effect snow squalls to develop northeast of Lake Superior and Huron/Georgian Bay.
"Local snow squall activity likely tonight into Friday," says Environment Canada in a special weather statement issued for parts of southern Ontario early Thursday morning. "Showers are forecast to change to flurries and local snow squalls late tonight into Friday morning as temperatures drop behind a cold front."

While significant accumulations are not expected from this system, heavy flurries and local blowing snow could reduce visibilities.
"Travelers should prepare for winter driving conditions," EC warns.
It's a different story in northern Ontario however, where snow and blowing snow are expected to persist through Friday with general snowfall amounts of 15 to 20 cm possible by Friday evening.

This weekend brings a greater chance for accumulating snow in parts of southern Ontario.
"An approaching system from the west will bring the first 'systematic' snow for southern Ontario Saturday," Wenckstern says.
"Most of the Greater Toronto Area below the escarpment should see only minor accumulations (dusting to 2 cm), but heavier amounts are expected above the escarpment," adds Weather Network meteorologist Doug Gillham. "Travel will be impacted north and northwest of the GTA, potentially including Guelph and Kitchener-Waterloo."

 Doug Gillham @gtaweather1
Classic lake effect snow set-up Sat. night - Sunday in typical snowbelts; Difficult travel in snow squalls, primarily north & NW of the GTA

According to Gillham, totals will continue to increase towards Lake Huron and Georgian Bay and significant accumulations are likely for parts of the Nickel Belt as well including North Bay.
"Late Saturday night and Sunday, bands of lake effect snow will develop east and southeast of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron with significant accumulations likely (in addition to what falls from the system) in the more persistent bands," Gillham warns. "Difficult travel is likely in these areas."
Wet snow that melts and/or gets packed down by vehicles and then refreezes as temperatures drop will produce icy roads.
In addition to the snow, strong and gusty winds are expected.

Like a killer in the state
Like a rat in a maze
Living in a city of freak
(Lives on children in the snow
It's too late) you can't go
Smashes on with turning teeth

The wheels of chains roles again
It was marching like a prowler
Sacrifice the raw flesh
You are nice, you are cash
Here come the flesh eater

Run like blower - eats like a grinder
Run like blower - eats like a grinder

Chatterning sound of iron
You smell the smoke of carbone
Tell me if it's near
I'm in the snow, I panic, I can't go
I see the yellow blades of danger

Run like blower - eats like a grinder
Run like blower - eats like a grinder

Run like blower - eats like a grinder
Run like blower - eats like a grinder

Chatterning sound of iron
You smell the smoke of carbone
Tell me if it's near
I'm in the snow, I panic, I can't go
I see the yellow blades of danger

Run like blower - eats like a grinder
Run like blower - eats like a grinder
A grinder! A grinder!